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  1. The Quran has scientific facts that are proven after the time of Muhammad such as.. in 1543, Copernicus discovered that the Earth revolves around the sun, this is already mentioned in the Quran, a time when everybody thought that the Earth was the center of the Universe in 1929, Edwin Hubble.. Hubble's law, in astronomy, statement that the distances between galaxies or clusters of galaxies are continuously increasing and that therefore the universe is expanding. which is also already states in the Quran the rotation of the sun, the water cycle, the big bang.. etc
  2. 5 Daily Prayers

    Is there something you specifically have to say or do you just pray and what you want to say, like asking him for help, guidance, and to worship him in your own words?
  3. why is it bad to shave your beard?
  4. Islam - the word of God?

    Thank you guys im loving this religion and has proved to me that God exists I was 50/50 about God before learning about this religion but now im 100% sure that he exists and that his word also exists in the glorious Quran. Im going to convert right away to then worship and learn about Allah as much as I can.
  5. Islam - the word of God?

    Im convinced and impressed, i've already watched these videos and followed along with what Dr. Zakir Naik was saying in his debate with Dr. William Campbell, this must be the word of God, it makes so much sense and to be honest I wasnt even sure that God existed before reading the Quran, its done for me what the bible could not, besides you are right.. how else can an illiterate man 1400 years ago write about todays science in such great detail. Thank you and is it required to recite the Shahadah to become a Muslim? I believe it and just really want to learn more about this amazing texture.
  6. Where Are You Orignally From?

    i was born in Havana, Cuba just like my parents with African ancestry
  7. How do you get to Heaven in Islamic Beliefs? And how many of you done the 5 pillars of Islam?
  8. Islam - the word of God?

    thanks guys, also (sorry if im asking too many questions) how do you know Islam is really the word of God?
  9. Miracles Of The Quran

    Assalam O Alaikum im gonna enjoy this, thank you i love science in religion
  10. How To Pray

    do you have to say the prayers in arab? or can you say it in english
  11. How Do You Fast?

    oh yea i forgot to ask, when is Ramadan?
  12. How Do You Fast?

    thank you ma'am, Assalam O Alaikum and thats a good reason to fast, i think even people that arent muslims should do it atleast once in their life to become more grateful
  13. How Do You Fast?

    Do you feel any hunger? Or is it like God takes away your hunger, it seems like a hard thing to do lol.. how many days and also, why do you do it?