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  1. The War...

    And that is because of the bombing of Kobar Towers in S.A. killing US servicemen , the first bombing attack on the WTC in 1993 in which civilians were killed and injured , the bombings of the two US Embassies in Africa killing and injuring more than 500 African and American civilians , the suicide bombing of the USS COLE in Yemen killing US servicemen , and the foiled Al Queda plot in the Phillipines involving atleast one of the '93 WTC bombers , where 10 US Airliners were to be hijacked and crashed into cities on the US west coast .- all long before 9/11 .
  2. Study: 50% Of Americans Are Almost Illiterate.

    First off , ###### , I have reported you , you are rude , insulting an you are attempting a baiting tactic . Now dont you dare tell me what I should hold my self responsible for ....who the hek are you ? some sort of authority ? You are absolutely NOTHING to me , perhaps you get away with your bullying mouth in your own household . You want proof ? go read a newspaper . Otherwise just sit there and hold your breath , for I have no obligation to you or anyone else for my conclusions or beliefs . I WILL BELIEVE WHAT I CHOOSE , your phony accusations and insults notwhithstanding . You getting that ###### ?
  3. Study: 50% Of Americans Are Almost Illiterate.

    What's the matter with you ????? Are you illiterate yourself ?? After I state MY OPINION , and EXPRESS it as such ......YOU are going to come on here and tell me it's not my opinion ????/ You've got a problem ###### , and it's not my problem . Hopefully the moderators on this board are paying attention to your screeds and insults . I doubt if you would behave like this in public , but here, you get away with it due to anonymity and the cover of a screen name . Go try your hysterical screaming and accusations in a public place , face to face with real people , and I would say , that rather big mouth of yours would be shut up rather quickly . Now , looking over your numerous posts , and looking at all the accusations YOU have made , which are essentially baseless, as far as concrete proofs , who are you to accuse me of a slander for stating what I have already qualified as MY OPINION AND BELIEF ?????? Yes you ARE attempting to be a thought policeman , I AM NOT paranoid , especially of one such as yourself. You are a loudmouth and nothing more , and you'd better quit with your threatening insults and accusations . You are providing a hatefull example of yourself and whoever you are attempting to represent . I totally disagree with about everything that comes out of your angry mouth , yet those opinions no matter how vile , are yours to express , and I wouldn't tell you how to think , where are your concrete proofs ? Do you mean links you gather from your own selected websites ? Well you believe them if you wish , I reject them all . I reach my conclusions in my own way which is no concern of yours . DONT TELL ME WHAT TO THINK .
  4. Breakpoint In Iraq

    Yes they show the world that the soccer team is good at soccer . Wanna argue the war ? , start another thread , this topic is titled Breakpoint in Iraq . You are off topic , you are violating the rules of this forum .
  5. Study: 50% Of Americans Are Almost Illiterate.

    Ditto . Learn to read--- IT IS MY OPINION AND I AM ENTITLED TO THINK WHAT I LIKE . If you dont like what I THINK , that's TOUGH . So quit your baseless accusations , for YOU are guilty of slander . What are you ? A thought policeman ? And stop shouting .......you need to chilll dude . .
  6. Egypt Grand Mufti: No Earthly Punishment For Apostasy

    I'm sure you do all of those things ....and all of the time . However , what do you do to an apostate that simply leaves the faith ? one who leaves the faith and just goes about his way , without doing all those things that you dont like ? Does that person still desrve punishment ?
  7. Egypt Grand Mufti: No Earthly Punishment For Apostasy

    John Lind wasn't "just in Afghanistan " he fought against US forces , he knew they were there and he knew why . Still being a US citizen , that makes him a traitor . Treason in the U S , and murder are the only two offenses in the U S that will draw a death penalty , your statement is incorrect ...go check it out and provide one instance in the U S , where anything but treason or murder warranted a death penalty . The only exception that I know of are the cases of 5 German spies caught in the U S during WW2 , and 1 American soldier for desertion in WW 2. There are many laws on the books that are outdated and arcane , and they are always tested against the Constitution . States rights do not supercede the Supreme Court , as it rules on whether laws are in violation of the constitution . We are talking about recent history , and not the wild west where men were hung for stealing a horse . However there are countries where drug trafficking will get you the death penalty , the U S is not one of them . If I was in Japan during WW2 , does that make me a traitor ? Of course not , and you know that , you play semantics . If I was in Japan fighting with the Japanese against my country THAT would make me a traitor . Now if "you are not saying apostates should get a penalty of death " ....then what is it you are trying to say , and WHY are you arguing with me , for I merely asked the question , based on the recent remarks by the Mufti of Egypt . So far , as I can estimate , from the mouths of muslims , there is not such law in your religion that calls for a death penalty , the Mufti stated such , and it seems many of you dont like that . Either it is or it isn't , and since we are not talking about trivial matters , for we are talking about taking a human life , I think someone should be able to give a definitive answer rather than the vagueries I've heard so far .
  8. Breakpoint In Iraq

    All that's fine , but at the end of the day , for a soccer fan , and a soccer team .....it's just a soccer game , and all that it proves is that the Iraqi Team , for at least the year 2007 , is the best team in their conference . That's what sports are about , although people tend to bring in any cause under the sun , and use a victory to validate that cause . For atheletes , especially soccer atheletes putting forth their best effort and gaining a win is what they are on the field for . If you want to mix all that other stuff in , that's fine ....for you . For me , it was pleasurable to see a team , that had to practice under such terrible conditions , get it together on the soccer field and win the championship . They proved themselves the best . I'm glad they won ....keep all that other stuff, if that's the way you wish to view sports ...it's your choice , not mine . And no , how can you possibly conclude that the win proved a shame on the US , and what do "zionist masters " .have to do with a soccer game ? I guess you don't play soccer either .
  9. Study: 50% Of Americans Are Almost Illiterate.

    I've read your posts, and I dont really care what you think , nor do I feel the need to produce anything . Based on all I've seen read and heard in the past 6 years , there's no doubt in my mind who committed 9/11 , it was 19 muslim extremists , under command of Bin laden , and aided and assisted by theTalibam regime . And that's what most Americans think . Now that's my opinion , that's what I believe , and there isn't a thing you or anyone else can say that will change that . You go think what you want , your opinion is your own , and is totally irrelevant to me .
  10. Egypt Grand Mufti: No Earthly Punishment For Apostasy

    Well the silence is deafening . Can I therefore take your remark as the state of the general consensus on the issue of penalty ? It would seem so .
  11. Breakpoint In Iraq

    I can see that you never played soccer . But you do want to play political "football " . And there's your opinion ----from " a no one " . Why dont YOU , elaborate on your first sentence , and give your hypothesis on how the word zionist got in to the subject . And please , withold your opinion and state facts . YOU SAID : quote- i believe , the new agenda force in iraq might have a bad zionistic relation which gives good for theyr own good but not the people , and the life in iraq will be good but hard , and this is a step of the zionist campaign =/ oh -endquote Perhaps yoiu may even be able to express yourself more intelligably .
  12. Egypt Grand Mufti: No Earthly Punishment For Apostasy

    So , what you are saying is , that Islamic laws calls for a death penalty for a muslim who changes faith ?
  13. Egypt Grand Mufti: No Earthly Punishment For Apostasy

    Well how can one say he is wrong without the same "backing " or proof ?
  14. Egypt Grand Mufti: No Earthly Punishment For Apostasy

    btw , John Linh , whether or not he was fighting anyone before 9/11 , was indeed well aware that the people he was running with , and the country he was residing in , had infact executed a casus-belli against the U.S. his own country , and in effect , that same country was in a state of war with the U.S. In addition , he had approximately a month or so to make up his mind . the best thing for him would have been to leave Afghanistan . But he didn't , in fact he wound up in that fortress where the people in it where without a doubt , fighting against US forces . That makes him a traitor by any definition of the word . In fact a classic example . But I think he only got 12-20yrs in prison , so there's a "traitor ' that did not get the death penalty . And he did have complete freedom to make his choice .