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  1. Route 114 - Ulumul Qur'an

    Walaikum 'Asalaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakathu, Sorry sis, I didn't see this until now! I would LOVE to meet you there! It is coming up so quickly... I'm very, very excited. It will be my first course with AlMaghrib, insha'Allah. I did get some of the lectures.. would love to share them with you. Perhaps I could pass them along next weekend.. Insha'Allah! We shall see! :sl: Did the change in location put you out at all? I know it's been a problem for some people... I hope you don't have to travel far! Asalaamu 'Alaikum :sl:
  2. Route 114 - Ulumul Qur'an

    I signed up at the Reviving The Islamic Spirit convention! Can't wait. :sl:
  3. Confused Over Blog Section

    Asalaamu Alaikum, Sorry to appear really dense -- but I am so confused over the blog section here! As far as I've read, if you want a blog, you need to pick an abandoned one, and continue on writing in it as your own? Just curious - why is it that everyone doesn't start their own personal blog? And I'm a new member... so if I wanted to blog here.. do I need to wait until I have a certain number of posts? Or are there any other rules I need to look out for? Sorry, I know this is probably written somewhere, this forum is just so big (not a bad thing!) and I find myself so lost! Also - how come there are subforums within the blogging section that members make many various posts in if the forum is for blogging? I feel a little bit silly now incase I'm missing something. :sl: How embarassing. Thank you for taking the time to read. :sl: Salaam, Linsey
  4. Cutest Kid

    A######you are not allowed to post links yet :sl:
  5. This Makes You Laugh For Sure!

    What an adorably hilarious laugh. :sl:
  6. Young Recitors Of Holy Qur'an

    :sl: So precious and powerful.
  7. Miracles Of The Quran

  8. Learn To Pray As The Prophet Prayed

    Thank you so much Bro! This is so very helpful to me as a new Muslim... exactly what I have been looking for. :sl:
  9. My goodness...... :sl: Thank you so much for sharing.
  10. The Strangers

    Masha'Allah. :sl: Amazing. Thank you for sharing.
  11. A Sister In Need Of Dua

    Ameen. I am holding her in my dua's. :sl:
  12. Subhan'allah So Beautiful

    Subhana'Allah! And I think.. How can some see that, and not believe? Allahu Akbar.
  13. The Most Beautiful Thing

    Alhumdililah! That this religion could be for me too! :sl: All of us. I thank Allah subhana wa'tala everyday.
  14. Islamic Stuff

    :sl: Thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for sharing! And the one with the rain pouring over the flowers..... ahhh. Allah's (swt) mercy. :sl:
  15. Pictures Of Masjid Har'am Upclose, Makkah

    Subhana'Allaah. :sl: I don't know what else to say. That I could go there one day........
  16. Solat Pictures

    Masha'Allah. :sl: Pictures of salah always leave me crying. So beautiful. Ameen to duas. :sl:
  17. Salam

    Asalaamu Alaikum! Glad you randomly decided to searching Islamic forums!! hehe I'm here for (sort of?) the same reasons, and stumbled upon the board in the same way. I'm not American, I'm Canadian, but as a caucasian revert I struggle with most of the same things. Hope you find as much of what you're looking for here as I have. :sl:
  18. I Want Attention!

    Walaikumasalaam sis, Hang out with me, I recently reverted and so I'm desperately in need of guidance too. :sl: So glad you came to the board. Your intentions are so pure, it's beautiful. :sl:
  19. Asalam Aleykum!

    Walaikum 'asalaam sis, I'm "young" too! It's been less than a year since I reverted! Welcome. :sl:
  20. Loving Selfishly

    I know this was posted back in May and it is now October, but I just had to reply because it has touched me so deeply. There is so much insight and depth in Brother Abukhaleel's writing that I think it would do us all some good to read and reflect. It was really a gift to me tonight. :sl:
  21. What Is Wrong With Us?

    Asalaamu Alaikum, This is all so very true... I love reading posts like this, it really makes me want to keep on the Straight Path and motivates me to keep progressing as a muslimah. Subhanallah. Alhumdililah. Thank you so much for posting sis. :sl:
  22. Masha'Allah... that is beautiful. :sl:
  23. Reviving The Islamic Spirit

    Is anyone going to this years conference? Last year at this time I wasn't Muslim, so I haven't been - but a lot of sisters have been talking about it all year long, they loved it so much. I can't wait to go, it looks like an absolutely amazing experience. Would any sisters like to meet? :sl:
  24. Do You Have Trouble Getting Up In The Morning?

    Asaalamu Alaikum, This is a biiiig problem for me... probably the hardest transition I have had to make since becoming Muslim. I find getting up for Fajr even harder than wearing hijab! (I feel so much shame in admitting this...) I voted number two. :sl: