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  1. Durood Tanjeena

    Assalamu alaykum dear brothers & sisters, Hope everyone is doing good by Allah's blessings. I was just having this confusion that is "Durood Tanjeena" an authentic one? Because it is said that it was taught to a Sheikh, by Rasool Allah (SAW), in his dream. It's really bothering me because I haven't read any authentic reference regarding it. Looking forward to clear my doubts. May Allah guide us all, aameen. Fe amaan Allah :sl:
  2. That was very informative! JazakAllah for sharing Assalamu alaikum!
  3. Assalamu alaikum, Can I get recitation by him as well? Is it available?
  4. Assalamu alaikum! jazakAllah khair sister! :sl: May Allah bless you with every happiness & success in this world and hereafter, Aameen! Take care!
  5. Assalam o alaikum everybody! I am looking for athaan by mansour al-zahrany in mp3 format. Please do share with me if anyone has that. JazakAllah! May Allah guide us all, ameen! :sl:
  6. Assalam alaikum! Hope everyone is fine by Allah SWT's blessings! I am very keen to read about Hazrat Umar (RA), but i just cant find any book or some website about it. If anybody knows about some ebook or any website about the life of Hazrat Umar(RA), then do kindly tell me! JazakAllah! May Allah bless us all! Fe amaan Allah
  7. The Bermuda Triangle

    Assalam alaikum! Well i have heard that there's vacuum in that area of Bermuda Triangle! Its a strange but interesting topic. Dont know when this mystery will be solved?! Fe amaan Allah!
  8. I Cant Edit My Profile

    Assalam alaikum! JazakAllah sis Aamina! :sl: i didnt know that! jazakAllah 4 the help! May Allah bless us all! Prayers 4 u Aamina sis! Fe amaan Allah!
  9. Assalam alaikum! I am having a problem: I cant edit my profile information or use any other editing option. I receive the error that I cannot use this feature. I am unable to understand this. Could anyone kindly tell me how to solve it? Waiting 4 help! JazakAllah! May Allah SWT bless us all! Assalam alaikum!
  10. The Message Magazine

    Assalam alaikum! JazakAllah ! :sl:
  11. The Most Important Part Of The Body

    Assalam alaikum! JazakAllah! its great to read this and very true as well ! Real happiness comes from making others feel happy and by supporting them! May Allah SWT bless us all! Ameen! Assalam alaikum!
  12. Care To Complain?

    Assalam alaikum! Jazakallah! that was very interesting to read! JAzakallah for sharing your experience. We dont realise that Allah SWT has betterment in evrything 4 us! We should thank Allah at every moment for whatever He has blessed us with! Alhamdulillah! May He forgive all our sins & shortcomings and guide us along the right path! ameen! Assalam alaikum!
  13. Some Mistakes Made While Fasting

    Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters! Jazakallah for this article! It will help us prepare for ramadan in a better way ! May Allah SWT guide us all ! ameen !
  14. Love One Another For The Sake Of Allah

    Assalam alaikum! Jazakallah brother k-meleon! :sl: that article was great to read! Thats very true! Shaitaan has many ways to deceive mankind ! We as human beings can never realise when we are being deceived n led on the wrong path by him! May Allah guide us all! ameen sumameen! Jazakallah once again! Best wishes for all! Take care! Fe-amaan-Allah!
  15. Love One Another For The Sake Of Allah

    Assalam alaikum! Thats very true! jazakallah for replying! Ofcourse everything depends on one's intentions (i.e. "niyyat")..and Allah SWT knows best about everyone's intentions! And shaitaan is always on-the-go to misguide mankind. May Allah SWT guide us all ! ameen ! take care! fe-amaan-Allah!