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  1. Real Talk: I Think I Saw The Devil. Help Me

  2. Did U Knew About This?

    :sl: :sl: i wish we knew what channel/program was that talk show in or if there are any recordings of it!! feel sad for those who deny Islam though they have been shown real proof! Wassalam
  3. Prophrt Nūḥ (alayhi-salam) Ark's Question

    :sl: Thank you brothers and sisters for your replies. Yes I agree its right not to to speculate over something that is not mentioned in the Qur'an. I myself tried to find the answers from various sources but I couldn't. I thought maybe I was missing something. So I guess only Allah(SWT) knows the answer. inshAllah if Allah(SWT) permits me(and all brothers and sisters) into Heaven I will ask him this question if i still remember it ! Wassalam
  4. Male Awrah

    :sl: Well I don't know about the navel but I am pretty sure that your knees(preferably 3/4 of your legs) should be covered at all times. And since your knees should be covered I think navel should be too. Hope you bro's/sis's can clarify about the navel part. inshAllah. Wassalam
  5. :sl: I have been trying to find the answer to this question for a long time. When prophet Nūḥ (Alayhi-Salam) was ordered by Allah(SWT) to build the ark and take with him two of each kind(male and female) of all the animals, what did he do about the fish in the sea?? Did he take all the different fish in the ark too? If he did how did he manage to make them survive in the ark for 40 night? Might he have built some kind of aquarium? Allah(SWT) said he would destroy all flesh outside the ark. Doesn't that include all the fish as well? I am sorta confused in this part, and hopefully someone can answer this InshAllah. Shukhran, Wassalam
  6. Chronicles Of Windows Vista Installation

    :sl: lol....since when was owning a mac prestigious??? :sl: its not a question of affording....its a question of common sense....why would i pay X$ for a mac, when i can get a pc MORE powerful than the mac which can do all the things that mac boasts about, very well PLUS can also play games in Y$ where Y<<X ???
  7. Editing My Post

    oops!!! :sl: my bad...didnt read the last line lol...tnx mods pls close this topic
  8. Chronicles Of Windows Vista Installation

    Salam, Well actually brother Hasib I kind of disagree to that statement. Mac OS X is based on BSD Unix OS which is up till today a very highly secure OS. Hackers find it difficult to make a virus or worm or trojan for an OS based on BSD. Why would a hacker waste days and days trying to make a virus for OS X when he can make a very dangerous one for Windows in hours. Don't get me wrong, the fact that Windows has a huge market share does matter but the security of BSD Unix shouldn't be ignored. Check this out: h t t p : / / w w w . d i g g . c o m / a p p l e / Why_there_aren_t_viruses_for_M cs_m_it_s_not_because_of_low_m rket_share Wassalam
  9. Ubuntu Muslim Edition

    Salam, Wow this looks pretty interesting!!! Gotta give it a try sometime soon!!! Wassalam,
  10. Editing My Post

    Salam, I can't seem to edit my post at all!! I read on this forum that you can edit your post within one hour of its being posted. But I can't do it even after 2 minutes I posted it ( i tried editing my post in the computer section btw). Is this feature disabled? Thanks, Wassalam
  11. Chronicles Of Windows Vista Installation

    Salam, I don't understand whats wrong with PC's. I have been using PC's for a very long time. And I have never encountered any sort of virus problem or BSOD or any kind of error. Sure Windows 98 was not that good of an OS. I had my share of problems in Win 98. But in XP i have never had any problems. I don't even use any anti-virus software!!! U just have to be smart enough to goto safe websites only, or open emails from the people you know only, or only run softwars you know won't harm your computer. I have use Macs myself. Sure they look nice with cool interfaces and eye-candy effects. But other than that they are just PC's with an Apple logo. I tried Ubuntu mainly because it was free and I needed a change from the XP interface. Main attraction of Ubuntu or other linux distro's is the price. Once they get games running in linux, i am gonna SWITCH!!! Just my 2 paise, Wassalam
  12. Is He A Muslim Or Not

    Salam Brother, Sad to hear that your father does not pray or read the Qur'an. However brother, as a Muslim and as a son its your duty to help your father follow the right path. Your father hasn't left Islam, he has gone astray. And he can come back to the right path if he sincerely repents to the almighty, very forgiving Allah(SWT). And as for your second question, even if a Muslim leaves Islam he has committed a Major Sin. Allah(SWT) punishes people for their deeds in many ways. But I don't think death is a punishment. He may be given a very painful punishment in hell. However, if the person decides he has made a VERY BIG MISTAKE by leaving Islam, and if he sincerely apologizes to Allah(SWT), he may be forgiven. But its all upto Allah(SWT). Hope this helps you. Wassalam
  13. Marriage Among Cousins

    Salam, Thank you for you reply Sister. I do hope that a bro or sis will help me find about this in the Holy Qur'an or Hadith. Wassalam and may Allah(SWT) bless us all!
  14. Working In A Bank

    Thank you for you reply and links brother freedslave... Sadly none of the banks that offered jobs were Islamic. So i guess it would be wise not to work in a bank. Alhamdolillah I didn't apply to those jobs! May Allah reward you brother, and bless us all Inshallah Wassalam
  15. Assalamalaikum

    Shukhran all, and Shukhran ya habibi freedslave for the drink, though i prefer apple juice to mango juice(or is that orange juice?) LOL