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  1. Salaam. Thanks for the post. The Times made it seem as though the Islamic nation was using Mickey Mouse to spread terrorism. At least that's what the NY Times depicted. I'm glad that was not the case.
  2. Must See Video Of The Universe

    It means god.
  3. I Cried And Cried. . . . (very Touching Poem)

    Salaam. Thanks for sharing. It was a nice read.
  4. Russian Terrorists Brutally Murder Muslims

    I downloaded the video, but closed it just before the knife went into the poor guy. Sickening, truly sickening.
  5. Brussels Bans "islamized Eu" Protest

    Salaam. Let sanity take it's due course. It would be unreasonable on my part to endorse such an action. Weird enough, as it is, who gives them the right to stop anyone from converting to Islam or any other religion at that? A change in belief is a spiritual one and it would be wrong to have anyone question such choices as it is a contemplative choice. No one wakes up and says "I want to be a Muslim" or whatever other religion. It takes profound thought and reasoning. But let them be, Islam can hold it's own with facts. The more they resist; the more that they undermine Islam; the more they fight, the more probable that an intellect will want to find the truth for himself. They'll eventually find out that there is no premise to hate Islam other than the fact that your brother hates it.
  6. Must See Video Of The Universe

    Salaam. It truly is amazing. Even though Allah has created it as a "testing ground," it surely is in no means grim in scope or beauty. None of his creations encompasses him; it makes us all wander. I wonder on the day of judgment "how small will I be in relation to my creator"? Perhaps a spec of dust or perhaps an atom or smaller than that. Either way, it's going to be a frightful experience.
  7. Lets Face It...gawaher Is Dead

    Salaam. I'm sorry, but I have to agree. I had another account for this site [09-09-05] but after years of inactivity, I believe it was deactivated. Back then, there was definitely more activity. Seriously, what happened? Now there's about 10-12 members active at a time and usually over 100 guests. This is not to say that this site is dead; willing and knowledgeable members help dutifully. I just wish more people could be here.
  8. Salaam. It seems to me as if your parents care dearly for you. What they're saying to you might be their way of saying "don't grow up too fast." What you sincerely told us, you should sincerely tell your parents. And by all means never give up your faith. This life is but a mere passage. All that truly matters is your religion. When you die, who will be there for you? It won't be your mother or father or your family. It will be Allah. He is your creator. By all means don't give it up, rather build upon it. Insha`Allah you'll find the strength to keep on doing your best.
  9. Translation Please

    Salaam. It is narrated by Abu Hurayra that the Messenger of Allah said, Whoever says La Ilaha-Illa llah Wahdahu La sharika lahu, Lahul mulk wa Lahul Hamd, wa Huwa 'Alaa kulli shy-inn Qadeer. 100 times daily will get the reward for freeing 10 captives; he will get 100 blessings, 100 mistakes will be wiped out, it will be a protection for him/her from Shaitan all that day till the night. No one will get a better reward except who did more than that. I found this information on the web [inter-Islam]. Unfortunately, the site failed to give me a translation to the bolded text above. Would an Arabic speaker be so kind as to translate it into English for me? Thank you.
  10. Translation Please

    Salaam. Thank you very much for the replies. Hopefully this may also be of some benefit to others. Thanks again.
  11. The Issue of Music in Islam

    Salaam. Music has a way of rubbing off emotions upon it's listeners. It reverberates itself in the hearts of men on a whim. In this respect it's an addiction. The beats and accompanied singing [if any] has a way of subliminally etching it's way into the hearts of men. Have you ever heard someone say that "I can't get that song out of my head"? Do they refuse to purge it from their minds or is it compulsive? It will dominate them, making them go out of their way to peak a listen to that song. Mentally music can be really harmful, and you must try your best to omit it from your hearts. It is hard to remove this bitter sweet habit, but you must try your best. Allah knows best. Have you noticed that the gradient has shifted itself from the time of the prophet to the present day? Back in the time of the prophet, they faced greater physical hardship compared to mental conflict. Present day, the gradient has shifted in favor for less physical demand and more toward the mental end of the spectrum. For the people of the past, they had to walk miles to accomplish something. For the people of the present, all they have to do is make a choice and reinforce it.
  12. Head Of Usa's Young Republicans Caught Doing.....

    That's disturbing... Anyone under 18 should definitely not read this; the wording is too graphic as well as the subject matter.
  13. Is Nothing Sacred?

    Salaam. I find it to be a lovely piece of architecture. The only problem I have with it is that it's too close to the Kaaba. It should definitely be built, but not at that location.
  14. Help Me Prove This Evolution Theory Wrong

    Salaam. Who's to say that evolution does not exist? Isn't Allah all knowing, all wise, and is able to do whatsoever he pleases? Isn't it amazing how through the titter patter of time things started to shape itself into forms that accents it's surroundings. It is nothing more than a mercy from Allah. As for Adam and Eve, who knows. I just know that they were casted out of heaven for their disobedience along with Iblis. I do not know the transportation method, but we cannot rule out the possibilities. Their souls more than likely would have been transported to earth because the bodies that they had in paradise would be far superior than that of any earthly creation.
  15. Salaam. It may not necessarily be black magic. Certain hardships in life can make it seem as though you are being negatively influenced. But assuming that it is as you say it is, I've read that reciting An Naas and blowing on one self will protect you from jinns and black magic. Insha`Allah everything will be alright. Take care.
  16. Racists Everywhere...

    Salaam. Racism is a form of pride. You should avoid it as pride does lead a man to hell indefinitely. From what your saying Tash, it seems as though it's not racism. It's more like kids joking around. To be honest my friends [non-Muslims] do slur the terrorist jokes. I know that they won't stop, so I just go with it. It's best if it's made into a light joke, because there was a time when those things did hurt especially right after 9-11. As a result most Muslims were subjected to slurs such as that. But I did grow up and now I'm in my last year of high school. Things did lull significantly. Maybe people just need time to grow up. Sometimes though, given the right demonic influences a discourse will engage summoning the stereotype. I'll give you an example someone says something derogatory to me, I ignore it. Someone says don't say that, he may bomb your house. Another says: word, he may blow up your crib. Followed by random silence, giggles, and more acknowledgments. [A paraphrase of an actual dialog] To put this into perspective, refrain from it as best as you can and don't let it bother you.
  17. Kuffar, "stop Muslims From Having Babies!"

    It would have been a bit better if he had a bit more modesty in his wording. He makes it seem as though Muslims are bad people and it would be a bad thing if they were to populate the world. As humans shouldn't we be happy for our fellow humans who make sure that we are the dominant species by doing our "duties." His blunt disregard and pride is sickening. Pride is not good my friend... Salaam.
  18. Ayatul Kursi (verse Of Allah's Throne)

    Salam Very knowledgeable. I made sure to save this one in a word document for memorization :sl: . Thanks for the post.
  19. Who Is "we"?

    Salam. Sometimes we arrive at a point when reading the Koran when we don't understand something. We usually have to seek guidance from the author [assuming the Koran is a translated version with the authors notes]. I've done this and it's usually very helpful at unifying my thoughts to a single interpretation. To be honest, sometimes there is a discrepancy between the author's interpretation and mine. Sometimes the author does not even explain a verse. One of such verses that I've been having a great deal of difficulty fathoming is [Ya-Sin] 36:42 - "And We have created for them similar (vessels) on which they ride. " -First and foremost, who is "we"? --Is it angels? -Secondly, I believe that vessels is referring to animals that have been subjected to man for their purposes [i.e. ride them]. --Assuming that "we" are angels, how is it possible for them to create such vessels when Allah most gracious is the ONLY creator? Thanks in advance. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in my interpretation.
  20. Praying In The Car

    Saaam I heard something similar to this, but I can't find a quote. From what I remember it was alright to pray on your camel during a war if one is in danger. To be honest, I would feel that it would be alright to do such a thing as long as he is pure and has a dutiful intent to pray. Given that his work schedule cannot accommodate it, he should do whatever he can. Please take my advice only if a knowledgeable Muslim agrees with me, as I am not well versed on matters like this. [surely you're talking about a parked, non-moving car right? Remember safety first! :sl: ]
  21. The Beard In Islam

    Salam If anything, the beard is a symbolic feature of being Muslim. People often see it as untidy and unattractive. Worst of all the modern society resents the whole idea of a beard, and some Muslims don't even keep a beard. In particular, my family does not keep a beard. My father shaves his beard and my mother wants me and my father to shave our beards. Adding to this, my cousins on my fathers side of the family all shave their beards and other males of the family shave their beards. To add to all of this calamity, it is sinful to shave the beard in Islam. It's irrefutable as far as the terms Islam & BEARD got me on Google. I would like to know how many (capable) Muslims have a beard. Does society dictate whether you grow one or not? Does the males in your family have beards? Honestly I've just stumbled upon this topic and I'm rather bothered a bit. First and foremost, it's a sin, and I've been shaving for all of the years I've been capable of getting a beard. Secondly, society does look at it in an odd way. Recalling, I had my beard grown roughly 1 inch in my freshman year of high school; I was not greeted to friendly comments. In fact, it was a bit more like backbiting; only the courageous/ignorant had anything to say directly. Even a friend, a Catholic had an ill comment. Now that I think about it, this is perhaps the time when I started to shave a bit more frequently. To my guess, it was down to once every two and a half weeks, now it's down to once a week. I won't lie about the fact that my beard is perfect, it's not. Even at 18 years, two months, my beard is not fully developed and is patchy in some areas. I was wondering, given my "patchiness" can I still shave, because of the maturity of my beard? Thanks in advance for all posts. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"############inter-Islam######/Prohibitions/beard.html"]Link[/url]
  22. Reclaiming The Masjid

    Salam. Islam has always been a religion of intent. What so ever you intend and what so ever you intend to do, it will be judged accordingly. You have been bestowed the right to judge between what is right and what is wrong. If you do something, you should do it in the way of Allah. Justly, if your profession asks you to do something, that is protect and serve, you should do so. This encompasses the Muslims and the non-Muslims. But if your duty transgresses the limits, you should refrain from it. I do not live in Britain, but I've seen the reports on CNN and the like. I prefer not to judge this matter because my knowledge of it is not that well oriented. As I have stated, it is alright to join the police, just don't partake in any activities that will harm the Muslim people.
  23. Who Is "we"?

    Salam. I thank you very much for clarifying this for me.