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  1. How Can Muslims Invest?

    Asalaamu Alykum Investment through buying shares on the share market is not haram. However if the company that you invest in deals with riba then it is haram. So in essense, if you invest in muslims businesses that dont use riba then its ok. I would like to ask a question, is it haram to work in investment/insurance companies? Wasalaam
  2. Asalaamu Alykum hey brother Kai Strohscher what's the 'Caucasus Emirate'? I have never heard of this before. Wasalaam
  3. Ancient Shrine Of Shirk In Pakistan Bombed

    Asalaamu Alykum Let me ask you a question Patrick, what is the "world view" of the bombers? Yes, i agree they should have showed more persistance and patience. They did send out a letter conveying them that what they were doing was wrong. Even though i agreed to the demolition of the shrine i do entirely agree with the violence and potential risk of lives that the bombers conducted their operation in. So if someone commits murder and in court he is sentenced to capital punishment, then according to you, its arrogance. Not truth/justice. According to you, the judiciary and legal system are so priveleged with the evidence and truth of the case that they punish the victim because the criminal has stepped out of line of their truth and hence they are not doing right, but they are arrogant and weak. That doesnt make sense.
  4. Ancient Shrine Of Shirk In Pakistan Bombed

    Asalaamu Alykum Right okay, thanks bro for the information. True, its just following the sunnah and the Quran. The bombers did send out a letter before the explosion to signify that what they were doing was wrong. However, like you said, they should have persisted for longer rather than a letter and then just go for the trigger.
  5. How Can I Do All This?

    Asalamu Alykum True sister, but isnt this sort of mentality used when people become suicide bombers especially children and teenagers? I mean, looking in their perspective, their families are murdered, raped, tortured by the enemy, their house is destroyed, their possesions taken away. They have nothing left and this makes their mind totally wild, they only want revenge they want to avenge their loved one's death. And so what they do? they kill themselves and people from the enemy. Like i'm not in anyway sympathising or approving of suicide bombings, its haram. But this is life for like palestinians, afghanis and iraqis and others in war-torn countries. Its the same for the women who sell their daughters in the sex trade. Perhaps they dont have enough emaan or knowledge/guidance to understand that these are trials from Allah. Most dont even have access to such a wide range of sources like we do. We are truly blessed by Allah. Subhanallah. Howver it just makes me wonder sometimes that we judge these kind of people without ever actually thinking what might be going through their heads from the devastation that they have seen.
  6. Ancient Shrine Of Shirk In Pakistan Bombed

    Asalaamu Alykum Brother, seriously for me, its hard to believe muslims conducting suicide bombings regardless if its bombing a shrine or bombing the enemy's army. Like i know it may be true, but it just doesnt make sense. This is what is wrong with such "freedom fighters" or "jihadis" if that is what they are. They target the correct agenda but go around doing it the wrong way. Like for this attack, it was Allah's will that no one died and that the bombers might have actually attempted to kill people. Its like what happened to the sri lankan cricket team in pakistan, howver i'm not sure who did that. Hey bro, whats a prayer stone? But the shrine still deviates people from Islam, regardless how big it is. If something is deviating a believer from the correct path, no matter how small it might be, dont you think he/she and society have the right to fix it?
  7. Ancient Shrine Of Shirk In Pakistan Bombed

    Asalaamu Alykum What the bombers did was a good thing. They sent out a warning, no one listened so they acted to destroy evil. What were they doing at that shrine? They were praying through the dead person. They think that the dead person is some saint who will tell Allah to listen to their prayers. Its like Christians going for concession, telling a priest their sins in order for God to forgive them. This is like idol worship, someone is going through some entity or being to relate to Allah. What is the point of this, when Allah can be contacted directly, by His Word, The Quran or through prayer directly to Him. They warned the people of the consequences of their actions and the bombers acted when the ignorant ignored...how is taht a sign of weakness? Taking action of things of which you oppose/conflict (with good reason) is not a sign of weakness, its a sign of strength, courage and the desire for truth in the world. Noone was killed or even injured in the attack bro. Another problem of this ummah is that muslims are deviating from the right path and are forgetting the basics of Islam, whcih is exactly what is happening in this situation. Condemn the shrine-goers before you condemn the bombers, the bombers had the correct intentions.
  8. A Message From A Descendant Of The Messenger

    Asalamu Alykum Bro, this issue leans towards the prohibitation of riba. The best way to avoid this is to instead of taking out a loan from a bank, just rent your house or car or whatever. However, if the person you are renting from is using your rent money to pay his loan repayments then you are still indirectly involved with riba, but this is the lesser riba. Instead of doing the greater sin, you choose the lesser sin. Ofcourse the most ideal option is just buying the item in full, but not many people can do that. Also avoid Islamic banks, they say they are not using interest but they actually charge you more than what you borrowed off them, which is basically the same. Inshallah i helped you. Boycotting banks is very very difficult especially in these times where everything revolves around paper money and the interest rate.
  9. How Can I Do All This?

    Asalaamu Alykum What brother twoswordali is saying is correct. He is giving us the correct answer to what the women should be doing. When the women sell their children, what do they get in return? money? What if they struggle, refrain from this atrocious act, then what do they get? They recieve victory from Allah swt, in this world and the hereafter. For Allah loves those people who strive for what is right, who struggle with their children and wealth to please Allah, those are the people whom achieve real success in this world and in the next. We cannot assume the strength and level of belief in one's heart, only Allah knows such matters. Twoswordali is just giving the correct action. Proof of this is like his example i.e. the general boycott that the makkans inflicted on The Prophet Sallalahu Alyhi Wasalaam and his followers. They had to eat dry leaves, such was the extent of the boycott. Did they stop preaching Islam? did they stoop down to the morals of the makkans in order to live? No, ofocurse not, they stayed patient and couragous, knowing of Allah's bounty. This is how anyone, not just the women should be behaving in times of trial and poverty. Brother Andre, never lose hope. If we lose hope and we are blessed by Allah, then what chance do the women and others who are in trials/poverty have? Do no lose sight of the victory of Allah. InshAllah those involved with such crimes in this world will be dealt by Him, in this world and the next. Wasalaam
  10. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    Asalaamu Alykum There is nothing wrong with achieving worldy gain, except if your intentions in achieving worldy gain is to be honoured, talked about and have prestige then this cannot be a good thing. I'm sorry if i didnt make this clear, but what i meant from "betterment of Islam" was not of the actual religion itself, but of its followers, us, the ummah. We have to benefit all the followers. Yep, brother, i agree with you 100% at that point. Wasalaam
  11. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    Asalaamu Alykum This dunya is insignificant in terms of achieving worldly gain, honour and desires. What good will we get if we succeed in this life, if we do not do this for the sake of Allah and for the betterment of Islam and its followers? The Prophet Muhammed Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalaam made great, extraordinary achievments in this dunya for the sake of Allah and His religion, Islam. Everything we do, is judged by Allah and so anything we do in this dunya which is not for His sake, is really pointless. Thats what i was trying to get across. This life seems insignificant because you are working towards pleasing Allah and achieving the ultimate reward of Paradise. If Allah is in our hearts and we wake up and see the everyday signs of Our Creator then we wont be planting the seeds for this life but for the afterlife.
  12. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    Asalaamu Alykum From your definition of humanity and saying that God is humanity, you are saying that God is the whole human species. No, Allah is much much more. Humanity is just all of the people in this world, our society, our way of living. No person owns humanity. You cant just say "your humanity". If we live our life the way Allah swt wants us to live, then Allah is your life and this dunya seems insignificant.
  13. Asalaamu Alykum the durand line was implemented by the British after their failed attempt to conquer Afghanistan in order to create a "barrier" between British India (which is now ofcourse the NWFP) and Afghanistan. According to Aghganistan, the NWFP is part of their land since of their ethnic origin to the Aghanis and because the durand line treaty has expired. but pakistan doesnt accept it.
  14. Asalaamu Alykum bro, does the durand line have any significance in terms of the khurasan and the mahdi army, other than a sign of the strength of Afghanistan's resistance against colonial power?
  15. Asalaamu Alykum SubhanAllah that answer is just so inspiring for our ummah to follow on. JazzakhAllah bro for the story Wasalaam