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  1. How I Converted

    Mashallah tabark Allah!! thats great alhmdillah :sl: may Allah bless you with all the happiness :sl:
  2. Pictures Pictures Pictures!

    :sl: Mashallah!!! love those picturess espeically the Bleach (Anime) pictures :sl:
  3. My Mother [sooo Cute]

    MashaAllah tabark Allah :sl: sooooooooooo cute!!! thanks for sharing it with us :sl:
  4. The Salaam Thread

    Walikum Alsalam warahmatu Allah wabrakatuh sister Asma:thumbsup: Alsalam Alykum :sl: !!
  5. They Didnt Study

    :j: hahaha!! :sl: thanks for sharing it. :sl:
  6. They Didnt Study

    :j: hahaha!! :sl: thanks for sharing it. :sl:
  7. Bush, I... I.... I....... The..... The....

    :no: hahaha!!! :sl: :sl: :j: thanks sis!
  8. Why I Love Islam-campaign

    :sl: thank you sis for shairing this with us. :sl:
  9. Save A Kid From Cancer

    :sl: poor little kid... he will be in my du'aa inshallah :sl: for sharing this
  10. Doritos/cheetos Are Haram!

    yeah thats right!! before two weeks i went to KSA and i ate Doritos and cheetos
  11. My Mother And I Took Shahadah On The Same Day

    :j: Wow mashallah!! together in the same day. :sl: I'm so happy for you and your mother may Allah bless you both :sl:
  12. Reverted 2 Yrs Ago

    Mashallah brother!! :sl: May Allah bless you :sl: Walikum alsalam
  13. I Took My Shahada!

    CONGRATS brother :sl: You are on the right path now!! Alhmdillah :sl:
  14. My Conversion Story

    Alsalam alykum Mashallah tabark Allah may Allah bless with with all the happiness :sl:
  15. Why I Reverted!

    :sl: Mashallah tabarak Allah!!! alhmdillah i love reading about reverted people!! Thank you for sharing your stories :sl: