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  1. Not Enough?

    What do you say about a man who has feelings for 4-5 year old boys? Do you think he is immoral or not? God does not punish a man for his feelings toward another man, even if those feelings are not pure. But God does punish a man for 'committing' sins unless he repents and abides by the laws sent down by god. And having feelings doesn't have to be dirty feelings... how about loving another man purely for the sake of God (and not for sex)? Would God punish that? Quite contrary the two men who have loved each other for the sake of God will be under the shade of God in the day of judgement.
  2. Apostasy In Islam

    None of them converted to any other religion. They simply stopped believing in prophet Mohammad and the Quran but most of them still believed in God, the way muslims believe in Him. It's almost impossible for a person who is born muslim to accept christianity since Trinity is hard to swallow. I have seen some people who converted to christianity to get their immigration papers faster.
  3. Apostasy In Islam

    Almost all of my friends in college apostated when we were into our second year of college. My reaction was neutral and I think this shows that it's not just luck that may give you salvation, you should work for it. Those kids were born muslim and went to muslim schools and taught by muslim teachers and yet they rejected Islam. Non-muslims usually ask me: what if you were not born muslim, were you still be a muslim or you are just lucky that you are born muslim. Yes I may be lucky that I was born a muslim but it was not just luck that kept me a muslim; it was also my effort to understand my religion and practice it correctly. The same way there are many non-muslims who revert to Islam out of studying and making the effort.
  4. God Of The Gaps Arguement

    I don't believe that there is a pure mathematical reason for the existence of God. But there are always signs that indicate there is a god. A truely intelligent man does not seek proofs but signs are sufficient for him. Bring a big teddy bear home and leave it in your kid's bed when s/he is not there. When s/he sees it, s/he will ask: who brought this teddy bear here? Say: nobody, it just appeared by accident. S/he won't believe you and will continue asking who brought this here until you tell him/her the truth. Even a kid knows that it's impossible for a teddy bear appear by itself or by accident but we see grown up people who stubbornly think that this world with all its design and percision came out of an infinite sequence of very nontrivial accidents. Can you prove that it's a human being who is typing this post? No. It's possible that some intelligent bird has been pushing the keys on this keyboard and since the bird has been doing this for so many years, by accident, he managed to write something that actually makes sense in english. Or it's possible that some computer science student wrote a program that could find forums and participate in their discussions. There are many possibilities. What science can prove is to trace back and find the computer from which this post was made while science can never tell us all of the story. It may tell us how this post came to exist but can't explain more than that: why it was done and who did it. Science would say: I don't know who did it and why it was posted. Atheist would say: It could be just a computer virus or a computer program and I don't think anybody is behind this post. If you tell him it may actually be a person who posted this message, he would say: well it could an intelligent unicorn or flying spagetti monster too, can you prove any of it. Then you tell him: I don't know how he looks like from the post but I believe that someone who knows english and can type must have done this; it may be a unicorn or a flying spagetti monster but he knows english and he can type or somehow use a computer to post messages. The Atheist will bring every insane argument to avoid believing that actually a person did it and you can bring any argument you want but you can't 'prove' in the mathematica sense that a human being has posted this.
  5. Apostasy In Islam

    It is not a big deal if someone leaves Islam for another relgion and such a person is not punished. But it's a big deal when someone who leaves Islam makes it public and invites others to leave Islam. This is considered treason in an Islamic state especially when muslims are under attack from everywhere. So if a muslim changes his faith and practices christianity and treats his new faith as a personal matter between himself and God, then nobody has the right to bother him, he will be protected by the Islamic state and his wealth and honour is protected just like other christians who live under the muslims' protection. However if he tries to convert other people, writes books against Islam, goes on TV shows to condemn Islam and dishearten muslims at the time of war and confusion, then he is prohibited by the state and is given a chance to repent for his actions. This is more a political issue than a theological one. The ruling regarding apostacy changes by time and it depends on how strong the Islamic state is. If the Islamic state is strong, then it can afford to ignore such people since they can only harm themselves. But when the Islamic state is weak and under attack or is at war with enemies, then apostacy can become a danger to the state and can lead to civil war, disrespect for law and order and much evil as we have witnessed throughout history.
  6. Is It Or Is It Not ?

    Atheist, if the warning comes from the absolute authority in the universe, then you need to take it seriously. If you are inside your home and you hear the police asking you to come out immediately or your house will be blown up with you inisde, then it is wise for you to get out. It may not make sense to you why they are asking you to get out while you had harmed nobody and minding your business. If you follow the orders, then they could inform you of the situation and you may come to understand their reasons. If you stay inside arguing that you have done nothing wrong and nobody can ask you to get out of your house, then they will blow up the house with you inside and you won't have a chance to find out the truth of what the situation was. God knows everything and so He has warned us that we should not take Satan as a friend and follow only Allah and His orders that He has sent down to mankind through numerous prophets. If you ignore the warning then it's the 'natural' consequence of your actions that you may burn in hell forever. It's as natural and just as getting tooth infection for not brushing regularly. Suppose you are walking down the street and you don't see a hole digged infront of you; you fall and you break a leg. You may argue that this is not fair because you just closed your eyes for a second and you missed the hole and you fell. But the law of gravity doesn't care about your argument. Gravity is fair because if it was anybody else, the same would have happened. Now what would make the situation even more fair is when somebody warned you that walk carefully because there is a hole digged recently on the street and you ignored that warning. That's when you 'deserve' to fall and break your leg even though you just made a small mistake of not seeing the hole infront of you.
  7. Not Enough?

    A simple comparison between the morality in the arabian society before Islam and after Islam proves Eric wrong. Eric wants us to believe that an evolutionary reason exists behind morality in the sense that humans are moral 'because' the communities that followed a code of morality survived better. Well arabs before Islam survived even though they used to bury their daughters alive. Chinese and indian societies of today who abort their female babies also survive. Take the indian society for instance. The immoral caste system of india exists even today. In many Islamic countries there are immoral murders called 'honour killings'. If you ask a religious person, he will testify that the western society is an immoral society... and yet it has survived. The anglo-saxons who colonized half of the world through war and oppression have survived much better than native australians and native indians. It is absolutely absurd to suggest that there is an evolutionary reason for morality. Which society do you think will make better progress: the one that kills its elders/handicapped/sick because they are useless and they can't work or the one that spends money and time to take care of them? If evolution was to detrmine our morality, we would be killing the elders and the handicapped and the sick people. If it was up to evolution to decide for our morality we would be killing the infants who fail a strength test just like spartans did. Have you ever seen a lion who hunts and brings food for a sick lion or a lion that has missed a limb and cannot hunt for himself? What kind of evolutionary theory can justify our taking care of the sick people?
  8. Is It Or Is It Not ?

    The law of tooth for tooth does not apply even in this world to many situations. For example the punishment for someone who has stolen your property is not to steal his property. Similarly the punishment for adultry or rape does not fall into the tooth for tooth category. The purpose of the law is to prevent a person from commiting a crime not to take revenge. If God prescribes eternal punishment for a person who worships anyone else besides Him and if you are warned of this punishment, then you will worship other gods at your own risk and it is just for God to punish you according to the warning He has sent to mankind. If you know that by murdering a person you will go to jail for life, then you will think twice before committing a murder and after you have done so, your argument that the punishment does not fit the crime is useless. It is not you who determines laws of the state. In fact nobody has ever asked your opinion as to how to write a specefic law. You may have indirectly played a role but not directly. If the state has the authority to write laws and apply it to you whether you think it's just or not, why do you think the God of universe cannot write laws that He thinks is just and apply them to you regardless of your personal opinion?