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  1. Shooting At My University: Virginia Tech

    This was a terrible incident. I have been praying for all of the family and friends of everyone killed.
  2. Muslim Brother Killed In Virgina Tech

    This is very sad. I saw a picture of this guy and his wife at their wedding on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website today. They both look like very nice people. Hopefully, the organization will be able to raise the money to help his widow and son. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims' family and friends.
  3. Do Muslims Tithe?

    Do muslims have to tithe or give money to the Masjids? What percent? Do Muslim leaders have other jobs or are they supported by their "congregation"?
  4. Hi!

    Hi, I joined this forum because I would like to know more about Muslim beliefs to better understand where people are coming from. Hopefully I will learn some things and be able to participate in some interesting discussions. Thanks
  5. I don't think/know if the Koran says, but the Bible says in Genesis 7:8 that Noah only had to take "every thing that creepeth upon the earth". It also says in Genesis that everything that lived on dry land died during the flood. Maybe someone will find the answer in the Koran...I'm curious.