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  1. Please Suggest A Good Online Quran Reading Site

    salam (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetquranexplorer(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Quran/Default.aspx"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetquranexplorer(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Quran/Default.aspx[/url]
  2. Ramadan Question

    :sl: We should recite lots of quran, its meanings, and also memorise.
  3. Satan

    :sl: I seek refuge in Allah from the acursed shaytan. Bismilah... too keep it breif and easy to read Ibliss is the leader of all evil....he is of the Jinn race Shayateen are devils which can be humans or jinn
  4. Possessed

    uncles?..... she needs to be in supprt of mahram.... anyhow she should start praying 5x and seeking repantance. listen/recite to sura bakara everyday. yasin, and sura saffaat. get a good pious person to recite sura fatiha 7x on water with leaves of sidr. and drink and bath in that for atleast 7 days.
  5. The Unseen Enemy

    :sl: bismilah- here is a list that i made from various hadiths and quran ayahs. feel free to add more. *The one who drinks and stands shares with the devils of the jinns *the one who does not say bismillah before eating feed the devils food * the one who takes off their garment without seeking refuge in Allah exposes their body to the devils * the one who enters the washroom without seeking refuge in Allah, esposes their body to the devils * the married couple that engage together without seeking refuge in Allah have allowed the devils to part take *the one who sleeps and does not do fajr gets the devils to urinte in their ear * the house that has pictures hanging and music playing shares it with the devils of jinns *the one who has no remmemberance of Allah in their heart has it filled with whispers of shayateen Indeed they see us from where we do not, and Indeed the shaytan is our enemy so do not worship hin (by actions, behaviour, thoughts, sins) I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the shayateens.
  6. Listen To Recitation Of Sister Umahmad's Son

    :sl: I have heard the brothers reciation before mA i have many on my pc.... Aunty umm ahmed you should post a link to the site that you have of all the reciation of your son iA
  7. ~ National Ramadhan Conference[at]ucl ~

    :sl: please keep us updated on the dates
  8. Possessed

    :sl: does she not have a father or brother that can seek advice instead of cousin(you)? where abouts in london are you? east/west/north/south.... I swear by Allah this is a lie....the plots of shaytan are weak,
  9. Possessed

    :sl: firstly who is this samir? iA i can give you advise on this issue but firstly how do you know it is possession and not just a mental health issue? how did you come to your diagnosis? How do you know there is magic?
  10. Have You Ever Spoken To, Or Seen Allah In A Dream?

    Allah knows best regarding your dream, if we have a good dream we should share it with ones we trust...if we have bad dream should keep it to ourselvs.... Allah does not do anything that is not befitting of His majestic status.....When Ibhrahim (raw) asked to see Allah he collapsed and fainted...the creation can not handle the might of Allah. But there have been many who have been misguided due to dreams supposedly from Allah or pious people so just warning iA.
  11. Have You Ever Spoken To, Or Seen Allah In A Dream?

    :sl: You may have been played about with the shayateens, Allah does not speak to anyone directly, ONLY a few selected prophet (saw) were able to to speak directly which included Musa (as)..... The way Allah may guide a person through "visions" is through good dreams which are obvious they are good dreams but a voice claimingin to be Allah is too far fetched and dangerous.,
  12. Very Important.

    :sl: iA will keep them in my duas
  13. Hajj Ban For Over 65, Less Than 12

    :sl: I think this is such a dangerous move, they are banning somthing that Allah has permitted. astagfirullah
  14. How Do I Pray In School?

    :sl: regarding qadha- well Allah (swt) tells us to pray on time. there is always a way you can pray, be it even in the cloak room. except toilets.
  15. Possessed Or Depressed?

    salam It can be very scary to experiance such things, but we must remmmeber they are always around us, however the heart that has rememberance of Allah, then the shaytans will find it very difficult to hassle such a heart.
  16. Hijama

    :sl: Does anybody know where i can buy hijama equipments? for the uk.
  17. Hijama

    Salam alikum jazkallah khair for helping everyone. I got my hands on a set at a decent price,
  18. Hijama

    found some on ebay but i dont want to use the fire for suction rather the pump. only found the glasses on ebay.
  19. Hijama

    :sl: its very expensive to have it done, but alhamduliah i have good sterile handling skills..i was intending to get my wife to do it on me if i teach her.
  20. Possessed Or Depressed?

    :sl: sister sara- if it will leave and cause problems is it not better to not read over the toes? and destroy it whilst it is inside? Allah knows best
  21. Karate/martial Art In Islam

    :sl: learning such arts is sunnah, as the prophet (saw) use to advocate wrestling. Allah knows best.
  22. No where on this planet do we have freedom of expression, if there wast total freedom of expression i think there may be anarchy.
  23. Corrupt Brother.....what Do I Do?

    Your mother may be easy going on him because she has given birth to him and carried him for nin months... so perhaps she dreams and hopes he will get better...perhaps its irrational thought on her behalf but the fact remains she suffered alot giving birth so doesnt want to loose him.
  24. If You Miss Your Fajar Pray Can You Pray?

    :sl: in uk it seems to be easier to stay up for fajr during summer time... otherwise go bed early.
  25. Posting Links

    :sl: These rules have been applied due to the hundreds of attacks this forum has had and belive me some of them were very bad and i have been a member since early days...but as has been said if a link is good then there is no problem to put it if somone has checked it to be ok..