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  1. Help With Marriage

    I was really shocked when I saw the thing about the Moroccan female. I'm really glad that you found your way to Islam, but I'm extremely sorry that your husband had to taint it for you. It is extremely unfortunate. Have faith sister. I feel sympathy for you, I wish I could help you :[ You should talk to your local imam if things get worse. Confront your husband and tell him that what he is doing (flirting with the girl) is unislamic, and that if he continues doing it, then he is knowingly violating God's laws. Confront him about his treatment of you as well. You need to find out the true character of your husband, I guess. Good luck sister.
  2. Harry Potter 7th Book Online!

    omg, its HARRY POTTER, its not dangerous or evil, you guys are so paranoid. the qur'an never tells us that all our endeavors have to be strictly zikr related. every book you read doesn't have to be about Islamic studies. yes, certainly you always keep Allah in mind and don't do anything against his will and if your activity or entertainment causes you to skip salaat or do something wrong then don't do it but seriously... why do muslims have to fabricate limitations that even God did not impose upon us
  3. What Should I Do?

    i think it will hurt your friend's faith much worse if she finds out on her own and realizes that you didn't tell her.
  4. Am I Losing My Religion :(

    You're obviously a guy because your biggest problem with assimilating into american society is drinking... If you think THAT will cause problems with your friends, try being a muslim girl...
  5. Big Sister Has A Boyfriend

    Hey. I'm 16 and a girl and I know a lot of girls like that. Anyway, talk to your sister about it. Most likely, she will be very disagreeable. She is emotionally attached and stuck in a situation where the only way out is going to be extremely painful - she will either have to end contact with her beloved boyfriend or suffer the wrath of her beloved family. Either way, she's screwed. I vote that you tell your parents and get her in loads of trouble. I am not nearly trying to be malicious, I only think that you might as well rip the bandaid off as fast as you can, if you know what I mean. They will probably take her to pakistan. Are your parents really old-fashioned? If so, this could be counter productive. She needs someone to explain to her why what she is doing is bad for HER and her LIFE. If your parents are the type that don't speak good english and don't know anything about american culture, then you probably need to explain this to your sister. It's a lot of work for you, I know, sorry. Tell her that the American dating system doesn't often result in happy families and that its impossible to raise muslim children if her boyfriend is not muslim and that she will end up screwed. Tell her that it might be painful at first but that she will appreciate it later. Good luck, and I hope my advice helps in any way, even though I suck at giving advice.
  6. I Have Fallen In Love With A Muslim Woman But....

    Hey. Well I guess you screwed yourself over by having 'fun' with her in the first place. Now you are emotionally attached to her and will not be able to think clearly in terms of whether she is a good wife for you. However me telling you this now isn't really going to help you in your current situation, since you've already made the mistake. Just don't ever do it again, that's why its forbidden. I think you should try to think about it practically. Stop 'meeting up' with this girl. It will make any decision you make much more risky and it will also make your life unhappy. If you can think practically and see that she is a girl who is good for you and won't leave you in the future, then I guess it doesn't really matter if she can talk to your aunt.
  7. Marriage

    err I think Islamic teaches that 1) YOU have to want to marry the person and 2) discrimination by cast is wrong so your family is breaking a couple of big rules. stick up for yourself. DON'T marry the guy if you don't want to. Do everything you can to avoid this, actually. Even run away, if you can. lol. well maybe that wouldn't work, but resist anything they impose on you and tell them what they're doing is unislamic.
  8. Hijab..

    I'm 16 years old, a girl, and I grew up in the U.S. I suppose it is man's natural desire to assimilate, and for some reason I naively thought that I could assimilate into my environment without compromising my values. I grew up watching American television programming, listening to American music, in the company of American friends. I grew up bombarded with all this culture that taught me to 'live life to your fullest' and the rest of that load of crap. I suppose the pinnacle of this confusion came when I went to a math and science summer camp last summer. I became extremely good friends with everyone there, including the boys, and I realized that living a muslim lifestyle was incredibly impossible. The point is, I can't continue this contradictory lifestyle any longer. It is extremely annoying and confusing. Plus, I am pretty sure my mother wants me to wear a headscarf. I always figured it was the right thing to do, except now I'm kind of confused, because I can't find any definitive verses in the Qur'an that actually tell you to wear the head scarf. All the evidence I've found is extremely vague and doesn't really say anything about covering your head. Believe me, I'm not trying to avoid wearing the head scarf. I just don't want to make this huge commitment under the illusion that I HAD to do it. I'd rather know what God wanted. Anyway, that's not the only problem. I'm also, admittedly, depressed. I would not be able to continue my current social, impulsive, and risky lifestyle if I began wearing hijab. I feel like I would have to act like an adult rather than a teenager. Always. I feel like I would not be able to spend time with my friends in public without feelign extremely conspicuous. In fact, I wouldn't HAVE friends anymore. All my friends are nice and stuff, they wouldnt be MEAN but I mean, who am I kidding, I cannot go to a rock concert with a mixed group of teenagers wearing a HEAD SCARF. I accept that. It's going to suck. I just wish I could stop feeling this feeling of finality. Like my immature youthness is gone. I can't listen to Led Zepplin and go to rock concerts anymore. I'll never be able to do anything like that again... I'll have to sit at home, and cook food. I wanted to do something extremely great in my life. Like Napoleon. I asked my mom about this and she started naming Great Muslim Women. Ok, no offense but they were pretty insignificant. I asked my mom if I could travel teh world alone before I went to college and she said I had to have a male relative with me. Screw that, I'll probably just go without telling her. Anyway if you have any advice about any of this please help :[