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  1. Creative Minds...

    Salam did u guys send it in? I go 2 dat website alot and its unusual 2 see nasheed artist who has creative section on site and ive been keepin an eye out 4 ur stuff on there! Just goggle khaleel muhammad (masha'Allah very talentd) and go 2 his site. R u guys published?
  2. My Distilled Figure

    Dat is beautiful! Id love 2 be able to write like dat!!!! Masha'Allah. Sis, u should send it to some poetry competitions and email it to the nasheed manager i told u about as they have lots of gud connections to yusuf Islam and stuff and she will probably promote ur work well. Theres also a site called ######poetry###### who also publish poetry. I know all this cos my dad is a writer but sadly the talent didnt pass to me lol
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  4. Well, i really dont see it as giving up. It was my new beginning and nothing has done more for me than Islam. With all the drugs and alcohol i was taking alone in my room i do think i wud b dead without it. I will always admired Christianity as the religion i was born into and and loved and i am still in touch with some of my christian friends who support my decision. So, you see, i really didn't give up at all :sl:
  5. Salaams, Er feel a little bit in the spotlight now lol but i will try to answer the best i can! Well, my life was just me me me and when I was 17 ,y brother died and everythin changed for me. Even tho i was a christian all my life i hadn't ever really stopped to think about a 'bigger picture'. Isn't that odd? I left home to go to university and found myself alone in a new city, i began drinking alot (i remember having half a bottle of vodka before getting out of bed in the morning and passing out b4 my foot hit the ground) and taking drugs (E and a biy of coke from time to time) to clear my brother from my mind and hated myself for being such a hyprocrite (i was part of a christian youth club that encouraged us to have dialogue with muslims and save them lol that seems really amusin to me now he he). i tried to commit suicide one day and was devastated when it didnt work and i woke up in a hospital instead of with my brother (strangely, thats where i thought id end up) then one day a friend at uni gave me a book by ahmed deedat and very slowly my mind began to clear a little. its ALL in the dawah - this person was soft, gentle, never judgemental or 'holier than thou' and i found myself going into uni just to find her and ask more questions!!! My priorities were heaven and hell (my brother was 8 and i wanted to know if muslims would tell me the same as christians had - that he 'might' be in hell - believe me, i knew some odd peeps - not all christians are as mad as the ones i knew he he), then womens positions in Islam and then comparitive religion. It all made sense to me, the pain cleared up a little and i didnt feel so alone. It wasnt just me anymore! I took shahada alone at a local Masjid and have walked around with a spring in my step ever since. lol hope that answered the q's, sorry if parts didnt make any sense!
  6. Creative Minds...

    Salaam Just saw a website where the manager of a UK nasheed singer is inviting peeps to send her their poetry etc and i thik some of u guys wud do gud! Shes goin 2 read over them and then put them onto the site check it out ######khaleelmuhammad###### on da 'Isha's talent corner' bit. I cant write to save my life but came across it yesterday and thought id let u guys no!

    Wish we had the luxury of bein able tog o round conversin with christians! The ones i know are great people. The real work is in giving dawah' to peeps who are spiritually lost! in my dawah adventures dats the case anywayz!!
  8. Im not v gud at long posts but i converted cos I didnt want 2 b the centre of my own universe anymore! Its pretty tiring lol tried being a christian for a long time but it didnt help the pain then discovered Islam (because i was in a muslim area tryin to convert the locals to christianity lol) and just gave it all up. It was amazing!
  9. Hi From Uk

    Hellllloooooooo everyone near and far. Bored during studies lastnight and thought i'd join a forum, which ive never done b4. Hoping to join in on some of the discussions and meet nu peeps!