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  1. Route 114 - Ulumul Qur'an

    Walaikum 'Asalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu, Sorry sis, I didn't see this until now! I would LOVE to meet you there! It is coming up so quickly... I'm very, very excited. It will be my first course with AlMaghrib, insha'Allah. I did get some of the lectures.. would love to share them with you. Perhaps I could pass them along next weekend.. Insha'Allah! We shall see! :sl: Did the change in location put you out at all? I know it's been a problem for some people... I hope you don't have to travel far! Asalaamu 'Alaikum :sl:
  2. Route 114 - Ulumul Qur'an

    I signed up at the Reviving The Islamic Spirit convention! Can't wait. :sl:
  3. Cutest Kid

    A######you are not allowed to post links yet :sl:
  4. This Makes You Laugh For Sure!

    What an adorably hilarious laugh. :sl:
  5. Young Recitors Of Holy Qur'an

    :sl: So precious and powerful.
  6. Miracles Of The Quran

  7. Learn To Pray As The Prophet Prayed

    Thank you so much Bro! This is so very helpful to me as a new Muslim... exactly what I have been looking for. :sl:
  8. My goodness...... :sl: Thank you so much for sharing.
  9. The Strangers

    Masha'Allah. :sl: Amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  10. A Sister In Need Of Dua

    Ameen. I am holding her in my dua's. :sl:
  11. Subhan'allah So Beautiful

    Subhana'Allah! And I think.. How can some see that, and not believe? Allahu Akbar.
  12. The Most Beautiful Thing

    Alhumdililah! That this religion could be for me too! :sl: All of us. I thank Allah subhana wa'tala everyday.
  13. Islamic Stuff

    :sl: Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for sharing! And the one with the rain pouring over the flowers..... ahhh. Allah's (swt) mercy. :sl:
  14. Pictures Of Masjid Har'am Upclose, Makkah

    Subhana'Allaah. :sl: I don't know what else to say. That I could go there one day........
  15. Solat Pictures

    Masha'Allah. :sl: Pictures of salah always leave me crying. So beautiful. Ameen to duas. :sl: