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  1. The Kite Runner

    kite runner is a great book, i read it about two years ago and have the best memories about it. :sl:
  2. From My Sisters' Lips

    Avery good book, I read it like 6 months ago. I think it is best for reverted muslims, who have not got much knowledge about Islam, such as I am :sl: And it does make you want to start wearing the scarf. Although I also did not agree with absolutely everything. Well, everyone has the right to their own opinion, right?
  3. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    Who are they, the USA, oficially, is it not a Christian country? what is the religion of its leaders? I do not refer to the army itsef, the leaders of the country send their soldiers to fight for what they believe it is wrong. The soldiers do their job, same like a doctor istreating a patient, or a teacher is teaching children. I think the US politicians refer to God quite often, they say something like 'God save America' or whatsoever, i am not sure... and naturally, they represent their religion, same as muslims represent Islam. The 'problem; here isthat muslims' faith is stronger than that of the christians, so they use the name of Allah more often than the christians use the name of Jesus. In religion itself, there is nothing to be fixed. another question. Muslims have a strong sense of brotherhood. If you've noticed, in this forum and elsewhere, people call one another brothers and sisters. That is because we, people, believe, that our religion unites us. So immagine someone would be killing your real brother, would you be standing still then? Or would you try to save him or do sm kind of revenge to the murderer? answer yourself, and you will get the answer why muslims fight back.
  4. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    There is nothing to fix in religion itself. People interpret in different ways, and it depends on them if they want to interpret it in the worng way, then they just do it. And if you think logically, christians are no better. The US killing innocent muslims in Iraq, then it was Afghanistan. Is this not a Terrorism? Why do so many people attach the name 'terrorist' to muslims only? Do you think A very big part of christian political leaders dont deserve such a name??
  5. Where Are You From?

    Lithuania, europe :sl:
  6. New

    Assalam Alaykum everyone :sl:) I am a muslim from Lithuania, muslim since last 3years, alhamdullillah. I am married to a Pakistani man and we have 8month old daughter. That's about me, shortly, I want to get in touch with muslim sisters who would help me to grow in my deen, anyone wants to get in touch, pm me :sl:)