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  1. Terrorists Will Release Another Video

    Aaaaaah, it'll be another fake. 'Cause his beard will be black, and his lips will move. What bothers me is how effectively the CIA spooks have infiltrated Al Qaeda's media arm in Cairo.
  2. My Experience And Islam…..

    I'm not Muslim, but I agree with what others have said here. Your religion is between you and God. If you believe it is wrong to consume alcohol, why should it matter to you that others who call themselves Muslim consume alcohol? Their religion also is between themselves and God. You can't live someone else's life, you can only live your own. I don't understand why you would consider abandoning something that gives you inner peace just because others don't follow the same practices or believe the same things that you do. Listen to your own mind, and your own heart, and seek friends who will support you in the path you have decided is best for you. I'm also sorry to hear that your family (or, at any rate, your mother) has rejected you because of your beliefs. I don't believe that's right, but hopefully she will one day see the light.
  3. Prostitution In Iraq

    Well, you know, Allah's will and all that. The women should just sit quietly, listening to their children cry until they're too weak with hunger to cry any more, praying that Allah will feed their children. If Allah wants to wait for them to arrive in paradise before giving them a meal, He knows best.
  4. New Bin Laden Video

    It's interesting that most of the Muslim posters question the validity of the video. Is that because OBL confirms (again) that 19 terrorists were responsible for the acts of 9/11?
  5. Christians Condemn Christians

    No more than you Muslims can deny History (as well as current events) exposing the enmity among the Muslims of different sects. Honestly, if you have a point, please make it. {Moderator note} This post has violated forum rule #27. Action taken. For more details, please read our (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]Forum Rules[/url].
  6. Robert Morey Is A Big Liar.

    Or you are an anonymous nobody whose opinion creates no shame.
  7. Robert Morey Is A Big Liar.

    That makes sense.
  8. Robert Morey Is A Big Liar.

    I'd never heard of this guy before reading about him here this morning, but I went and checked out his website just to see what all the fuss was about. Considering ######'s tireless efforts here to point out how wrong Christians are for considering Jesus as Allah's equal, I wondered what his response would be to this liar's comments on 21:98-99: Morey points out that if each one of the false gods is destined for hell, and Jesus is a false god, it seems like the Quran is condemning one of Islam's prophets. If it is not the case that each of the false gods is destined for hell, why would the Quran state it as fact? If it is a fact, and Jesus is a false god, his fate seems clear. Reading this, I'm just glad nobody worships me.
  9. Sun Will Rise From The West One Day!

    It certainly seems like the only way this could happen is for the earth to begin to rotate the opposite way. You can't move the sun and have it rise in the west, and you can't make it happen by tilting the earth's axis. If there any people at or near the poles when it happens, they might be able to survive the change in the earth's rotation, but the people at the equator would be wiped out if it happened suddenly. If the earth slows and reverses over centuries, we'll have plenty of notice, but I'm not sure that's the plan.
  10. Dutch Mp Calls For Ban On Quran

    I was reading this morning on an unrelated matter, and I stumbled across this quote from Thomas Jefferson, the man who is credited with writing the U.S. Declaration of Independence. In 1814, Jefferson ordered a science book directly from its French author. The author sent the book directly to Jefferson. There being no PayPal in those days, Jefferson asked the author to get his money from a bookseller in Philadelphia with whom Jefferson had had regular dealings. The Philadelphia bookseller paid the author out of his own funds, and then billed Jefferson for the price of the book. The bookseller never actually saw the book, he merely handled the financial transaction. Apparently the book, Sur la Creation du Monde, un Systeme d'Organisation Primitive, attracted the notice of some Philadelphia official, and he came around asking pointed questions of the bookseller. This is an excerpt from a letter Jefferson wrote to the bookseller on April 19, 1814:
  11. Must See Video Of The Universe

    Thanks. I'd never heard that term before.
  12. The news broadcasts I saw (United States) made it seem like the Mickey Mouse character was a new creation. This week, I happened to be moving some old shows I recorded from videotape to DVD, and I saw the mouse on shows from the mid '90s. Looks like he's been around a while. I don't speak Arabic, so I can't comment on the translation.
  13. Must See Video Of The Universe

    What's a "rabb"?
  14. Global Capitalism

    I'm going to guess you're about 22 , plus or minus 5 years. Religion has never been "universalism". Religion divides people.
  15. Dutch Mp Calls For Ban On Quran

    I still can't post links, but I've found several which suggest that it really is a problem to bring Bibles into Saudi Arabia. Amnesty International even tells of one man who was executed for smuggling a Bible into Saudi Arabia, and of dozens of others who were jailed and deported when a Bible was found outside their house. It looks to me like travel sites generally advise travelers to leave non-Muslim religious items at the border. Since my holy book is the universe itself, and I have no plans of going to Saudi Arabia anyway, none of this affects me. To this outsider, though, it seems like the "prats" in the west still come off looking more tolerant than the Saudis.