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  1. Salaah

    :sl: For me, its a mixture of the "driving forces". I feel agitated and not at ease if I miss prayer. Salaah its important to the health, I remember reading an article on it, but forgot the site. Even Wudu has an effect on our health. When you wash your hands/arms/feet with cold/warm water (depending on the weather), it cools/warms you. This is because the hands/arms/feet are where the arteries are the nearest to the skin.
  2. Desi Parents

    :sl: HAHA. JazakAllah for the good laugh
  3. Takbir Productions Presents......

    :sl: Excellent. Looking forward to more nasheeds.
  4. :sl: I would definately recommend buying his album. SubhanAllah!
  5. Zain Bhikha - Allah Knows [full Audio Album]

    Allah Knows is such a great nasheed. Allah is always there for us.
  6. How Much Mahr Is Common To Give/recieve In Your Family?

    :sl: In my family it is between £50 and £100. Is there a set time limit in which the husband must give the Mehr to his wife?
  7. What Is Wrong With These People!

    Haha. I guess some people need to read the Qur'an. All the other things aside not letting someone cook because they are white/black/shia? What!? Where did she get this information from? No no the question is why. If you have a Halal certified caterer what more do you want? Allah bless the couple with happiness.
  8. Pictures Pictures Pictures!

    ######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_farm1.static.flickr(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/26/42309959_b4f39a2e37_o.jpg[/img]
  9. ' Allahu' - Qari Waheed Zafar

    ^ Asma Here...yur here as well :sl: BTW have you got a link to Faslon ko takkaluf hai. JazakAllah.
  10. Diluted Faith

    :sl: Unfortunately this is true. Deen is beginning to fade away. All we can do is educate the youth.
  11. Books/authors You'd Recommend

    The Spectacle of Death by Khawaja Muhammad Aslam
  12. Dealing With Stress?

    :sl: JazakAllah. InshaAllah I will write these dua's down on my note book. JazakAllah.
  13. ' Allahu' - Qari Waheed Zafar

    Aslamulaikum JazakAllah. This is just so soothing MashaAllah.
  14. Dreaming Of Jannah...

    :sl: May Allah forgive our sins and enable us to follow the right path. JazakAllah for this thread, its made me ask for forgiveness countless times.
  15. Doritos/cheetos Are Haram!

    :sl: Crips are bad for you :sl: Why not having something healthy like fruit.