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  1. Being Good/Believing in God

    Hi Haqqul Yaqeen! Thanks a lot for your response, first of all... I'm glad to know now the Islamic perspective of being good and believing in god. Yet I must tell you when I saw my name as if I wrote a thread I got quite shocked, please do let me know when you want to change my post into a new topic, I'm not sure whether I'm explaining myself properly, but it's very delicate to use someone else's name, I thought someone had my password or something, please send me a message or let me know before, because I felt quite frightened... Anyway, again I tell you thanks for responding and for explaining. As an agnostic my perspective is no matter who you believe or if you don't believe at all, but respect is above every single thing, being honest, generous, brave, respectful and persistent is more important than being part of a religious group, though if Allah really existed (which I can't be certain about, though I can't assure he doesn't exist either), well, you would be very right, the only thing that I needed to do is believing in him. But yet again, as I can't know if he exists or not I'm (this is my point of view which is not absolute) not forced to follow any religious believes. Bye!!!!! Salam! :sl:
  2. Guys, Thanks a lot for your responses, now it is quite clear. But you're saying that Allah will judge each person separately, so after all what is more important is to be honest, generous, respectful and all that, more than believing in God, Shiva, Allah, etc or no one?
  3. View On Atheists/agnostics

    Hi, I just found this info in wikipedia: Okay, I'm an agnostic and I think this definition explains pretty well our perception. The thing is that for many believers it's difficult to understand why we don't reckon it's possible to be sure about gods' existence. And as for Atheists, they believe no god exists so that makes it a religion more that a philosophy. The lack of prove doesn't mean something isn't real that is why I'm not atheist. But I must tell you being agnostic is almost as being atheist because I don't pray, I don't go to church, I'm not supersticious or anything like that. Of course there are different types of agnostics and atheists, but the only important thing is to know that they aren't the same thing. Cristi. :sl:
  4. Hi everybody, I was wondering wether in Islamic religion there are"hell" and "heaven" like Christians believe? And what happens to people who don't believe in Allah? Cristi :sl:
  5. Does Evil Exist?

    Thanks a lot, I will do that. Cristi.
  6. Islam Is A Strange Religion...

    That's right. And we have to remember that if we talk about religions no one is strange or weird, I mean, being part of a religion means you've got faith in it and well, nobody can explain being faithful because it is only a choice you decided to make, period. That's why we all have to be respectful and accept that someone might look odd to us, but possibly, that person thinks that I'm also odd, this is a matter of perspectives not of reason. It's very important to accept us all, otherwise we won't be able to survive.
  7. Does Evil Exist?

    As you can notice, I'm not religious at all, but I have to say that this forum is an Islamic one and we ought to respect, I mean, I don't believe many things and I could certainly think that what other people say is quite nuts, but in here, I believe, we can't just stand flatly and stubbornly among our point of view. This is about being open minded and analyzing stuff to promote communication. On the other hand, I got this questions about this thread. I want to know if in the muslim religion there are"hell" and "heaven"? And what happens to people who don't believe in Allah?
  8. Is This Terrorism ?

    I felt really horrified by the photographs that are shown in those poems. :sl: In my country we don't have an army and I can consider myself a pacifist, it's really shocking for me to watch a picture in which a kid is all full of blood or burnt, it's just too scary, I really got no words to describe what I feel. I don't understand much about those poems, I'm really an ignorant about many of their contents, though I understood quite well the part of the Nazis... About it I can only tell you no war can be accepted from a pacifist point of view, there are other ways to deal with problems. The Nazi group is one of the worst things that ever happened on the world! And it's even more unbelievable the fact that now there are neonazis around us! War is the last last last resource that must be used because the ones who end dying and suffering are the innocents. I loved that part of the poem, it's so true and devastating. I'm really against Bush. He IS the real terrorist!!! Bye guys.
  9. Hola a todos! Yo soy de Costa Rica, hoy me registré en el foro. Espero pasar un buen rato aquí. Hasta luego y pura vida!