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  1. I Did My Shahada Two Days Ago

    :sl: :j: :no: :D :D I did shahada two days ago in a Masjid and I am so excited, and what makes me even more happy is that my sister (who is a christian) came there with me.. :sl: *yeeeeeeeey* May Allah bless you all
  2. Rasool Allah By Abu Ali

    Assalamo Alaykom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh Wasalaam, UmMaher
  3. Why Do You Hate Muslims?

    Assalamo Alaykom wa RahmatuAllahi wa Barakatuh Peace A question to all those who are attacking Islam and muslims. If not by weapons, then by words, if not by words, then by general hateful atmosphere. Why do you hate muslims? What did I do to you to deserve all the dirty looks and comments I get everyday? I'm just curious. I would like to hear this in ONE SENTENCE. Example: "I hate muslims because they are mean to me". Thank you very much for your time. Peace Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  4. Hijab Now The Cause For Vitamin D Deficiency?

    Assalamo Alaykom Wa RahmatuAllahi Wa Barakatuh Let me say just one thing: LOL. I live in Finland. If you don't know, the sun doesn't really shine here in winter. I mean really it doesn't. Today was the first day in about 2 months when I actually saw the sun because usually it is up for couple hours ( while I am at school or work) and then it sets again. So most of the Finns don't get to see the sun in winter. And on top of this I wear hijab!! I must have a vitamin D deficiency.. Actually I don't have vitamin D defiency. Alhamdulillah. And the whole claim is just ridicilous. But it is nothing new from people who try to convience only the blind people who refuse to 1-think by themselves and 2- to find out the facts by themselves. This claim goes to the same category with the whole moon-god thing. Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  5. Back Biting And Slandering.

    Wa Alaykom Assalam Wa RahmatuAllahi Wa Barakatuh MashaAllah, good story. JazakiAllahu khayran for sharing it. Thank you aunty! Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  6. Reminder...

    Assalamo Alaykom Wa RahmatuAllah Allah, the Exalted, says: "And the (faithful) slaves of the Most Gracious (Allah) are those who walk on the earth in humility and sedateness, and when the foolish address them (with bad words) they reply back with mild words of gentleness.'' (Al Qur'an : 25:63) `Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her) reported: I have never seen Messenger of Allah (PBUH) laughing so heartily that his uvula could be seen. He used to smile only. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim] Commentary: To laugh much is one of the sign of indifference to the remembrance of Allah. Besides, the habit of laughing aloud robs away the dignity and impressiveness of a man. Riyad-us-Saliheen – Hadith No : 703 Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  7. Suggestion About Sister's Room!

    Assalamo Alaykom Sister's room is pretty quiet. I have tons of articles to post there but the ones I post seem to "get lost" because all the posts are just on the same page. Is it possible to have at least two different sections in the sister's room? Maybe "family & kids" "health" "Women in Islam"...These are just suggestions.. InshaAllah other sisters have their say about this too. :sl: I think it will make sister's room a little more alive, inshaAllah. Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  8. Praying At Work

    Assalamo Alaykom Just wanna know if you find it difficlt to pray at work! Also: suggest how the situation could be better at your workplace so you'd be able to pray on time. Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  9. The Crossing: Day Of Judgement

    Assalamo Alaykom wa RahmatuAllah wa Barakatuh May Allah subhaanahu wa taala forgive us our sins, ameen. Wasalaam, UmmMaher
  10. I Just Wanna Say One Comment..

    Assalamo Alaykom ...And that comment is: THANK YOU! I just realized about 30 seconds ago how useful this forum has been to me. I want to thank everyone who is working to keep this forum alive. And also thank you for the moderators who keep all the insultive and unappropriate comments somewhere else than on this forum. And of course: ALHAMDULILLAHI RABBIL ALAMEEN. I joined the forum like ages ago. lol. Not quite but you can check how long I've been here. When I registered I was a new muslimah. I didn't really know a lot. Alhamdulillah I know more now, and the biggest thanks goes to this forum. Honestly. Anytime I need to find some sort of information about Islam I first think of Gawaher. This forum has a huge amount of information and it will take years more to go thru it all! MashaAllah. Thank you. May Allah bless you all and keep you in the best of health and imaan and may He keep this forum alive to help more muslims. AMEEN. Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  11. The Crossing: Day Of Judgement

    Just a reminder for all my sisters and brothers: WATCH THIS LECTURE! If you knew how strong effect this lecture has, you would watch it right away.. Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  12. What Does Islam Say About 2012?

    Wa Alaykom Assalam Wa RahmatuAllah We don't know when the world will come to an end, it is only Allah who knows it. He set the date and it will happen when He wants. Sure we can guess and all, but it makes no difference. We should try our best to be the best muslims as we can, no matter when the end of the world is. :sl: Don't think about these too much, because it really doesn't matter when it happens. :sl: There are of course the signs which will happen before the Judgement Day, but even with the help of the signs we cannot predict the EXACT date or year. :no: Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  13. Detainees In Guantánamo

    Wa alaykom assalam wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuh MashaAllah.. Amazing picture.. Even in a place like that these brothers will not give up their imaan. Wasalaam, S
  14. Salam

    Assalamo Alaykom sister :sl: Welcome to Gawaher. InshaAllah you will enjoy your time and find plenty interesting topics. :sl: Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  15. Someone Please Help!

    Assalamo Alaykom I need your help. Can someone please post an authentic hadith which has the last words of Rasuulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? I need this ASAP because I read a christian newspaper saying very weird things to be Mohammads sallallahu alayhi wa sallam last words.. I need to correct them. They also put a picture of Rasuulullah saws in the article, so this is serious and I want to correct them ASAP. Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  16. Telling My Family Of My Conversion

    MashaAllah :D :sl: :no: :j: :D :D :sl: Congratulations on your conversion :D It is great to have you as a sister!! Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  17. Telling My Family Of My Conversion

    Peace. InshaAllah you will say shahada soon. :sl: I'm a revert to Islam too, and I have to say you are veru blessed to live in USA, since there are a lot of Islamic organizations there that you can ask for help. :sl: I was very worried about telling my parents about my reversion..Especially because I was 16 at the time. But then I just took a deep breath and told my mother. Well, she was shocked and was about to cry. I did not know what to do or say to be honest. She asked me if someone forced me to this, I said no. And she asked me other questions and I answered them as well as I could. She is not very religious, she is a Lutheran and my father is a Greek Orthodox. My father was completely ok with it and I am sure it somehow made him think about religion more. At least he likes buying all kind of icons etc. to my family home these days.. My mother started telling me how badly muslim men treat their wives etc. But after explaining my mother what Islam really is and how the culture is strongly affecting the lives of some muslims in certain areas, she understood it. And now, after meeting my husband many times, she starts to understand that there is NOTHING wrong with me being a muslim, I have not changed that much, I just take a "break" 5 times a day and go to pray and I wear hijab, I also treat my parents better and I am more polite and calm. She has not seen any bad things coming in to my life after saying my shahada. And I think my father kind of likes the idea of hijab..You all know what fathers are like..They get overprotective if their daughters go out wearing mini-skirts :D And my mother, first she did not understand the hijab, but she says it's beautiful and she always suggests which color to wear today. If I make the mistake of choosing black she goes "don't wear black!!!You look like you're going to a funeral!!".. But that's all. No one really minds, because at the end of the day: it's MY life and MY decision. :no: And besides, I have never been really that sort of crazy teenager who just does things without thinking twice so they know that I don't do this just because of someone or just because it "sounds like fun" etc. :D I would not be TOO worried about your parents reaction. They might react in a not-so-nice-way at first..But this is only because they love you so much. You are their beloved daughter and they have heard only bad things about Islam. They are worried you will get hurt. Once you explain them what Islam is all about, inshaAllah, they will be ok with it. It will take time but at the end of the day, they love you and they want to accept your choice. I ask Allah to make it easy for you and for your husband. I wish all the best for you both and hope that soon I am able to call you a sister :j: Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  18. Hairstyles And Cutting Hair

    Wa Alaykom Assalam wa RahmatuAllah As far as I know, there is no harm in cutting hair if: a) it remains feminine (and thus does not resemble men); b) it is not cut with the express intent of imitating non-Muslim fashions; and c) it is not cut ‘excessively’. And I think it's a nice change for the husband too. At the end of the day, it's important that we take care of how we look like and that we do our best to look as beautiful as we can in front of the husband. :sl: Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  19. My Visit To Makkah ..

    Wa Alaykom Assalam Wa RahmatuAllah MashaAllah very nice pictures :sl: JazakiAllahu khayr for posting them here :sl: I'm sure you loved to be there! MashaAllah :no: Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  20. Roller Skating

    Assalamo Alaykom Any other hijabis who love roller skating? I've stopped roller skating for couple years now since I started wearing abayas and hijab etc..It's a bit difficult to find right kind of clothes for that..So..anyone has any sort of ideas? I've tried it with a tunic and a pair of pants but I just feel too "naked". lol. I also heard from one sister that she pins up her plain black abaya and wear pants under it..But for me it didn't work. :sl: I want to start skating againnnn.. :sl: Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  21. Life

    Assalamo Alaykom MashaAllah what a beautiful poem..And how true.. JazakiAllahu Al Jannah for sharing. Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  22. Little In Patience, Great In Iman

    Wa Alaykom Assalam Wwa RahmatuAllahi wa Barakatuh I'm a revert too. I do understand your feelings, although my parents were very tolerant with all this compared to your situation. Alhamdulillah. Still, even for me, having a nice situation at home, it got too difficult to practice my religion. I love my parents, and as I said, they are very tolerant. But I just could not stand being in a non-muslim home, having to explain every move you make and trying to keep a low-profile. I moved out. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made (after becoming a muslim). I was 19 when I did this. I struggled for 3 years in a small town, having no muslim friends, not being able to go to masjid, not being able to wear hijab, not being able to do this and that. Although my parents were very good to me, other people were not. And just out of love to my parents I kept very low-profile. Allah sees your struggle, He sees your daily fights with yourself and with people around you. And He will reward you for your patience inshaAllah. Imagine this: 3 years of daily dua for getting out of that house and that town, and Allah answered it one day. In the middle of bad news and all the confusion and mess I had in my life at that moment, I got a phonecall that changed everything. I'm telling this so you will realize that there is hope, and Allah truly is with the one who is patient. So don't worry, today might be bad, but tomorrow is another day and you never know what Allah gives you then. You may not be able to move out yet, and I don't recommend it, since you are 16. But as you told us, you have a sister..Can you live with her? Or other relatives? Maybe your father? Maybe your fathers relatives? You can go to visit your sister a lot in Houston ( you will find muslims there ) and you can go to visit a Masjid, without telling your mother. Try to find muslims that you can keep in contact with, trust me, it will make your life much brigther and much easier if you have sisters to support and help. If you want to talk more, feel free to PM me anytime. May Allah keep you in the best of health and iman, ameen. Wasalaam, Safiyyah UmmMaher
  23. Worlds Biggest Konafa

    Nablus unveils record-breaking knafa at annual shopping festival Published Saturday 18/07/2009 (updated) 21/07/2009 20:38 Nablus – Ma’an – The world’s largest cheese, syrup and semolina pastry was unveiled in Nablus during the second weekend of the city’s annual shopping festival on Saturday. American, Tunisian, Jordanian and Egyptian representatives to the Palestinian Authority were in attendance at the unveiling of the knafa, which was set up in Nablus’ central Ash-Shuhada (Martyrs) square. “Today Nablus became not only famous as a producer of knafa, but also as producer of hope for all of Palestine,†said Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who was born in Nablus. He cited improved security in the city, imposed by PA police and special forces under the command of US General Keith Dayton, as the foundation for recent economic improvements. Guinness Book of World Records deputy Hazim Shunnar and idea man Muhannad Ar-Rabi explained that 170 bakers from ten Nablus knafa bakeries assisted in creating the giant pastry, which cost some 15,000 US dollars. The ingredients are as follows: 600 kilograms of white cheese 300 kilograms of sugar 700 kilograms of flour 40 kilograms of pistachios 6 tins of cooking fat You can read more here
  24. Fasting Options

    Assalamo Alaykom Wa RahmatuAllah She should make up the fasting days by giving money to charity plus do everything else that others do. :sl: She can contact the masjid near her to ask about the amount of the money. Or she can of course prepare the meals too. But if it's difficult for her to find poor and needy, then she can give money in to charity. If she wants to try fasting, she should talk with her doctor and if the doctor says no, then she should not even try it. Or she can "fast" so she can get the feeling of doing something different during this Holy Month. And she can eat very plain food, no chocolate, ice cream, cakes etc. Just plain food, and as little as she can. It makes the difference although she is not really fasting. InshaaAllah this helped. :sl: Wasalaam, Safiyyah
  25. Topic Rating Suggestion

    Assalamo Alaykom Wa RahmatuAllah I have a suggestion..I think it would be nice to have some sort of rating thing for posts. I mean..You could rate it as poor, good, excellent or something like this. And it would be better if only members who have passed for example 100 posts could do this. Wasalaam, Safiyyah