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  1. The Carpenter

    Salam yeh very nice true story. Person never late to understand things :sl:
  2. Salam Is that topic about Mongolia? Very long i c. Allah bless my Mongolia and your Palestine
  3. Salam Sad that i am learning arabic so slow. :sl:
  4. What Should I Do?

    Salam interesting how last person knew that other victims exist. Anyway it is good that u told to ur husband. And i also want to say one more thing. Why he was like that with u. Maybe he felt something from like u , like can do like that with u so on. SO i am meaning u also have to think about ur view in society. no cloud no rain
  5. The Haunting Of The Ex-boyfriend!

    Salam i think there is no meaning to ask from others. Wish u all the best
  6. Proverbs

    Salam very nice post and i wanted to add one "Where there's a will, there's a way" Being with purpose is good and when make it in truth then it is great So peole all do the best :sl:
  7. Death Is Coming!

    Salam ooh very nice topic Just first time reading this and went to deep sadness. Thanks for poem
  8. Where Is The Real Rest

    Salam Thanks for this nice post My love Allah bless u too
  9. Cheating

    Salam Even forgive him or her after that life will not life and cant trust again so better not forgive and over all
  10. You Know You're Asian If...

    Salam Didnt find something match for me. This joke is wrong or ima not asian?
  11. Losing The Only Thing U Ever Wanted

    Salam mmm i feel u and know what is love. But u born and live only for this. Allah created u and ur parents treat u all their life and u r like this. I dont like when woman loose head like this. I am sorry sis if it is hurting u. But find another purposes for life get educated and plan future which have more huge meanings. Also he can be included in that :sl: Lemonada
  12. Hello Plz Help Me

    Salam I think maybe should stop such relation and wait will he will ready to marriage. U now think about it is simple talk and so on i am sure that if continue like this it will worse so better stop now and wait him. Be frank in urself and in Allah
  13. Its Death Or Divorce

    Why u women agree to live with another wife together sharing one husband ? It is on of few things that make me confuse on Islam
  14. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    Salam Seems to me muslim men will marry online more than other men because some relations like gf and so on restricted too much and they search such relation online. But some people wanted to say that who use net to meet other is not good muslim. that is interesting idea :sl: