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  1. As-salamu alaykum sis my parents don't know either that I'm a Muslim, and I have to hide everything from them. I have to pray in secret and whenever I'm praying and my mother knocks on the door I have to stop my prayer. I'm still in high school and I couldn't fast this Ramadan (btw this Ramadan was my first Ramadan) and I don't know how I can make up for missing Ramadan with the "watchful" eyes of my parents. Inshallah your situation will get better sis. May Allah bless you.
  2. How I Converted

    SubhanAllah so many people are reverting! :sl: I have a question for you sis. What was the name of the book?
  3. The Prayer Of Need; Salaatul Hajah

    Alhamdullilah thanks sister. Im going to write it down in a notebook and memorise the Dua'a.
  4. Rewards For Nafal Prayers

    But how do you perform a Nafal prayer? Do you pray a certain number of rak'ah?
  5. I Need Proof Please

    As-salamu alaykum brother, before I reverted to Islam I had no religion (I saw myself as an Aetheist) . I was lost in a life of jahilliya (ignorance). I was also on a bad path (I was a troublemaker in school etc.). But the day I took my Shahadah was the day that I changed. Ever since I became a Muslim there's been this warmth in my body, a comforting warmth that stirs my heart. :sl: Brother Aaqib Ahmed, thank you for your words and your suggestions. I have been convinced by your words because I can relate some of my personal experiences to your words and I know what you mean. :sl: I also cry when I think about how magnificent Allah Almighty is. And about your suggestions, I will definetly give them a try (I do most of them anyway on a daily basis; I make dua'a after Asr prayer every day). And thank you so much again. May Allah bless and reward you and keep you and your family safe. Ameen. I gotta run now cause there's a documentary about Yusuf Islam on the telly tonight :j: . Peace brother.
  6. I Need Proof Please

    As-salamu alaykum I really need help. I am struggling with my faith so please can someone provide CONCRETE proof that Islam is the true religion? Please
  7. Rewards For Nafal Prayers

    As-salamu alaykum When can you pray Nafal prayers? I dont understand, can someone please help me.
  8. As-salamu alaykum I would like to know how Almighty Allah created the World and how he created human beings. I am very interested in this particular subject. Thanks :sl:
  9. Do You Hate Someone? Do You Really Hate Someone?

    As-salamu alaykum Alhamdullilah thank you for this article insha'Allah you will be rewarded. This has really been helpful to me.
  10. I Need To Pass School..help!

    Salaam Alaykum I will make dua'a for you brother and Inshallah you will pass school with a good grade. School is rough i know, but with the help of Allah subhanah wa'talah you will make it.
  11. How To Make Dua

    Thank you very much brother. Inshallah today I will make dua. Wa salam.
  12. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    i come from iran a country close to afghanistan and inshallah the faith of the afghans will remain strong
  13. New Here

    Thank you all brothers and sisters :sl:
  14. How To Make Dua

    salaam alaykum i must learn how to make dua please can anyone help me please
  15. Islam In Sweden

    i live in sweden and there are many muslims here i live outside of gothenburg and i think there are like 3 Masjids in the whole city,.