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  1. Whats Your Warning Level?

    asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh 0%... hehehe Since I've been here I've only had it go up to 10% - I think that was a time when me and someone else got carried away and went off topic - completely destroyed a serious post! It was hilarious at the time, yet again I was only 12 then (14 now, I'll keep saying that) :D Wa'alaykum asalaam
  2. T V

    :D We have a TV, but it's a little one with only 3 channels... now and again I watch the news, but not that much else. We don't have any Islamic programs! I think though, if you can't control or stop yourself from watching unislamic material then the best thing is just to have no tv at all, but yet again you could say that for things like the internet too. It's complicated. :D
  3. Salaam Jus Joined

    :D Welcome to IF brother. :D you find these forums beneficial. :D
  4. Salaam All

    :D Welcome to IF, we're all here if you need anything. Enjoy! :D
  5. Salam To All

    :D Welcome to IF brother, :D you'll find your time here beneficial. We're all here for ya if you need anything. :D
  6. :D Hhmmm, maybe you took that the wrong way, but you come across as an intelligent person. I sincerly hope that intelligence does not class a person as arrogant. :D
  7. For My Family

    :D Sis, I'll keep you and your family in my du'aa, but remember that this is just a test from Allah (SWT), and :D you will be rewarded with the highest Jannah when you get through it. Stay strong Batoota :D :D :D
  8. Who Was The Man?

    :D I second the Sa'ad Ibn Abi Waqqas... :D :D
  9. :D Congrats brother, I remember you talking about finding a job monntthhhss ago. :D It's fantastic that someone as able as you has finally got the job he is entitled to. Mabrook! :D :D
  10. Im Off Insha Allah

    :D Inshallah you enjoy your trip, I'll remember you in my du'aa. Hope you don't get plane sick! :D :D
  11. I Did It For Allah (swt)

    :D Ditto the "cute", but a very nice poem... it is true about the "guess what I did for Allah today" kind of muslim. :D
  12. Words

    :D I won't ask for the cause, but here goes: Options Onomatopoeia Trombone Japan Infuriating One Charity Dynamic Envelope His Enclosed Sustained Road Meerkat Bouncing Stolen Unimaginable Starvation Paradise Honesty Sorry for not really seeing the point of this exercise, but :D it is of benefit to you :D . :D
  13. :D Need I say it... same as above :D . At least there's a clear majority... :D
  14. 415 Members

    :D Eeek, the look of that newest member's name (E08gjjff3 or something like that), seems like a CIA agent in a hurry to register a new username! (am I allowed to say that?) Lol, it just came to me... big brother is watching us :D :D
  15. 415 Members

    :D Woahness :D :D, it's great really. :D :D