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  1. Lol[using large font size is not allowed]
  2. Writing The Koran

    There is no objective reality, no. Is truth unknown? Depends on what "truth" you're referring to. If it's factually backed then I'll give a no to that as well.
  3. Writing The Koran

    Objective reality is an inference from subjectively close-minded. "I believe; so should you." Before long is a large populous enthralled by a belief from one source: a person or book or what have you. It's subjective submission to a subjective ontology.
  4. Pictures Pictures Pictures!

    =( I can't add photos?
  5. Island Red Crabs

    Crab legs in melted butter. Why must you make me hungry? The adult crabs look appetizing but the baby ones are repulsively insect looking. Grab a handful and throw them in a pot. :sl:
  6. Atheism : Why ?

    Atheism makes me feel special, I dunno. Like there's some kinda creator out there who made me for no reason whatsoever. It's really comforting, I feel fuzzy inside. No going crazy over answers because there are none; no going through the despair of being called upon for worth. Live life: enjoy life & eachother. The air I breathe is free. =)