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  1. Xbox 360

    :sl: LoL.. My wife would kill me if i took up any of those two offers!
  2. Holiday

    waalikum salam my wife seems to be worried about the terrorist attacks that often happen during summer in turkey many of the tourist places.... How is the cost of food price, living expense?
  3. salam alikum yep you do if you are going to read the the arabic quran May Allah reward you for your eagerness, Yes go ahead and use text in front of you slowly iA with practice you wont need text. 4) I have not fasted yet - am I really a Muslim at this point? Ofcourse you are. Everyone dies and is raised up (hereafter). You should try to quit contact your local health service who will help you do this professionaly, ofcourse will take time.
  4. Holiday

    :no: :j: for everyones reply. Thats really put me off going tunis :sl: :sl: canada would be nice iA in future, but wanted somewhere 'islamic' i want to go turkey as i think lots to see - it was capital of Islamic state..but i think country is not sfe due to attacks? malaysia would be nice but cant.. what about dubai? sharja?
  5. Xbox 360

    :sl: lol sorry bro just sold both on ebay! i got ps3 lined up soon iA if you intrested.
  6. Dream's Interpretation?

    salam dreams after fajr can often be false dreams,
  7. :sl: Selling exact type below brand new in box for £15, if intrested please let me know. [iframe]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetamazon.co.uk/D-Link-DUB-H7-Port-USB-External/dp/B0002AFZVM[i'm not allowed to use this tag yet]
  8. Holy Islamic Key Sets Sale Record

    [iframe]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7341248.stm[i'm not allowed to use this tag yet]
  9. Verses Quoted In The Film "fitna"

    :sl: Here is a response from Islam q and a (shiek munajid) (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=post&do=reply_post&f=53&t=243603"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=post&...53&t=243603[/url]
  10. My Wife Dont Want To Go With Me

    Islamicly she has to obey you when it comes to issues like this. Asure her that she will still get to see her family etc and just be kind. If she still is rebelious then you must admonish her. Your responsibility is to provide by earning a living thats your prioity, for if you lose your job you could lose everything... wasalam
  11. Broken Bone

    salam How can you tell if you have fractured a bone without x-ray? I seem to have a grove in the middle of my shin bone which hurts alot, but there is no sign of swelling or brusing...Is it normal to have bumps and groves in the tibia bone?
  12. Broken Bone

    :no: :sl: ye awaare of that but waiting times are extreamly long so would go only if very worried lol. ouch that could be soft tissue damage worse then fracture bro :sl: rest it ...
  13. Broken Bone

    :sl: Not very familar with that term? Yep increased milk intake and wraped the part of the shin that is painfull for support. iA that with the duas will help :no: Thats the thing i normally do get bruises after sparring with little signs of tissue damage but this time my shin bones hurt a bit i got worried after feeling a little groove/indentation where the pain is and thought fracture!? Ye that does make me feel abit at ease lol, maybe coincidence that the groove part took the impact..allahualam Im just going see how it goes over the next few days by resting and supplimenting, if still painfull would have to go doctors i guess dont want a full crack of my tibia and fibia, like below which is probly result of lack healing time of hairline fractures :sl:
  14. Broken Bone

    :sl: :sl: for the link, May Allah accept.
  15. Broken Bone

    :sl: I do muay thai (thailand kickboxing), and i cant remmember but i must have kicked somone on their elbow or clashed with their shins i dont recall... Im just worried about getting a complete fracture of the shin bone... its just odd there are no bruise or inflammation (which are common signs of damage) just very very sore to touch and PAINFULL and a indentation can be felt. I dont want to go doctors just yet as they prob would send me off for x-ray which i am not very fond of.
  16. Employment

    :sl: 36-40 is considered full time work in UK. and under 20 is part time.
  17. Help Help Urgent

    This is a test on your emaan, The beard is a big symbol of a muslim man. Sucumbing to your boss is to be defeated. Money is not the whole goal of life but a means...
  18. Unhappy Marriage

    Find out what the problem is, always a core reason.
  19. Revert Or Born Muslim?

    Mashallah akhi, May Allah reward you.
  20. Revert Or Born Muslim?

    confusing question.
  21. Islam - What Does It Say About Dogs As Pets?

    Hi Thanks for your question regarding Islam. I personly am a big fan of animals esp cats, dogs and bird. Some muslims who are ignorant of certain issues regarding Islam and therefore have misconceptions. There is nothing wrong with dogs they are God's creation, and they help man. I would happy play with a dog i.e neigbours dog etc, and would love to own one as well. However Islam forbids keeping a dog as a pet since it is considered that such animals are working creatures, Any dog owner would realise that a good healthy dog loves to protect and be active doing work which is considerds play. Therfore if a muslim has a dog it should be for purposefull. I.e shepards dog, securtiy dog, blind person's guide dog etc So for a muslim to show disgust in a dog is very wrong (although the salaiva of a dog is considered impure and if touched one should wash hands, which makes sense as they can contain harmfull microbes like many animals) Hope that answers your question.
  22. Giving Dawah To Non-praying Muslims

    So tell us why dont you pray?
  23. Giving Dawah To Non-praying Muslims

    :sl: Before i was practising, i found it difficult to be disaplined enough to do daily prayers so not everyone avoids it on purpose but lacks the emaan/disapline to pray thus often forgeting to pray on time etc... solution for that type of people i think would be if you can call them to remind them to pray every salah time
  24. Need Online Writer

    wa alikum salam I know a health nutriontist that may be intrested please give more details.
  25. Creepy Video

    :sl: creepy video clip i came aacross :sl: have you personly seen similar in real life?