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  1. 2007 Events

    Is anyone aware of any events occuring in Canada in 2007 with regards to Islam and the Muslim people??
  2. Leaving If For 2 Months

    I have decided that I will be leaving IF Forum for up to two months until the start of Ramadan. I like to thank everyone here on IF you have all been great informing me and assisting me to become Muslim but I need to step back and do personal matters at this time (found out my mother has a form of skin cancer) and deal with issues with local Masjid in either Vancouver or Victoria but when I come back I want to learn more, debate in the political forums and have some fun in Brother's Room. Shukran, Salaam.
  3. Refugees From War

    I haven't heard about any to Canada, even though Canada should be letting Iraqi refugees in but if I hear word over hear I would be more than happy to help, or go down to Seattle if any are headed to the North-west. Keep us posted Tash so we can help.
  4. Just Wondering Ramadan

    I was just wondering if a non-muslim can participate in Ramadan?
  5. Hello

    Hello and welcome to IF and I do believe you will enjoy your time on this site. Sit back, enjoy your drink of juice and learn about Islam and other issues going on at IF.
  6. Weird Night

    Well I can't get into to much detail because it is a police investigation, I assume, but because I am a security guard in the community I live in in Canada I guard most sites in town and last night, well actually this early morning another guard radioed our mobile patrol as we have patrol cars like 'police' and said we had a big problem on hand. So i asked him where he was as I was on the site as well and when he toldf me where he was I took off to assist him, because if he was being attacked I would assist him until the RCMP arrived. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). So as I turned a corner to the front of a building I saw these two individuals in one of the construction buildings and I almost ran into one actually. But, they were going about their activity, one was on the ground the other 'uttering threats' while we stood no more than a knife strike or a weapon strike away from either of them. I do have to say even though the attacked got away, we were able to provide assistance to the guy on the ground 'victim' and the RCMP came quickly. So weird night all in all as that has never happened before. Two guys jumping over the fence, that is.
  7. Weird Night

    The weird part about it is that they continued on with their actions victim-attacker as we stood no more than five feet from them. writing down notes. Also since we do not get guns, pepper spray, batons, or hand-cuffs we have to be extremely careful with all situations, but with this one not so much.
  8. Islam And Christianity Similarities

    Agreed. Also on topic, there are some simularities in that Jesus is recognized as a prophet and Islam thus is an extension or renewal of Christianity as Christians past the teachings of christ earred from his teachings and then Muhammed was the next and 'last' prophet of god.
  9. 21st Century Crusaders

    Is it a crusade? Maybe, a crusade in historical text is of a religious leader saying for "Christian forces" to go conquer other religions and peoples. Bush is not a religious leader but he is a political leader of a largely christian nation. So I would say yes. And I watch the videos. Powerful sums them up.
  10. Just Wondering Ramadan

    I live on Vancouver Island but not in Victoria. I think I can get to Vancouver though and go to one of the Masjid to see the Night Salat, sister.
  11. Help?

    First off American killed the Native people so it should get off the territory of native traditional lands because they shouldn't have a right to say what natives should do. I am sorry for your loss of your father on that terrible day Sept/11. However, acting childish and being a troll does not help you in any healing that you might do as it borders on threatening to individual peaceful muslims. I hope you do stay on and learn about Islam.
  12. Which Country Would You Recommend?

    I would suggest moving to Eqypt because of job availability and practicing Islam.
  13. There Are Only 4 Types Of People In This World. .

    Assalamo Alikecum. I would be this one.
  14. Just Wondering Ramadan

    Aliykemu Salam, dot. I am going to go through and like my Muslim brothers will try to achieve all that Ramadan sets out for a person to achieve and I do believe I will be better purified afterwards.
  15. Married The Wrong Person

    That is a bad situation you are in. I would suggest talking to a scholar or Iman about what can be done. However I believe if you read this quote "And if you fear that the two (i.e husband and wife) may not be able to keep the limits ordered by Allah, there is no blame on either of them if she redeems herself (from the marriage tie) " (2 : 229). from (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetjamaat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Islam/divorce.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetjamaat(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Islam/divorce.html[/url] it might be able to solve some of your problems. I do hope you can solve this.
  16. This Is Confusing To Me.

    I am learning as well as I have a basic understanding of Arabic and I have read the Quran in English. I do believe that it is wise to go to a local Masjid and talk to a Iman about it and see what their opinion is on the matter.
  17. Iran's Jews: "our Identity Not For Sale"

    Assalamo alaikum, Livius who says all Jews love israel. I don't think a lot in other countries do, or wouldn't they already have gone to live in the Jewish state?
  18. Learn Arabic

    There is one site. Babel I believe has a trainer speaking Arabic.
  19. Alket

    Assalamo alaikum Welcome to the forum Alket. Enjoy your stay.
  20. This Is My Introduction!

    Assalamo alaikum and welcome to IF and I hope you enjoy your stay at IF and learn all you need and want about Islam and if you do decide to convert. Congrats.
  21. Deadly Attack On Pakistani Troops

    The militants in the Masjid that used the women and children as hostages are the ones that deserved to die, not to be held up as some kind of maytr. Now before you pot saying I am some Zionist supporter the Munich incident with a similar support receives my full support for Black September because it is a different situation and a correct target.
  22. Lal Masjid: 335 Religious Students Killed In Overnight Opera

    Learn your history, Muslims in Greater India created Pakistan because they became to inseperable with Hindu Indians and the British forsaw the creation of Pakistan.
  23. Take Pride In Islam

    Yes Islam and Islamic followers have done alot of good things and Muslims of today should look to their religion and hold up these good events and things just like any other religion.
  24. Deadly Attack On Pakistani Troops

    :sl: I pray for the soldiers on their way to paradise and for their families, mothers, sons, daughters, fathers, wives that are now missing these men until they do expire. And I do hope as well that Muslims in Pakistan and in other troubled states become united and unified.
  25. Lal Masjid: 335 Religious Students Killed In Overnight Opera

    I don't think in the end of your post it is correct 91 civilians were killed if a sentence before it is believed 75 militants, who were not civilians in the least but violent Islamists which means nearly 16 civilians were killed in that toll. However, even though I don't support the Islamists of the Red Masjid or their supporters I do believe several dozen more at least women and children were killed.