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  1. Israel Should've Clusterbombed Mughneyahs Funeral

    Hi all wow with only 6 posts your typing these things already? i am sure you'll go far in life m8. /sarcasm Peace
  2. Hi Hatsoff Dont worry when your post count is higher you will be able to do all of the above. I wish you all the best in your studies and hope you gain something from your time on this forum ( i know i have ) Peace :sl:
  3. Plans To Attack Our Forum

    Hi all come on boys, DDOS is SSssoooooooo Last season's tactics!! hehe Id say from reading there log there just a bunch of what we call "script Kiddies". web site size has no bearing on a DDOS attack at all, its just the line speed of the web server that matters. There "N00b5 n0t 7337 h4ck3r5" hehe been a while since i wrote like that Peace all :sl:
  4. Sharia Court Frees London Knife Youths

    Hi all :sl: If God had wanted Sharia law worldwide would it not say so in the Koran? Although it does have parts that explain how to live in a another county and under there laws. there is no debate on this really. Peace all :sl:
  5. Dr Williams Friend Or Foe

    Hi all :sl: What does everyone think of this? (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7233335.stm"]BBC News [/url] What on earth is he after? A bigger gap between social groups in the UK? Trying to anger /stir up anger??? im not sure. While we are at it, why not give Jews there own laws too ( hmm thinking about it maybe the UN allready did this for them :sl: ) What do you guys think of this? after all does the Koran not make rules to let Muslims exist under another counties laws? Peace all :no:
  6. Divorce Sharia Style

    Hi all :sl: I did actually see it, was a good doc, Why the bad words about C4? may i ask? Peace all :sl:
  7. Blackout In Besieged Gaza City

    Hi all For whats its worth to you guys, my thoughts go out to these poor people having this inflicted upon them. Ive been working a lot lately but what on earth prompted this sudden stupid action by israel? And what on earth is this suppose to mean...... Ok then what are the UN going to do about.? This sort of thing just makes everything worse and increases hate to israel & the West ( But please do not generalize about the west so much in your comments, we didnt all vote for the present government in the UK or the USA for that matter. ) I hate to admit it ( kind of ) but i can see why you get so upset about israel, how DO they keep getting away with what they do in regards to the UN? Peace
  8. The Original Islam

    Hi all Thank you for the extra info, also thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions ( i know they may seem silly to others but the more knowledge the better ) Salam
  9. The Original Islam

    Hi all Where did the original Muslims pray towards before Mecca was built? Say Adams childrens children, there was no Mecca then so did they have a holy place so to speak? Also there would have been no Ramadan as Mohamed had not been born then so did they have any special times in the Islamic year? Thanks for any info Salam
  10. Since The Quran Is True

    Hi Vishah Thank you for your kind & wise words. ill reply in full soon And to everyone else sorry for going off topic :sl: Peace
  11. Since The Quran Is True

    Hi Vishah I have been thinking a lot lately, even more than normal. The reason i have not changed my religion status is, well i feel it would be false to imply i was something i dont feel ready to express, if that makes sense. I mean my views are changing, weather i like it or not, but now i feel more confused because i was so settled on thinking i would always be a atheist but now i keep having these thoughts or better put these worries about things i have never had to deal with before? is this normal for something looking for a path in life? or am i reading to much into it? Peace all :sl:
  12. Ask An American Atheist Anything You Like!

    Hi all 1: Does it actually say in the Koran that the only way to leave is Islam is through disbelief? If so then does it not also say that 2: if a Muslim purposely calls another Muslim a Kaffir then he will become one himself? so point one is not the only way? Hence theres a contradiction? Peace all
  13. Since The Quran Is True

    Hi Vishah thank you for your reply you have given me much to think about, and no i dont think you where trying to say i was silly ( although sometimes i feel i am hehe ) Thanks again Peace all
  14. Since The Quran Is True

    Dear Vishah Sometimes i wish he would, then i could stop my ever searching mind from trying to comprehend what it is i should be feeling. But to answer your question, no maybe not he himself come down but how about giving his people some real proof of his presence? Why only prove it too a few people on whom we have trust all our beliefs in? Why only send prophets in the past? I know you will say who are we to question Gods ways, and our minds are not able to comprehend his great plan but why not? He made us to worship him, let me ask you a question. You build a robot and instruct it to live a life not knowing why it was created, telling it that it does not have a mind able to comprehend why it is here, give it a manual with some answers which just lead to more questions and then expect it to worship you? Does that seem fair and just to you? Peace :sl:
  15. Since The Quran Is True

    Hi all Sure i admit that i too have no proof, which is why i am classed as non-religion. the thing is all religions say God is the only one who is truly just and honest yet they all ask to accept the word of a mortal man ( Christians=Jesus, Muslims= Mohammad ) who as everyone says are mere mortals. Or are all religions wrong in saying God is the only truly just and honest person?. Peace all