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  1. I Am Immortal

    I think the idea here is how do you prove something to someone who's using faith to justify their beliefs. You can't prove that they're wrong because they will reject reaility before they reject their beliefs....as many have done already...
  2. Did Mohammed Really Split The Moon

    I can certainly accept that a guy split the moon is a part of Islamic belief. The height to which I raise my eyebrow varies with how far fetched the belief seems.
  3. Did Mohammed Really Split The Moon

    Did he like power up to super saiya-jin 4 and blast the moon with a kamehameha wave? Is it out of line to say the idea of a guy splitting the moon seems far fetched?
  4. Did Mohammed Really Split The Moon

    Mohammed split the moon? You guys actually believe this? :sl:
  5. The Proof That God Exists

    its become obvious that quite a few here don't understand what atheism is...do you just like watching your posts go online or do actually try to communicate?
  6. The Proof That God Exists

    yes we can, we just choose not to show you for reasons beyond what your mind could comprehend.
  7. Since The Quran Is True

    yes..stretched out sez nothing about shape...
  8. Since The Quran Is True

    In strictly practical terms however, being spread out like a carpet is associated with being flat and everybody knows this. During the time it was accepted that the world was flat people could say "See! the quran says its spread out like a carpet! it is flat! It's a scientific miracle". The obvious implication is being used here as 99% of the time carpets are laid out flat and that is how humans tend to see it when it is written that way. Your using a stretch of the imagination to say that its like a carpet wrapping around the ball. Grasping for a solution which though is valid, the evidence is in favour of flat earth here in this verse. However valid an interpretation you may conjure up, the realistic one is the flat interpretation as humans generally consider spread out carpets to be flat. And if this was presented in a court of law, it would be ruled that something that is said to be spread out like a carpet is said to be flat as that is where the evidence "spread out like a carpet" points. Carpets are generally flat...something that is spread out is being distributed to cover a large flat area - like peanut butter on toast. Your avoiding the obvious here. When was the last time a carpet was wrapped around a ball and when was the last time you "spread out" something over a spherical surface. Do you understand what I'm saying?
  9. lol, not suprised for some reason... :sl: did this thread get derailed?
  10. The Proof That God Exists

    I would have thought the stuff this guys saying is impressive if I hadn't looked at the "scientific miracles" myself. An absurd stretch is required to accept the scientific miracles I've seen so far in the Quran. The big bang being one of them. Why do you guys insist on surrounding yorselfs around one another, and trying to prove to eachother what you accept to be true already on faith? If you want to prove that god exists to the non believers, then don't use faith as part of the requirement for accepting your proofs.
  11. apparently i'm running a "massacre devil campaign" and I'm supposed to be some sort of anti-christ. The rest didn't make sense.
  12. Since The Quran Is True

    The closer someone appears to be perfect and flawless the more likely i am to be suspicious of them. I don't believe in perfect human beings and excellent background is something to be suspicious of as far as I'm concerned. I'd be more trustful of them if they had some character flaw of sorts as it would seem more "real". I do believe we're going off topic however~
  13. Since The Quran Is True

    oh no, it's not an assumption that he's a hypocrite. It's the assumption that he may not be what he appears to be. i.e. spies for instance. anywho I was just throwing out some theoretical stuff that may have a very high frequency of practical application but we simply don't know how high because these liars are that good at concealing their identity :sl:
  14. very well, I suppose that sounds reasonable. That didn't quite answer the question. You said god wanted us to believe in him freely. That is he would not provide us a reason and expects us to believe in him through faith? Is this your position? Good god...you consider that funny? Heck, I have an X rated sense of humour myself but I even I dont touch stuff like that. To each his own I guess. It's not pleasure that I seek. Jesus was a nice description of God as far as I'm concerned but I'm not interested in that, I'm looking for the truth ~ not something to feel nice about. Anywho, do you think we should only discuss things we believe in?
  15. Since The Quran Is True

    just aside thought. Knowing someone doesn't make it obvious whether or not they are deceptful or truthful. A clever man who's deceptive appears to be truthful and thats a fact of life.