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  1. Atheism : Why ?

    this one was for duffman because i couldn't edit my post.
  2. Atheism : Why ?

    who said you are the judge? no one is the judge
  3. Atheism : Why ?

    Why not? that's the truth. it's just a sort of support they take from that thought. I know i'm not wrong. My heart tells so, otherwise i wouldn't make this choice. yes you are right but not when it comes to God.
  4. Atheism : Why ?

    Hi, 1- Why don't you believe in God?(this is optional since there's another thread "if there was God" where you have listed some reasons. Maybe you could give a shorter answer here) hehe because i simply don't want to believe in him. 2- Who/What was the first influencial thing that made you not believe in God? I haven't had anything influencial yet. It's just me who thinks so. 3- If God doesn't exist/or didn't create us--who do you think created us? Something else but not him. I don't know what's this 'something else'. i try to think it in different ways but i can't come to a conclusion. I'm not really clear about it. 4- You think God is a result of... what? Of people who need to believe in him. 5- Aren't you afraid of the idea of not believing in God? Not at all. i'm not afraid of him because to me he doesn't exist 6- If you believed in God, do you think your life would be better now? I don't know. Maybe yes, maybe no. 7- What do you think of people who believe in God? They've got a wrong idea in their heads. 8- Is there any chance for you to believe in God in the future? No. not at all. if i haven't believed until now why do i have to start believing right now and then on? you're welcome