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  1. Islam in Malaysia

    I like the idea where Malaysian brides where hijabs on their wedding day, nice!.
  2. Thajjad In Ramadhan.

    Salam. I have a question regarding Thajjhad in ramadhan, many people have said it is suspended during ramadhan because the Taraweeh prayer take it's place, so what if one does wish to get up for the intention of praying thajjhad to make a specific dua? should i wait till ramadhan is over or just get up as normal and pray? Jazakallah once again.
  3. Wot U Guys Think?

    ^ I can answer your second question. The general rule in UK for retakes is if you do it for the third time and fail your 'OUT', But if you fail second time round you will be asked to either repeat your year based on how many units you have, if more then 2 then you will most probably repeat, but every uni's guideline is different, some won't except any units carried on to the following year, most uni's will allow one unit to be carried on to their next acedemic year.
  4. Istikhara

    Well i cant pray altogether if you see what i mean, not fora week anyway, thats why im asking . Jazkallah for yur reponse, i wil view your vdeo inshAllah :sl:
  5. I Found Something Which Is Troubling Me

    Salam Sis,, I really really feel for you honestly :sl: i pray sincerely your husband comes back on the right path inshAllah..One of my aunties back in Pakistan has the same problem, her husband comes to London and France for business trips, but he ends up looking around for escort services, she found out through her brother who happens to live their. Sis all i can advise is to build up a proper Islamic environment at home, try to practice Islam to the fullest so that he can be influenced by it wtth your practice, it will take time but he will come round to it and repent. You could try discussing this with him as it is your right, but to be honest it won't stop him from doing it because my aunty did the same, she tried to prevent my uncle from travelling but he shouts back and leaves her upset. Just make dua after every salah inshAllah, he is their to listen and will help inshAllah. :sl:
  6. Istikhara

    Asalmu'Alaykum everyone. I have a problem, there's a brother who has spoken to his parents about me and has given his landline number, he asked me to speak to my parents so he can come over and talk to me infront of my wali. However, i havn't spoken to anybody yet (family) because he belongs to a caste my mother isn't satisfied with, now i do understand that caste issues are just not part of the professional muslim behaviour, but i am the sort of girl who wants to keep her parents happy too. I would personally like to take things further and feel istikhara should be done, however i have delayed him 1 week and not replied. I was wondering if someone can do it for me?..who can i ask to do my istikhara?..the thing is my mum will reject him from his caste but the brother is practicing which is what i want..I don't have any friends either, i am all alone on this one. Could someone please advise. May Allah reward you for taking your time out to read and reply. Jazakallah. :sl: P.S cannot perform the istikhara myself for personal reason but i do need to get back to him quickly...
  7. Please Help And This Is No Joke

    Asalmu'alaykum.. There's nothing to be embarrassed about lol...i suggest u chew a gum when you retire for bed, keep your mouth busy obviously spit it out whe you feel your about to knock off, or you could simply not sleep and keep yourself busy with family or something that you enjoy doing, again when you are about to knock off run to bed and snor away inshAllah.
  8. Self Esteem At Rock Bottom

    You need to seek professional help, ask your doctor to refer you to a therapist, they do a wonderful job, honestly.
  9. When Do You Recite Surah Kahf?

    ^ Jazakallah :sl:
  10. When Do You Recite Surah Kahf?

    Can i just ask that do u 'ave to read it in one sitting or can you read a bit and then carry on from where you left off the next day or something?...e.g. if i read a bit on Thur after Maghrib then carry on the following day?
  11. How Wrong Is This?

    ^Just read ur post, so u did talk to her, well done...inshallah everything'll be fine.
  12. How Wrong Is This?

    Have u tried talking to her about how u feel & your relationship with her?....
  13. I Want To Get Married...

    Keep making dua constanstly, try gettin up for thajjud and read astaghfirullah as often..also make dua after every farz prayer im sure you already do but just don't give up, my mums being difficut with me too but one thing i always remember is that im not guna be with her forever so lets be merry to one another - god is testing us all in different forms so lets pass the test with paitence eh!
  14. Feeling The Heat

    ^ Depends what culture u belong to, Asian families are like that, if not all then majority.
  15. Feeling The Heat

    Your parents behaviour is nothing weird, im 22 and goin on 23 very soon with the same problem for the past 3 years - the only way i deal with it is through paitence, i have been introduced to a few brothers but unfortunately none of them who fit my bill (oooops). My mother always seems to have a go at me too and once told me i became a burden upon her, parents don't understand what we want they just want someone whome they feel satisfied with. You should confront your mum with what you want, tell her you've asked some friends around that will help you and you are awaiting to hear from them, you should join Islamic cirlces so people get to know you closley and can help you in the quest of your soul mate.. Anyhow good luck...