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  1. Asalam alikum

    Congratulation, May God give keep you firm on right path.

  2. salam

    the papers are on a cd software with lots of papers from past years, the CD will cost you 35 pounds including postage and packaging. if you want more details about the cd let me know.

    wa salam

  3. Wa alikum salam, Nope not mod anymore.

  4. Wa Alikum salam ya ukhti... No I am not a father yet, But biithnillah 1 day... Keeep up the good posts/threads inshallah.

  5. Eid Mubarak ya ummah!

  6. As Salam Wa alikum wa rahmatulahi wa barkatu dear Aunty... i hope you and your family are well :) alhamduliah things are good for me at the moment.

  7. wa salam dear brother in Islam... hope you and your family are in best state of emaan iA... ye alhamduliah married life is great turly a sign of Allah's mercy...keep us in your dua..

    take care