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  1. I believe this applies to both genders. This is an excerpt from one of Dr Kanwal Kaisser’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets. We are talking about mental health challenges. A big solution to mental challenges is one should work on their self esteem. How do you work on your self esteem? We have to work on our ‘self worth’. We have to understand and have ‘unconditional love’. Allah (swt) places this in our life for our own selves (we should love ourselves unconditionally), (we receive this) through our parents as well and also other people. If 4 people don’t like and criticize you, there are ten people who are concerned (and care) for you. Our problem is we don’t see those 10 people. We only see those four, three or two individuals and (keep) focusing on them. Because of them our self esteem goes down, our mental health challenges increase. Your depression will increase, get anxious, get suicidal thoughts (due to which) your relationships begin to suffer. When I am alluding to ‘unconditional love’, I want to specify to our own selves. We need to accept that I am a unique individual. I am not talking about becoming arrogant, egoistic, or becoming narcissistic. What I am talking about is to acknowledge one’s (self) worth. Allah (swt) has created me as an individual, I have my own identity and with that identity whatever qualities I possess, I need to recognize those. But what ends up happening? No matter how much we say ‘look at your inner selves and be at peace with your inner selves’. Our appearance definitely has an impact on us. For example a girl who understands per the standards of this world that ‘I am beautiful’. It shows in the way she walks and talks. Her confidence is different because she is able to see in the eyes of others ‘appreciation’ for her. In the home, (among) friends she is somehow always a popular figure. This is one fact when we look around. Irrespective of how many times we say (looks) don’t matter. Similarly, that individual who feels that ‘my appearance is not attractive’. My complexion is not good. My nose is crooked. My eyes are not okay. Why am I so short? Some girls are exceptionally tall, they are not happy with that. My body size is disproportionate. Because when you start thinking about yourself, you have in front of you an ‘appearance’, its realistic, you are not making up story about yourself. Complexion that is usually preferred in this world, your complexion is not that. In the world, the way people perceive certain eyes to be ‘beautiful’ and certain looks, you don’t possess those looks. We keep giving ourselves this message my body is not to be ‘appreciated’. And if I am thinking my body is not to be appreciated, that thought becomes internalized. Due to which, we lower our self worth. Because all the time you get direct/indirect messages from other people. Especially for girls who are in marriageable age. I remember for my sons when we were looking for potential spouses. I saw the same apprehension in my sons. I realized even boys go through these scenarios. For them it was great challenge they would worry) about getting rejected. We being females think this challenge only belongs to us. But males also have to go through this challenge. This is why you see all these gyms being full. They are working on their muscles. They are also trying to work on their body image. So don’t assume being a female, you only have to experience this challenge and others don’t. The Body image that we have, this is one way of receiving and experiencing love; and our (self) worth. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see how good I look while we are preparing ourselves. We don’t step out without looking at ourselves. When we look at ourselves, we sometimes smile. Observe yourself, the day you feel fresh, today this color suits me, that day automatically you will respect and have caring attitude for yourself. Contrary to this, if you are not happy with yourself when you look in the mirror, perhaps you see a pimple or you feel (you tell yourself) today you look far worst (than before). I don’t know why, when I am wearing this shirt its not fitting me right. But when I saw it in the magazine she looked really nice. I am not thinking that woman, what her size was? How many filters were applied and photo was modified through software? While I am standing here unfiltered, trying to get prepared for my day. So it becomes an issue when all these things constantly remind us of (our) imperfections. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2022/03/23/body-image-challenges-insecure-cause-of-looks-part-1/
  2. Menses & Prophetic Conduct

    This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets. Respect each other (husband and wife). You want your relationship to thrive. Respect each other. My Prophet (saw) gave respect and demonstrated (how one ought to be). In Pre Islamic era of Arabs, if woman was going through menses she was not allowed to sleep beside her husband. She would sleep apart from her husband. Once at night Umm Salama she was sleeping with Prophet (saw) on bed. She felt she started menstruating (got into that state). She silently got up, changed her clothes and separated herself. Prophet (saw) got up when he saw she had separated herself. He asked her “Are you in menses?” She replied “Yes”. He then called her back and made her lie besides him. (ie he didn’t want her to be separated from him). (Incident is in Bukhari) This is respect that my Prophet (saw) gave to his wife. [Aisha reported Prophet (saw) used to embrace me during my menses. (Bukhari)] https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2022/01/18/menses-prophetic-conduct/
  3. This is an excerpt from one of Umar Palanpuri’s speeches. Its translated more or less. My notes are in brackets. Once Abu Bakr and Omar came out of their houses because of acute hunger. The Prophet (saw) also joined them and they went together to the house of Abu Ayub. He later slaughtered a goat and offered it to them. Prophet (saw) took a piece of meat, placed it in a loaf and said, “Abu Ayub, take this to Fatimah, she has not tasted the like of this for days.” [Ibn Hibban] Try to understand? Its Prophet (saw) the one who advised on the rights of a wife. And with his own daughter there are three days of hunger. And its not mentioned anywhere that he reprimanded Ali (rad) saying to him that there are clear verses in Quran that highlight the rights of the wife. And you have kept my daughter in this poor condition. She has to use mill to grind flour . [Bukhari] And my daughter has to carry water in water bag. [Abi Dawud-Weak narration] And Ali you lack any concern (for my daughter). This is no where to be found that Prophet (saw) said such and such. Rather when Fatima requested for servant (to assist her in chores), Prophet (saw) didn’t provide a servant but gave repetitions in remembrance of Allah. (Famous as Tasbih Fatima) There were many servants available but Prophet (saw) didn’t provide one servant (to his own daughter). [Bukhari] Ali (rad) was so occupied with the demands of religion that he wouldn’t get that much time to spend on earning. And he wasn’t lazy or weak. Door in battle of Khaybar which required 40 men to raise, Ali (rad) alone raised it and threw it [Seerah Ibn Ishaq and Bayhaqi; weak narration but Scholars are lenient in narrating them. And who will deny Ali (rad)’s strength?] . He used to hold this much physical strength. And you are saying he wouldn’t be able to apply this strength in trade (earning)? Even with our Prophet (saw) no one can say that he (saw) didn’t know how to do business. Prophet (saw) expanded Khadijah’s business and provided her greater profits indicating he (saw) knew how to trade. Prophet (saw) herded goats, knew how to trade ie businessman even though these were occupations before Prophethood. So question comes why did these difficulties (of hunger etc) come? It wasn’t because of not knowing how to do business. Rather it was due to fulfilling the demands of this religion (practicing and propagating it due to which) in their fate difficulties came about and they couldn’t devote that much time to trade. They tolerated the difficulty but they didn’t forego demands of Allah’s religion. So Prophet (saw) didn’t ask Ali why are these difficulties coming to my daughter? And (in this predicament) rights of wife are being fulfilled. This is despite being in state of difficulty. On day of judgement, Ali will not be held accountable. Why did you leave your wife in such deprived situation? This is because even the wife ie Fatima her focus was also the same. That Islam be alive (practiced and propagated) in this world and this is why Allah has sent us here. Due to this, my husband doesn’t have that much time to spend on earning due to which in our fate had to experience difficulty, so we will have our share (rewards in the hereafter for) this difficulty. The station at which my husband will be in heaven I will also be at that station. This was mentality of women of that time. Our sustainer is Allah. Allah is one who enlightens lives. When Allah decides to bless someone’s life, even with little money they are blessed. When Allah decides to destroy someone’s life, despite having lot of money Allah can destroy their lives. Allah is doer of everything. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2022/02/19/sacrifices-and-focus-of-fatima-rad/
  4. This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets. Allah used a woman (Hajirah) as means to lay down foundation for this Ummah (community of Muslims). She is young woman. Allah could have asked Sarah to go to Makkah (who is much older). Allah could have given Sarah a son instead of Hajirah (earlier). First wife Sarah herself is saying when she was to have child: “Shall I give birth while I am an old woman” (11:72) Allah could have given our (great) mother Sarah son and (asked Ibrahim to) leave her in inhabited place (Makkah). At that old age, one is with their husband but their desires are diminished. Rather what did Allah do? Hajirah a young woman who must have been 20-25 years old, she has a son. Allah asked Ibrahim (as) to take her and the son. When they reached Makkah where there is no water, grain or human. Only a shallow valley which was surrounded by mountains from all sides. He was asked to leave them there and go. There is no food or water. The basic needs of life are not there. He set out homeward with his camel. He (as) walked until he reached Kada, three miles far. Hajirah asked “What is my fault? Why are you leaving me? Where are you going?” Ibrahim (as) was silent and did not look back. She asked “to whom are you leaving us to?”. Then it dawned on her that he is Prophet. She asked “Has Allah ordered you to do this?” Ibrahim (as) nodded. She said, “Then He will not neglect us”. (Incident is in Bukhari) Think of Hajirah and first night she has to experience surrounded by these dark mountains. I climbed one of mountains in Makkah, today you don’t experience that (most of it is levelled). I gave a speech to community that lives on top of one of the mountains in Makkah. First time I saw sunset in Makkah. I was at such height that buildings looked small from there. That view or setting of seeing the valley in Makkah came forth to me (where Hajirah had to stay). In darkness of night surrounded by these tall dark mountains, you can imagine what was Hajirah’s state. There is a child in her lap. You have roof of blue sky, there are mountains and in all directions there is no sound. She is alone. What does Allah desire? In her womb, will come forth Final Prophet and community of believers that will be means of guidance in four corners of the world. In the morning when she opened her eyes, she had to experience heat of Makkah. Once by mistake I placed my hand on rock I felt my hand was burnt. And at that time there wasn’t that much of heat. Reflect on this she didn’t even have shade where she could take shelter from the sun. There are nothing but small acacia trees. She cannot protect her child from heat, the water in water-skin and food was finished. Now the child is crying unaware of what is happening. In this whole incident, our mother Hajira has made the biggest sacrifice. Ibrahim (as) had two other wives to whom he had returned. For Ibrahim (as), he had to sacrifice being away from his young wife and son. But the other wives are with him. During that time, Allah had also given Sarah (first wife) a son Isaac. For Hajirah, she had to sacrifice her prime young age, lush green land of Palestine and husband like Ibrahim (as). A separation of loving husband, is that easy? And you have husband like Ibrahim (as). Allah created Prophets beautiful both externally and in their character. There is no comparison to a Prophet’s health and strength. And Prophets are epitome of character. To leave a husband like this? Is that easy for a woman? “If Allah has asked me then I submit” (paraphrasing what Hajirah said). There is no food, water and child is crying. She doesn’t know whether someone is going to come or not. She couldn’t bear seeing her child cry. At a hospital in Qatar, I saw a mother with her child crying in pain. I am stranger yet felt compassion towards the child. I could only imagine what the state of the mother is. Hajirah went back and forth between two mountains Safa and Marwa. Today they have levelled those mountains and created a gallery, despite that we get tired walking (Saee in Hajj/Umrah). Hajirah thought to herself each time she ran back and forth perhaps she will find someone. Allah was so pleased with her ‘running’ that Allah made it obligatory for every Prophet after that to run like your mother (ie Hajirah). (As tribute) Allah also asked our Prophet (saw) to revive practice of your (great) mother (Hajirah) and run like her at the location where she ran. [Saee ie running between Safa and Marwa is integral rite in both Hajj and Umrah. We may not know the appearance or possessions of Hajirah which is what people hanker after. But Muslims will pay tribute to Hajirah till Day of Judgement. It’s honor that will never diminish. “This is the bounty of Allah” (62:4) ] https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2022/02/07/womans-running-became-an-obligation-in-Islam-hajirah/
  5. This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. Recently a mother called me saying first child was born with disability, second child born with disability and now I am pregnant again. I am suffering from extreme anxiety and fear that my third child would also be born with disability. I continue to take lot of medicine, pray lot of litanies. One day I said this litany and had a dream. As soon as she said she had a dream I told her to stop speaking and hear me. Come out of the world of dreams and stay in reality. She asked me to give her some prayer or litany. I told her I am not going to giver her any prayer or litany. I told her your cure is only in one thing why have you made it a ‘condition’ that disabled child is something you don’t want at any cost. This ‘thought’ itself is incorrect. You are fighting God. The world will run not according to your will but God’s will. Be pleased with whatever God has ordained. Pray to Allah with humility that you are given pious children, give me healthy children & pls save me from trials. Make fervent prayer with humility. But put in your heart that your job is to ask, then whatever happens is God’s will and whatever ends up happening is for my own benefit. My God will not do injustice with me. Mentally be prepared that third child may be born with disability. There are so many people in this world who are in much greater difficulty than yours. Your husband is honest, nice he takes care of you. Your in-laws support you. There are husbands that are abusive that make life of woman hell. If you ask those women, they will say ‘Allah save me from this abusive man rather have child with disability’. ‘Save me from this mother in law’ & there are women who are on streets who have no food or shelter. They would say ‘rather have children with disability if I get respectable roof over my head’. And when person adopts patience Allah comforts that person. “And the heart of Moses’ mother became empty [of all else]. She was about to disclose [the matter concerning] him had We not bound fast her heart that she would be of the believers. ” (28:10) Its Allah’s order to Moses’ mother to place child on basket how can a mother do this, that too on a river! And it went to Pharaoh’s house. What does Quran say? The heart of Moses’ mother became empty of patience. Given that this all happened on Allah’s command, Allah says that we ‘anchored’ heart of Moses’ mother similar to tying something with ropes so she doesn’t become restless. Allah says Moses’ mother had lost patience, due to emotions would have disclosed to Pharaoh that the child is hers and ask to return the child to her. But Allah says we ‘anchored’ her heart. Why? Because she followed Allah’s commandment some of it she did herself & what she couldn’t do (despite trying her best) Allah assisted her. So in difficulties do your best in being patient & when you no longer can, Allah will provide you that courage. We should all plead to Allah that we be saved from difficulties, we are not people of patience, we are not worthy, we ask for happiness, ease.. but Allah forbid some difficulty does come don’t try to wrestle against it. There is good in it and benefit is to come. So I told that woman in this difficulty if you are patient what will Allah give? You will earn pleasure of Allah and great rewards. Tomorrow you are going to get old and die. If all your children are born healthy, will they go to your grave with you? In grave the child will not go with you. Rather the ‘patience’ you held onto due to having disabled children that will go in your grave. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/11/07/depression-mother-of-disable-children/
  6. This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets. Knowledge that you are getting in universities this is secular education. This is also important. Islam doesn’t negate this. But if this knowledge is making you heedless of Allah then this ‘knowledge’ will be means of you going to hell. In Islam, its valuable to obtain knowledge whether its of this world or hereafter. I hope I can explain the value of (secular) education through incident of Prophet Yusuf. When King of Egypt called Yusuf (as), upon giving the correct interpretation of the dream. Yusuf (as) realized that King is pleased with him and wants to grant him position. (“And when King spoke to him, he said, “Indeed, you are today established [in position] and trusted.” (12:54)) Yusuf (as) could have said build a Masjid. Think about it? King was Non-Muslim. He could have said I am Prophet of Allah, prayers will be held at the Masjid and remembrance of Allah will be established. Make for me madrasah (seminary of Islamic education). He could have said that. Rather he asked to be made Minister of Finance. Knowledge of finance, economics, management this is secular knowledge. This is not divine knowledge. But Yusuf (as) is asking to be made Minister of Finance. Why? “I am truly reliable and adept.” (12:55) Minister of Finance has two requirements which are hard to find : (1) The individual should possess this knowledge. How much should be stored and how much should be given out. So that there is no shortage of resources in the country and economy is strong. Isn’t Budget of the country announced on this basis? Any small shop owner will not be able to do this. Not anyone can just advise the government that you should store this much, import this and export this. For this economics is studied and you have to be strong economist. Allah made Yusuf (as) proficient in knowledge of economics so he could rule and become Minister of Finance. (2) Second requirement is he be someone who protects the treasury (reliable and not corrupt). It shouldn’t be that to protect treasury you need to employ more people to prevent treasurer (from stealing). My friend has store that contains goat feed (corn, oats, barley). He employed an individual to look after it so no one steals anything. Employee used to snack now and then finishing half bag every week. In order to prevent him from snacking he had to then hire another individual to watch over him given first employee was not reliable. Yusuf (as) knew he wouldn’t have benefited humanity and he wouldn’t have served Allah’s religion building Masjid or madrasah as much as compared to becoming Minister of Finance. Because he knew there would be famine in Egypt, storage of resources will get finished so most vital profession at that time will be Minister of Finance. That in time of famine its critical that resources be managed. Yusuf (as) ended up asking for position from Non Muslim king. In consequence, Bani israel (Muslims of that time) were able to migrate to Egypt and blessings of Yusuf (as) (being in position of authority) were experienced for long period or centuries. What do we learn from this? Mosque and Madrasah are at its place (they are important). I myself am product of madrasah. But with this (secular knowledge) if you intend to do something worthwhile or great change for benefit of humanity in order to gain Allah’s pleasure. Then in the fields of science and technology you don’t have to just get ahead but excel in them. And with these (noble) intentions if you are progressing this wouldn’t be called pursuing materialism but this would be following way of Prophets. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2022/01/08/importance-of-secular-education/
  7. This is an excerpt from one of Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. With regards to wealth, there are 3 levels towards good. Insaaf (justice): What should be done with wealth? If acquired wealth, live among each other with justice. Whoever has right over you, fulfill that right. Recognize who has right over you. Insaaf (Justice) this is obligatory. Without justice the right will not be fulfilled. What you like for yourself, you like for others as well. What you don’t like for yourself, you don’t like for others as well. This is what is commanded to us (by Allah). This is in order that rights be fulfilled. 2. Ihsaan (excellence): What is greater than fulfilling right? Its Ihsaan (excellence). This is also commanded. Right is something you have to fulfill. There is no questioning it, its his right! There is no way out of it or else you would be an oppressor. What is then next stage? Not only did you fulfill the right but you fulfilled the right in a beautiful/excellent way. Ilyas (rah) since there were no cars during his time used horse and carriages. He used to use them for travelling. So one person (driver) would pick and take him places, charge him 12 anna. During time of British (ruled India), 16 anna would equal one rupee. The driver had agreed for 12 anna as payment for his services. Scholar (Ilyas) used to give him complete rupee. Why? -12 anna is the driver’s right. -4 anna was gift to driver. This is ihsaan or fulfilling right in beautiful way. “Allah enjoins to do justice and to adopt good behavior” (16:90) This is lesson from Quran for Muslims. 3. Isaar (altruism): In life of Prophet (saw) the 3rd level was higher. Isaar (altruism) was in Prophet (saw) life, this was present among the Ansar, present among the Companions of Prophet (saw). After justice, fulfilled it in a beautiful manner and on top of which comes ‘Isaar’. The person overlooked his own right in pursuit of fulfilling other person’s right. He himself remained hungry and fed others. (Corroborated by incident of Ansari feeding guest “..and give preference (to immigrants) over themselves” (59:9)) He remained thirsty himself but wanted thirst of others to be quenched first. (Corroborated by Battle of Yarmook incident where Companions preferred others over themselves when they were thirsty, in process died) Because wealth has been provided (by Allah). This is teaching (to fulfill the rights of wealth). (1) Do justice, (2) in beautiful manner (3) if Allah gives you the ability then do ‘Isaar’/be selfless. The 3rd stage requires lot of courage that one remain hungry and feed someone else, remain thirsty and offer drink to others, give preference to other people’s needs over your own. This (3rd) stage requires lot of effort & one to have very strong faith. Even to this day there are people who do this. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/12/21/3-levels-muslims-should-tip-well/
  8. Don’t stress yourself Part 2

    This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. (2) Prophet (saw) “Look at those who are beneath you and do not look at those who are above you” (Ibn Majah) I don’t have fancy car but I know an individual who cannot even afford a car. There are so many people on the streets. These are human beings who are homeless without families. I got a call from boy who is single. What should I say? He was jaded. No family is willing to offer their daughter (in marriage)! Is this life any good? I thought to myself you know those people on the streets. Who will give their daughter to them? I told him your father has kept you in a house, food and facilities. You have all of this. I pray you find someone. If by chance not able to find someone look at those people who don’t even have food and water. Thus, one should see someone who has less than them in matters of this world. With this you will not be victim of inferior complex. (3) One way to reduce anxiety is despite one’s best efforts to avoid and difficulty still comes by, one should reflect on their fate. Whatever is written in my fate it couldn’t have been avoided. (4) And world is temporary lodge. If there is stress its ephemeral. Happiness here also ephemeral. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/04/29/dont-stress-yourself-part-2/
  9. Wearing $ 30k Jewelry

    This is an excerpt from one of Sana Khan’s speeches former Bollywood actress. Its translated more or less meaning. Don’t they say when human is surrounded by everything impermissible then the permissible becomes challenging. This is going to be really tough. Obviously, I have travelled half the world. I have travelled so many times, same countries be it US, Europe, Arab, Asian countries. So I have been everywhere. I have seen everything. I have worn best of clothes. Name any designer I have worn their dress. Clothes would literally be $ 12-15k. I used to wear jewelry worth $30k. Anything of this world a human just thinks everything I have done in my profession. You know staying in five star hotels, staying in suits eating whatever you wish & you don’t spend anything of your own, all expenses paid. Designers would approach me pls wear my clothes. I have received every thing (one desires) in my life. But still you know it happens that I have everything and I am happy but that happiness diminishes. It was fleeting & wouldn’t stay. For example today if I had come to promote my movie that I wanted to do in the past at colleges and everywhere. Allah forgive me! When I think of it, I regret. What was I doing with my life? So when I would go and speak. I would get happy that wow so many people are here, they are listening to me & they are all my fans. But as soon as I would leave in the car you know what they say soda get flat. Once the fizzle is gone after that no one wants to even drink that soda. That was my condition. It does feel really good but why is this happiness not staying in my life? In 2019 it was worst, I was very active in social media doing every shoot possible which I truly regret. I don’t know how many times I have performed prayer of repentance. O Allah pls erase it! Pls erase it! Its my resolution not to do this ever again. At that point in time in 2019, what I looked like externally was not who I was and what I was internally I wasn’t able to show. That year I was so internally conflicted that whatever I am doing, I am gaining followers, all these likes, gaining popularity. I get called to events and getting lot of money. Off course, you know for one ribbon cutting I would get $10k I would just attend for 10-15 mins I would earn this money. And I was thinking I am receiving all of this yet I am not happy. I was definitely not happy. When I used to listen to lectures of other people, is it even possible that someone is getting all this money, fame & respect that they are an idiot to think they were not happy. Why are you not happy? What else do you want? Give it to me. Don’t we say this. We try to be cheeky. Why were you not happy? You have everything. What is there to be sad about? But this ’emptiness’ will only be experienced by someone who is connected to Allah. Now that I have come on this path I know why things were not making me happy? Allah had destined something else for me. That had to happen in 2020. If it had happened in 2018 perhaps I wouldn’t have been stable. In 2020, I felt really stable Allah made me firm that God willing nothing will change me. I keep praying for steadfastness. Give me guided life and death on guidance. Because until death there is no guarantee as one can be misled. That fear always exist to safe guard one’s faith. That’s why whenever I pray ‘ O Turner of hearts, keep my heart steadfast on your religion’ (Tirmidhi). This fear exists in my heart. Today I have faith tomorrow what if I lose it? I can’t even keep a lipstick or earing properly how will I safeguard my faith. I don’t have the ability to protect this but I want this. I am willing to barter anything of this world but this thing (faith) for my security pls keep this secure. I think we should all strive to pray for this. Because things are given based on asking and bestower is Allah. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/11/02/wearing-30k-jewelry/
  10. Don’t stress yourself Part 4

    This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Masood’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. We stress over too many things at once, look this is happening wrong in society, why is that group coming, that group is increasing & other group is decreasing. (For example) I have principle that whenever I speak on something. Whenever there is controversial topic I get many messages. You said this why did you say this but I have addressed that issue there itself. So I don’t respond I ask them to listen to speech completely. So they reply they have listened to complete speech. So I respond listen to speech again. Its like you need to constantly reply the same answer to same question repeatedly. Public might have time to waste but your abilities/talents are being wasted. I am not going to waste time answering the same question. Why should anyone create this type of stress for themselves? You know what is stress. I have exhausted myself in explaining something and yet still people are not able to understand me. Oh what am I to do? This is futile stress. I would say “Allah I have tried my best in explaining this, to make people understand is upon you”. People didn’t accept Prophet (saw) message. Yet how many times has Allah consoled Prophet? Allah is saying to Prophet that you are inviting people and they are not accepting your invitation, don’t stress. Why? If Prophet were to constantly stress, then who will do the work (calling people to Allah). There are several verses in Quran which are only there for consolation. “Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muḥammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.” (18:6) Because Prophet (saw) would be astonished that I have shown miracles, these are idols that cannot listen or see or say anything tried to explain in every way and they have witnessed in my 40 years that I never lied, known to be someone who is trust worthy and they were waiting for Prophet to arrive. All of this happened yet they are not willing to accept me. In that scenario anyone will start worrying? So what is Quran saying? That to keep on taking lot of stress? No! No! Don’t take on stress. “You are not over them a controller.” (88:22) You cannot force them. You are not going to be questioned (for their actions). “Convey everything revealed to you from your Lord.” (5:67) Your job is just to convey. Imagine his own uncle didn’t accept. Okay others were enemies but Abu Talib was someone who raised you. Person will be patient that your enemies are not accepting you but this is your own uncle. He protected you, in 3 years of boycott/ banishment of Prophet (saw) & Banu Hashim without food so they abandon Islam. Abu Talib accompanied Prophet (saw) in that difficult time even though didn’t accept Islam but he joined his nephew, Prophet (saw). Such a nice uncle! Can you imagine Prophet (saw) heart? At time of death, Prophet (saw) asked him to testify so he may intercede for him. Can you imagine Prophet (saw) heart? Abu Talib considered it. Leaders of Quraysh looked at Abu Talib and didn’t want him to accept Islam. Imagine worry of Prophet (saw) that today my uncle who protected & loved me will enter hell. Abu Talib said “if I didn’t fear people would say that all my life I didn’t accept Islam but out of fear of death I ended up accepting Islam and abandoned my forefather’s religion. Today I would have cooled your eyes O Muhammad (saw).” Abu Talib made it as something to do with his honor. That if I die leaders of Quraysh will say “he was not committed to his word.” This is despite Abu Talib acknowledging earlier that religion that my nephew has brought is superior to all other religions. That if I didn’t fear what people would say I would cool eyes of Prophet (saw) (by accepting Islam). Can you imagine Prophet (saw) heart? The one who has certainty in (existence of) hellfire & my uncle will be entering it. How much did Prophet (saw) suffered at the moment when Abu Talib passed away without accepting faith? Prophet (saw) was intensely sad. What did Allah do? Provide consolation that don’t worry. Why am I narrating this incident to you? That in such conditions of immense grief and sorrow Allah asked not to ruminate in worry. So what about our small conditions that individual has flourishing business but mine didn’t pan out as expected, that individual has better career than me, that individual has better car than me what’s the benefit of stressing over these? Our stresses are what these days? I was supposed to get married to this individual and it broke off now I am getting married somewhere else. Real grief is what occurred to Prophet (saw). Can you imagine how Prophet (saw) must have managed himself? He is man of honor, compassion & love. But Allah commanded him not to stress (over what happened with his uncle). Why? It boils down to principle that I had stated earlier “what is not in your control don’t stress over it!” “Indeed, [O Muḥammad], you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.” (28:56) If Prophet (saw) would have stopped and just be constantly worrying who then would have propagated Islam and furthered its cause? There are lot of wrong/unjust things happen in this world, bring all sorts of evidence/arguments people still don’t accept, family problems. If one is to constantly ruminate over them then one is going to fall into depression. That’s why remember two things (1) Have adequate sleep (2) Don’t stress, I am not saying one can eliminate stress completely 100% that’s impossible but there is lot of stress that we create for ourselves. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/10/01/dont-stress-yourself-part-4/
  11. No one is Useless

    This is an excerpt from one of Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. Abdullah bin Masood is famous companion. He is big jurist with great knowledge. He was placed in Kufa to teach and call people to Allah. Once he was passing by there was a singer who was singing (party where alcohol was served). When his ears heard him singing he put cloth over his head, due to it being impermissible & evil thing. “and when they pass near ill speech, they pass by with dignity” (25:72) He passed through. He said “its such beautiful voice if only it was used to read & teach Quran.” This is to indicate how to bring people’s abilities to the benefit of this faith. “Such a beautiful voice!” He didn’t say “this individual is useless, trapped in futility.” Why? Because this would have been an indication of pride/arrogance. To consider someone insignificant is not part of calling people towards Allah. Our call is that abilities and talents that people possess they are applied in service to Allah. That is why everyone should reflect that whatever abilities/talents I possess they are a trust from Allah. Allah has given me these abilities to think, to understand, to act, to spend, to be of service and to worship. All of these abilities/talents where should these be applied? This is what Abdullah bin Masood hinted towards. His name was Jazan “such a beautiful voice”. He would have been able to teach Quran to others in beautiful manner. Prophet (saw) said, “The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” (Bukhari) Someone relayed to Jazan that companion of Prophet passed by & mentioned “such beautiful voice if only it was used to read and teach Quran.” Jazan left singing. He became student of Abdullah bin Masood and took benefit from his knowledge. (Jazan said) “I want to learn what you have invited me towards.” What I am trying to convey is this community’s abilities and talents are vast. Everyone possesses abilities and talents, as in no one is useless. Allah has not created something useless. Allah has not created anyone in vain. Allah has placed something special in every individual. Each fruit has it own taste and flavor. Everyone has something to offer. No one is bereft of virtues. Prophet (saw) said “People are like mines of silver and gold.” (Muslim) https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/09/18/no-one-is-useless-ibrahim-dewla/
  12. Respect your children

    This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. I ask parents to not to place their children in trial, don’t place such hardship on them that they become rebellious, don’t restrict them on their permissible wants, don’t humiliate, taunt them, disagree with them, hit them, constantly criticize them. These are what make children rebellious. Prophet (saw) said “Give due respect and regard to your children.” (Abu Daud) Lot of parents consider their children as property & and treat them harshly. In consequence there is rebellion on their part. How did my Prophet (saw) give respect? When Fatima would visit and she would come at the door. Our Prophet (saw) would stand out of respect. We usually stand up for our elders. And we should its good etiquette. But what is my Prophet (saw) doing? He (saw) is standing up for his daughter. Are there any parents out there who stand up for their children? Do we give this level of protocol? And he (saw) wouldn’t just stand there he would rush towards Fatima. He would then hold her hand and kiss it. After which he (saw) wouldn’t let go, he would keep holding her hand and have her seated. Only after he (saw) would take a seat. This is ‘respect’ that Prophet (saw) would have for his children. And Fatima would do the same for Prophet (saw). When Prophet (saw) would visit Fatima she is sitting, laying down, she would rush to Prophet (saw) hold his hand, kiss it, never let go of his hand, have her father seated and then sit down. This is due to Prophet (saw) teaching her on how to give respect. If you give this level of respect to your children, then it will come back to you. `A’isha, the Umm al-Mu’minin, said, “I did not see anyone who more resembled the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, in manner of speaking than Fatima. When she came to him, he stood up for her, made her welcome, kissed her and had her sit in his place. When the Prophet came to her, she stood up for him, took his hand, made him welcome, kissed him, and made him sit in her place. She came to him during his final illness and he greeted her and kissed her.” (Al Adab Al-Mufrad) This is something that you probably have never heard of. You must have heard Prophet (saw) miracle that moon was split. We usually speak about Prophet (saw) with regards to miracles. Respect and honor exist for Prophet (saw) but the way/guidance in which to live and what’s relevant to one’s life will come based on these sorts of incidents. This is so that your homes flourish. Remember this! Your homes are not going to flourish being tied to physical appearances, educational pedigree, money, gold or silver. I swear on Allah its only character. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/08/28/respect-your-children/
  13. Marrying Outside & Prophet

    This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. Prophet (saw) married within his clan & outside. How many of our daughters remain unmarried? Only few days ago I got a call from girl ‘my father says you have to marry within the clan & not outside’. She says ‘I am getting old, the ones within my clan are not practicing’. Due to this, parents end up destroying daughters’ lives. My Prophet (saw) married within Quraysh: Aisha Khadijah Sawda Hafsa Umm Habiba Within Quraysh, he (saw) married within rival family Banu Ummaya: Umm Habiba (Abu Sufyan’s daughter). He (saw) married outside his clan (Quraysh): Juwayriyya from Banu Mustaliq tribe Maymuna from Hilal tribe He (saw) married outside Arabs: Safiyya from Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza. He (saw) married within his clan, outside his clan and outside his race. He (saw) own daughters Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum got them married to rival family Banu Ummaya. There was rivalry between Banu Ummaya and Banu Hashim. First daughter Zainab was married to Abu al As from Banu Ummaya. Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum to Uthman from Banu Ummaya. Only one daughter did he (saw) marry within family that was Fatima to Ali. Within family 1 daughter and outside 3 daughters within clan but rivals. Why did Prophet (saw) do all of this? He (saw) wanted to leave an example for us. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/08/18/marrying-outside-prophet/
  14. I'm a revert from Nigeria

    Allah make things easy for you.
  15. Allah’s giving & wisdom

    To despair from Allah is disbelief. A disbeliever doesn’t have any hope from Allah. Rather his hopes are tied to his possessions, position, business, and wealth. Our hopes should be tied to Allah. Whoever despairs from Allah has nothing else they can rely on. Hence, no one should despair. Allah utilizes both wisdom and power in his doing. Through his power Allah has created heavens and earth. In fostering human being, Allah utilizes both wisdom and power. Wisdom is a secret that is beyond grasp of human being. This is why we become frightened ‘why did this happen?’ Due to which Allah sends messengers so they can explain both Allah’s wisdom & Allah’s power. Allah does through his power yet wisdom precedes it. Once Musa (as) was going somewhere there was poor man stuck in mud. He requested Musa “Allah’s Prophet see I have no clothes, no food, trying to hide myself in mud so body is not revealed, have mercy on me, pray for my condition!” This is common among people even today. Musa (as) then prayed for him and went his way. There came a time Musa (as) came back & saw crowd of people. He asked, “what happened?” Reply came that a man got drunk then ended up killing someone. In consequence he is now being sentenced to death. Musa (as) saw this was the same man that was stuck in mud. Allah wanted to show Musa (as) there was wisdom why that man was in that condition. When opulence came, money came, he went out of control. His being poor was due to wisdom; not because Allah doesn’t have power to make him wealthy rather Allah can make this man wealthy. This was written by Sheikh Saadi in Mauritan. After narrating story of Musa (as) he quoted “And if Allah had extended [excessively] provision for His servants, they would have committed tyranny throughout the earth.” (42:27 Quran) This is why people have conditions, someone is poor, someone is sick etc. There are different wisdom behind it sometimes to nurture/raise stature of human being, sometimes for his wellness. People are unaware & complain. Rather we should have faith in Allah’s wisdom. https://sheikhonderun.wordpress.com/2021/08/16/allahs-giving-wisdom-ibrahim-dewla/