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  1. Greetings and blessings can anyone tell me how to delete a post or a topic?
  2. Ask An American Atheist Anything You Like!

    Brother, the article referred to, only details information about developments after the earth became existent in other word's: of it's evolution, not of it's coming into being. Nor does it contain info refuting the rest of the universe coming into being by supernatural processes ( I mean thereby processes (such as creation) that defy esablished laws of natural process ). Only very few people deny the existence of natural processess, like only very few people deny the existence of supernatural processes. The existence of natural processes on it's own does in my humble opinion not automatically exclude the existence of supernatural processes. This whether they are explained or left unexplained by modern science.If you refute a stance, I believe, you must not only provide evidence for the accuracy of the opposing arguments you must also support why the other stance is wrong. What maybe would improve support for your stance maybe evidence that refutes the existence of supernatural processes. Info which I off course would welcome if factual. One perfect love Rastinny
  3. Ask An American Atheist Anything You Like!

    Is it because you have no access to evidence about the existences or occurrences that remain unexplained by modern science or you think that those happenings or occurences are no more than the product of fiction?
  4. Nonmuslims Please See

    Nice vid! Not a Muslim yet but watched it 2 times Thank you for putting it up!
  5. Socioloy Help

    Also (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=PAOZhuRb_Q8"]A girl like me video[/url] Original research was done in the land-mark case Brown against Board of education Kansas but has been redone to include Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other minorities in the UK with simmilar results Well done on your choice of topic sister Racism and Islamophobia must be stamped out Insh'Allah All blessings!
  6. Socioloy Help

    Ok here is the link (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetintinnsound(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/ReportRacism0807.pdf"]Racism Report [/url] Hope this helps, Blessings
  7. Socioloy Help

    Ok didn't upload properly I'll give it another go Sociology_Of_Education.doc
  8. Socioloy Help

    You are very welcome my sister. I could not have done it without the generous help of all the people on this website. Did some of my research right here. If you look up Clash of Civilizations you will see my questionaire. Of course you can use all that might suit your topic. Just make sure you reference or the might do you for plagiarism. Will email you the bibliography and some other info. Doing a Post Grad in Education now so have some notes about race and ethnicity in ralation to education. Also have some of the reports about Racism agaist Muslims. Regarding the Research Project; just skip the beginning if you have little time have some info from page 14 - 23 that deals with Institutionalised Racism against Muslims. If you still have problems I off college from today so will have some time to give you a hand All Blessings and Guidance Ras Tinny Research_Project___Bibliography.doc
  9. Socioloy Help

    Wrote my Sociology Research project on the alleged clash between so called 'Islamic Fundamentalism' and the west and there may be some thing in it for you to use. Problem is may be a bit lengthy so dont think it will fit here. Could email it to you no problem. Here is a link to the text. Mail me for the Methodology section and the bibliography (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetintinnsound(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Essays/ResearchText.doc"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetintinnsound(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Essays/ResearchText.doc[/url] Hope it helps. All Blessings
  10. Saltwater you seem to conveniently negate these 2 other before mentioned facts:1. The destructive impact it had on Africa. 3. The transatlantic slave trade was also unique within the entire history of slavery due to its duration (four hundred years), its scale (approximately 17 million people excluding those who died during transport) and the legitimization accorded to it, including under laws of the time. The transatlantic slave trade constituted the biggest deportation in history and is often referred to as the first example of globalization. The point here is the SLAVERY IN THE AMERICAS WAS UNIQUE, IN DISTRUCTIVE IMPACT, IN DURATION AND IN THE BENIFITS IT BROUGHT TO EUROPEANS AND AMERICANS Now I dont know what you buy or not but honesty demands the consideratioin of all the information that is made available to you. Accepting it as truth or not involves a personal evaluation against other information. If you have information negating these facts I'd be happy to learn from you so I could ajust my own stand point. But if you have not got any other information and your are saying just because you want to remain in denial then you leave me little more choice than to ask: Why do you think people will forget if ye never apologized and paid reparation. Why do you think we will ever forget if we are still treated unequally. Do you think black people are less worth than white people so that they would have no right to restoration?
  11. And by the way as long as israel doesnt apologize and repairs what it has done in injustice it will not have peace. There will always be enough people around willing to settle a personal score with ye. I guess your government better start building higher walls, employ more soldiers, get more murderous weapons so...Some people would think that's sad and rather live without anybody having reason to hate them... Any one their choice though
  12. If you didnt notice yet: fighting israel is not done to improve living conditions. Fighting israel is done in revenge of what Isreal does. And what does israel? It discriminates and it violates human rights! This seriously limits people's peaceful alternatives to find meaning and improve status in society. Every sociologist will explain that to you. And since people in israel also study sociology they should know better. But when social theory is abandoned to justify racism you get utterances like: and: Indeed might =/= right. And trivilization of the torture, exploitation and murder of 15 milion humans only testifies of a lack of empathy and compassion. It doesnt provide credibility to your argument.
  13. As I said before the treatment of slaves by Jews in Suriname was exceptionatly cruel not by standards of today but by standards at the time of slavery. Slaves from Jews used to flee from Jewish owners to French Guyana because the treatment by catholics was better. However the treatment of Palestinians and other non Jews by the state of israel is even today subject of international criticizm. To put it simply: you people have a habit of mistreating people and its not cool. What Hitler did to ye was just as disgusting as what ye did to others( although some would argue that what ye did was worse but lets not go there). Your bad record of respecting human rights is not only my opinion or even a muslim opinion. Its the opinion of Amnesty International and of millions of people who protest and suffer from israels mistreatment. However the denial of israels abuses of power unfortunatly doesnt do its sufferers any good so dont act the innocent victim if one day they come for your neck...
  14. The Prophet Of Mercy

    Coola. Thanks brother Mac111 Oneness
  15. The Prophet Of Mercy

    " Blessings for you brother Yasnov beautiful scriptures. Would you be able to explain this one for me as I dont know what 'heit' means? And is Gibreel an angel like Gabriel in the Bible or are they not related? Thanks Oneness!