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  1. Dutch Mp Calls For Ban On Quran

    The MP's a zionist?
  2. From Avrazin To Islam

    HUH? and erm, i think if somebody's Partner is bad, and they're not on the path to Heaven, then they won't be with the Righeous Partner, and if they're gd, and they're in Heaven somwhere, i suppose you could just ask Allah for your partner to be in the same place in Heaven, rather then on a different level...u get me? lol Anyway, even if some gd person's partner was bad...maybe you could ask Allah if they can come into Heaven with you??? Allah knows best, and anyway, lets just try and be gd Muslims now, rather then worry about what happens in the Hearafter, after all...it is Heaven lol.
  3. Dutch Mp Calls For Ban On Quran

    :sl: lol, so...which one is the truth about the Bible's etc? and yeh, totally agree with Anthony on the Netherlands guy, he won't get elected for anything major and his opinion inshAllah, wont be agreed with. Im more worried about this Saudi thing though, because..it just isnt right. That rule (if its true) isn't going to help the Muslims out, because as an Ummah, it means we're being hypocritical, but im guessing most Muslims dont know about this rule because not many of our neighbour's who are Christian etc want to get into Saudi lol.
  4. Racists Everywhere...

    lol, trust Bruv, better to be patient, any1 can pull out a racist comment, different story if they try attackin ya or anythin Bro :S..u know wht to do den lol.
  5. Ayatul Kursi (verse Of Allah's Throne)

    JuzakAllah Sis, appreciate. Can i clear one thing up lol, sorry, when a book has the arabic quote of the Qur'an, does that mean you have to have wudhu to touch that book, even thought its not under the title of the Qur'an, some of the Qur'an still lays in it?
  6. Racists Everywhere...

    lol, tell me about it. PEOPLE, just be patient, dont be racist back, thats just foolish. :sl:
  7. Ayatul Kursi (verse Of Allah's Throne)

    Salam, i KNEW there was something else i wanted to ask, i remember now :sl: What i want to know if its ok is that, well, i dont always have Wudhu, but would you recommend reading Ayayul Kursi etc without the state of Wudhu? Obvoiusly without touching the Qur'an, just from recitation. Also, can you touch any book without wudhu that has the name Allah in it? Most books with the word "Allah" in it will also have some arabic holy scriptures, wether it just be the word Allah in arabic, or some other quotes and titles. Same question for books with quotes of the Quran in? JuzakAllah Khary Brother's and Sister's, much appreciated :sl:
  8. Ayatul Kursi (verse Of Allah's Throne)

    cool. :sl: i mean...hot. lol
  9. Marriage

    I think the person mighta meant "Insist" lol, guessin tho. :sl: oh, and btw-like all the others said, stick up for urself, throw a few Islamic Quotes to defend urself and if you wanna marry some1 else, maybe tell ur parents, but make sure they're a gd Muslim. btw-dont run away lol, really. Oh, and if you just dont feel ready to get married, just tell your Family that you just dont feel ready, not even to plan a wedding yet. Hope all goes well InshAllah. :sl:
  10. Ayatul Kursi (verse Of Allah's Throne)

    :sl: Bro's and Sis's, and yeh, Mount Hira's real easy to learn from, reciter sounds amazing as well mashAllah. Can i just ask from one of the quotes i got from you Aaqib, it says "When consistently recited during travelling it will also keep them save from harm. When recited with full concentration, Insya Allah it will cause the syaitan and jin to burn." Doesn't that suggest all Jinns are evil? :sl:
  11. Harry Potter 7th Book Online!

    :sl: I was thinkin about readin it from the net, but im not sure if its illegal...same as browing it from the library i suppose, but i dont want to be harsh to JK Rowling after all the effort she put into it. Anyway, firsly, i agree with being allowed to read HP lol, and secondly, are you sure its fan made, because it would be a waste of time reading it if it wasnt the original. P.S-A lot of things in life are non-Islam related, but at the end of the day, if you get misguided by a fiction book, your faith must be pretty lame. If you're thinking of Allah as much as possible, you're not going to be affected by the book in a negative way, and plus, fiction books have posistive sides which non-fiction books dont have such as certain vocabulary. S'up to you anyway...i really doubt you would get punished for reading Harry Potter though. :sl: Like Abu Bakr (RA) said something like; This is my opinion, if it is correct, it is from Allah, if it is not, it is from me and shaaytan.
  12. Islam in England

    I've kinda done a reply up there lol, sorry ^^^. Just PM me if you need to know anything else? Peace Bro.
  13. Islam in England

    Salamzzzz! LOL this topic is so random man, anyway, im from B'ham, and i tell ya striaght. FIRST UP, SMALL HEATH IS HOME! so, dont say its some kinda inconvicience :sl: Secondly! Alum Rock has nice food shops! Thridly...What on Earth's the difference outta all the English cities, they're all the same lol, pointless 'debate' man. And to the Bro a few posts ago...the middle east is in trouble for a lot of reasons, mainly a lot of interferences from other groups of people, and even internal problems. The main fall was when the purer Islamic people were lost into the changing society over there many years ago. Crusades weakened it, and also bad rulers who thought they were right all the time, even tho sometimes they were going against Islam. Most of the rulers back then were amazin tho mashAllah, just the odd few had to ruin it. Because of some of these rules, tension grew...and then people came and took over slowly. Anyway, back to England lol. London's alright man, Manchester's violent...but ur actin like other places arent. Like i said, all the same man. Mannnn, i just need to say this to us. The Ummah. We need to get our act together. Obv this is all for jokes, but i'll take this opportunity to say this...each and every one of us represents Islam. If we're gonna go ahead and defend ourselves but saying Muslims arent terrorists (obv), then we need to act the way we're supposed to. What im trying to say is just because ur not a terrorist (obv) doesnt mean ur helpin out the Ummah. We need to behave ourselves, accept others into out community, after all, most of us havent been in the country for over 100 years, so we cant just barge in and say Allah HU AKBAR or act weird in the streets (epeically eid day) without acting as good citizens and good Muslims. Think about this Bro's and Sis', manners is almost as important as prayers. Manners to all at all times, even if we dont like the person, not just in the Masjid. Im not tryina kill the vibe here, just needed to at least have said that. OKAYYYY, time to get back to talkin about Muslims in Homo areas :sl:...
  14. Let's Learn English!

    Salamz, lololol, ent herd that one b4...man, thats gotta be annoyin :sl:
  15. Allahu Akbar!

    :sl: Bro, its better then some think over in the West lol. WE have a few global issue's to tackle as an Ummah inshAllah, but we're doing better then most percieve mashAllah, better to start being a better Muslim at home b4 we worry about what's going on in the outside world.
  16. Are You Wearing Silk?

    :sl: To the Bro with the Q about wether Microfiber, polyester Microfiber is silk, well, i did a bit of research, and from this, i dont think it is... "Performance with beauty describes the potential of microfibers. They are very fine fibers compared to more conventional forms which gives them unique and desirable properties. To provide a measure for comparison, microfibers are half the diameter of a fine silk fiber, one-third the diameter of cotton, one-quarter the diameter of fine wool, and one hundred times finer than human hair. " If a typical Microfiber is 1/2 the diameter of silk, it means it isnt silk, but on a few websites, it describes silk like qualities, as well as a few other advantages. It's up to you to decide wether its halal to wear or not? But silk remians haram to men :sl:
  17. :sl: Brothers and Sisters, I myself alhudmulilaah, try to be a good muslim, howvever, my friend has questions as he is questioninig his faith due to these questions, and a few other expriences....here goes... 1. Why is circumsicion praticed in Islam if Allah tells us not to harm ourselves and gave us the flesh anyway, and if it is a test of faith, how can you test a baby who has no way to say 'no' anyway? 2. Allah clearly loves us, but why would Allah put us into hell fire for doing haram things for all of eternity? Isnt it a bit over the top? Personaly, the only question that i share concern with is Q 1, because we can not answer Allah's reasoning for things, so question 2 i can not expect somebody to answer, but for Q1, are there any useful Hadith, Verses etc? JuzakAllah Kharyh, i'd love to have these answered. :sl: P.S-Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the site :S
  18. Questions I Need Answering Please! :)

    :sl: JuzakAllah for all of those answrs, can i ask one more thing? lol, i kinda just asked a Q here, ANYWAY, u know where it says [al-Baqarah 2:138]– … So Allaah has made circumcision a symbol of those who belong to Him and to His religion, and who attribute themselves to Him as being utterly enslaved to Him alone… Is that one person's impression of what the meaning is, or is that meaning accepted and agreed with by most scholars? In our RE class (religious education) my teacher said that some people were circumsiced because it was needed as the water for washing was scarce, so, to prevent forom diseases, they wre circumsiced, however we no longer live in them kinda of conditions, so is it necersary?
  19. I Want Answers! Wife Abuse!

    :sl: can i just add that 2 posts up, im sure the Bro meant DEAR, not dead :S And yeh, i talk to females on msn etc and in real life, but we talk as Bro's and Sis's, making taht clear, go for it and explain if thats wrong if u want, im up for suggestions...but back to this Sister for now :S
  20. Homosexuality

    :sl: Hope eveything goes as it shud inshAllah, just like to add that some people come to the conclusion that they're a homosexual, but in fact, they just have dirty thoughts induced by a certain media. I hope you aren't one lol, but try and keep a clear mind, and have a moment to reflect, and i honestly doubt you are a homosexual...just maybe thought u were because of the way society defines almost hugging of another man homosexual, so i pray that inshAllah, it is just a temporary confusion.
  21. Questions I Need Answering Please! :)

    Salam, thanks for the replies, i was wondering if there was a specific Verse from the Holy Qur'an about circumscions, wether that be direct or in-direct, as i want to interpret it and compare it with other inpertitaions, and as for the fingernails....it is painless, but circumscion isnt quite as pain free. I understand the removing of risks such as AIDS etc even thought small, but the baby still doesnt have a choice, and isnt this reduction just due to the fact ur cleaner, so cant u just clean urself? Oh, and also, if the baby has such consitions such as ...cant remember what its called, but basicaly, when you cut the baby, its difficult to get a clot to stop the bleeding. Diseases can also be attained from the procedure as well as it preventing diseases.... Im not trying to be agressive, just trying to tackle an issue just in case u thought otherwise...i mean, if i was to empathise as a non-Muslim, and say i wanted to convert, the idea of cirumscion would scare me from Islam...unless it had a STRONG argument for it, so i need that argument for the sake of teh Ummah, JuzakAllah Kharyh again :sl:
  22. A Woman Microsoft User

    :sl: OHhoho, NARSTY expericence that musta been :sl:....i reali dont get the 2nd joke on the page tho...when sum1 says "im not gonna do that !" ...?
  23. Who Are The Infidels?

    Al-Kaeeda is irelavant btw-they're not exactli the best people to put the banner of Islam over, Islam if something that hits people's hearts, and watching these Al-Kaeeda, now sterotyped as terrorists who blow themselves up under the name of Allah...even tho suicide is TOTALY HARAM and is a direct sentace to hell, not that i know anything about Al-Kaeeda, but anyway, my point is....why do we choose these labelled stuggling people as the best World leading Muslims...can't we choose otehr great doctor's and wise people out there to represent Islam, be local or international...not rebel fighters in the middle of a dessert.... just a suggestion again...i havent got an opinion on Al-Kaeeda because i try not to judge people i dont know in person.
  24. Who Are The Infidels?

    :sl: lol, this is gonna take a while :sl:
  25. I've Been Here For 1 Yr

    :sl: Brother Mujahid! It's been great reading ur posts, nice to see ur concern with the World, inshAllah, hope we'll be on this forum for life :sl: take care!