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  1. Why Not Have Female Imams?

    Well, who knows except Allah the all knower. I wasn't changing my mind, just placing the issue in different perspective and possibility. I do know that it is like punishment of sort to some the women folks, when they complained about it. You know the inconveniences that come along with it and sometimes the pain and so on. Anyway the thread is not about this and I rest my case. Please accept my sincere apology if I had caused ill feelings.
  2. Why Not Have Female Imams?

    The women mens issue is more of consequential effect rather then "punishment" per se. Just food for thoughts relative to this issue, Allah promises " pure, clean "women, with no mens that is for those in haven. Eve couldn't have mens during her time in paradise, not before she was sent to earth I would think. I am no scholar bro. Those who know, please share. Allah knows best.
  3. Why Not Have Female Imams?

    Brother Younes, I would do you good to research on the premises I had laid. When you find them ideas,refresh me please.
  4. Why Not Have Female Imams?

    Allah Subhanawataala created Adam from dirts/clay of the earth. Eve was created out of Adam's rib. Eve was such a persuasive person that eventually landed them both into trouble and subsequently both of them were thrown out of paradise into this filthy planet we call earth. Women menstruation is in fact is a form of punishment by Allah. A reminder that the female of the species need constant cleansing, physically and spiritually speaking. I had seen women wept at the gate of Masjidil Haram because they had the haid just when they wished to do the farewell tawaf. Sad scene really. But that's the reality. Women just have to have higher level of patience and constancy. In many cultures we can see women toiling for survival,while the man folk laze around. Ironically the women dwellers in hell are mainly those who disobeyed their husband one way or another. There are many more "justifications" that can be said why women can't be Imam. My brothers threads are just being polite about the bare truth, not to be labelled as chauvinists or sexist perhaps. Not me though. I don't have ill intents against women. I have lots of love for women and for the love of one,who is my wife I have restrain my nasf to have more! InshAllah. Wassallam.
  5. Thank you for this beautifully written article. You have put in a lot of time and effort into this. May Allah increase your wisdom.
  6. MashAllah. Ya Allah give me strength and wisdom.
  7. Does God Only Love Muslims?

    Salam, UmmSulaiman. In context of your explanation, every muslim is obligated to make dakwah ( calling others to Islam ), . My question is the manner how it is to be done. There are organized movements that move around the world spreading dakwa. For years, I harbor the desire to join them. Rightly or wrongly, I don't want to associate myself just yet for reasons that are in conflict with my desire. There several reasons that are holding me back. I have a down syndrome daughter. She is partially deaf and mute. She would fell ill if I were away too long, even for a week. Now,tell me if it is compulsory for me to join the dakwa movement. Jazakallah khairan.
  8. Greetings From Malaysia

    Waalaikumsalam warahmatullah. Selamat datang.
  9. I'm From Malaysia

    Welcome to the forum bro.lobeh kacap telabik.
  10. Greetings To My Sisters And Brothers

    Praise to Allah for His boundless blessings. I would advise that you start with learning to pray.Learn The Al-Fatiha ,rightly called the essence of the Quran the best you can.The meaning of each words and the arabic pronunciation .
  11. Skinny Jeans?

    Walaikumsalam ,Mariam As far as I understand,Islam dress code for women is with an objective that the contour of the body lines are not attracting the attention of the others ,especially men.Only the face and the palms of the hands are permissible to be exposed.Jazakallah.
  12. My Presentation

    Walaikumsalam warahmatoullah hiwabarakatouh.
  13. My Presentation

    Walaikom Salam, brother Amdourahim, you can send to this e mail for assistance. mowdeanmedia[at]yahoo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)
  14. I want to ask you that what is the meaning of the word 'Earth' in 21:30 of the Quran it cannot means 'matter' and if it means planet earth then this could not be the information related to the big bang theory in the Quran. ...It is He who begins the process of creation and repeats it....Yunus :4 This truncated understanding of the universe is responsible for the fact that there is no actual discussion of the creation of a “universe†in the Quran at all. The Quran is completely silent on the “big bang†because it clearly has no awareness whatsoever of a universe that preexisted the creation of the planet Earth, or extended outwards into infinite space. It has no understanding of galaxies, or clusters of galaxies, or quasars or pulsars... any of the OTHER things that could have easily been mentioned by an omniscient Allah, and left us no room for quibblin The hubble telescope will never be able to see the vastness of Allah's on going creation beyond it's limited capabilities.
  15. The belief that Allaah is the Creator Who has decreed all things and has distinguished those who are blessed from those who are doomed, does not mean that Allaah forces His slaves to obey or disobey. Rather He has given them the ability to choose and free will, which is what they act upon, and for which they will be brought to account. Your Lord does not wrong His slaves.