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  1. Asalaam Alykum, I have one simple question. How do i pray if i am in bad back pain? I don't want to see a doctor because i dont want to be prescribed pills because i dont want to rely on pills. Can i pray sitting down? Will it be accepted? I am having a hard time bowing while standing and can only do it half way and it hurts afterwards.
  2. Praying While Facing Back Pain

    I have opted to not pray and make up for them later on because i cant even bend over without being in horrible pain.
  3. Medication

    Salaams, I had a question regarding medication. If you have to see a doctor and get an injection, does that break your fast for that day?? Im inclined to think not since its not being swallowed.
  4. Salaam, When i break my fast i make this shake of one cube ice, 1 cup of milk, and i add this red liquid that my husband says is what Pakistani people usually break their fast with (Im Indian) called Roo Afza. Its very refreshing.
  5. Asalaam Alykum, You would think that someone like me would know more about Islam since i reverted 3 years ago, but i still have questions. I was talking to my husband and i think i have come to the realization that i have been fasting the wrong way for the last few years. He said it was from sunrise to sunset, but i have been doing it from fajr to maghrib. Which way is correct. Please help.
  6. How Many Rakat Do You Do?

    Asalaamu Alykum, I just had a question. My husband and i seem to disagree with the number of rakat to do during prayer. He says we have to do what is obligatory plus what is sunnat otherwise if we only do what is required, the prayer does not count. I always thought that it was the 17 rakat that you do during the day. Am i wrong?
  7. Mortgage Question

    Asalaam Alykum brothers and sisters, I had a question for you all that i hope someone can answer Insha'Allah I was wondering how people get around getting a mortgage. If someone wanted to buy a house or a condo or whatever, what would they have to do so that they are not paying any interest on it?? I would never have a spare $500,000-$1,000,000 lying around, so is my only option to rent for the rest of my life? I have heard of Islamic banks, but have also heard from others that they do not charge interest per se, but the whole system of paying back is like interest, so it defeats the purpose. I live in Vancouver, BC so houses here are not cheap. Just wondering what my options would be....
  8. Some Advice Please?

    Thank u for that information because i was wondering the same thing. i recently have been dealing with a flu that has been getting progressively worse...it has been okay so far and i have been taking my medication in the morning and night, but was wondering at what point does sickness lead to one breaking the fast. i do not wish to break my fast because its important to me to continue for as long as i can...i like to think of it as a challenge because up until now, my fasting has been a positive experience...and id like to keep it that way :sl:
  9. Asalaam Alaykum, I had a question i hope someone can answer. I understand that people who are sick are exempt from fasting due to health reasons. However, if that person still wanted to take part in Ramadan, what could they do?? I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine who is diabetic. Thank you.
  10. Asalaam Alykum Brothers and Sisters, I am lost. I have been trying to figure this out, and i really dont know, so i need some help here. I came here to see when Ramadan starts, but according to the counter, it is Friday, but then i looked on my local site for prayer timings, and it says Saturday. I live in Vancouver, BC. Can someone help me figure out the correct date, as i would really not like to start off Ramadan on the wrong day..
  11. When Does Ramadan Begin?

    Ramadan Mubarak everyone!! Thank you for letting me know!
  12. Asalaam Alaykum everyone! I have been searching and searching everywhere online i can think of and need some help. I want to know how do you actually read the Quran. I mean, when you want to read it, is there a certain position you have to be sitting, or can you read it while sitting down, or do you have to be faced a certain way and do you need to do anything to prepare yourself to read it? I have the English translated version....it's been one year since i've been a revert...so i want to understand what i am reading before i take on the Arabic form. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :sl:
  13. Asalaam Alaikum everyone, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all your words of encouragement and all the good advice you had for me. I finally :sl: told my family that i converted. I have to say it just came to me today and i felt i should say it. I really don't know how to explain it, but i had this feeling today that it is the right time to do it. So, i called up my sister and told her and then i called my mom after that and told her. My sister basically was okay with it, she just said because she doesn't know too much about Islam, that she will probably be asking me questions in the future and i said that i had no problem answering her questions. Then she advised me that i should tell my mom. So when i called her, my heart was beating so fast :sl: But i tried to be as calm as i could, took lots of deep breaths and just said "Mom, i have something to tell you" and told her everything and in the end, i asked her "Are you mad at me" and surprisingly, she said no. She said she was a bit sad about it, but would think about it some more. So i am letting her think about it now. But what a relief it was when i told her. It feels like a giant weight has been lifted from my shoulders...i guess because i don't have to hide it anymore...but i don't know how to explain it, but everything feels really calm now :no:
  14. Mortgage

    i know mortgage is BAD, but what are there ways around it? do u: -rent for the rest of your life and never own? -are there Islamic banks you can go to in Canada? -there is no option C :sl:
  15. Mortgage

    Thank you all very much for the information!
  16. Asalaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, I have a simple question to ask, which may not have a simple response :sl: I am a revert and ive been reading up on doing Hajj or going for Umrah and i found out that you have to prove you are Muslim (if a revert), but i dont know how i can go about doing that because when i reverted, there were witnesses, but i never had to sign anything that showed i had reverted. How does one go about providing evidence of this??
  17. Hajj And Umrah Question

    Walikum Salaam, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! very much for the information. Actually, im in Vancouver now living at home with my family, and my witnesses are scattered across Canada :sl: (none in Vancouver) So i will just have to go to them :sl:
  18. Asalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, A little help please... I just have a question, which i am pretty sure i know the answer to already, but just want to get other peoples feedback on it. Since becoming Muslim i have considered myself Muslim. My question is, if i follow the 5 pillars as stated, can i call myself a Muslim or do i have to differentiate between Shia or Sunni because in my heart, i dont want that...i would hate to have to decide and sometimes i feel as if people tend to focus too much on whether you are one or the other, when in my heart, the answer is, i am Muslim. I dont like it when people tell me "so and so person is Shia" or "so and so is Sunni"....why is there that division?? why even bring it up?? does it really matter??!! Is it that important to say you are one or the other...does it really make that much of a difference...can you not just say "I am Muslim"...it just frustrates me sometimes...
  19. Sikh's And Hindu's

    Im guessing some Angry Sikh "respected elder" may have siad that, hence become an innovation amongst hardcore sikhs there. Yea, as i said earlier...haven't heard that....can u imagine bathing in someones blood?? who would say such a thing?? The animosity i have heard from both sides is absolutely disappointing... I dunno where this whole forum is going...i hear one side from Muslims who say this or that and are so sure that their opinion is the best and then i hear another side that says something else...can't we just agree to disagree? i'm Muslim (revert) and sometimes even i get confused about Islam sometimes when i hear from others "oh...she's just a revert"....from other Muslims by the way...so i dont think we can say this person is an expert in this or someone else is...we are not experts...and we will never be...even if we spent our entire lives studying one religion over another, we can never call ourselves experts...we dont know...there is always that 1% we will never know about..
  20. Sikh's And Hindu's

    uff pragmatics... :sl:
  21. Happy Eid Ul Fitr

    I checked with my local masjid...in Vancouver its Wednesday too... i think in some of the countries like the philipines and that part of the world, it is Tuesday, whereas for the rest it is Wednesday...but i would check with your local masjid just to make sure...it is either Tuesday or Wednesday..depending on the siting of the new moon..
  22. Happy Eid Ul Fitr

    Eid Mubarak to Everyone! :sl:
  23. Sikh's And Hindu's

    NEVER have i heard of that in my life..and i have some "religious sikhs" in my family...will ask my mom if she has heard of that...but from what i have gathered thus far...the hatred seems to come from ignorance more than anything else...
  24. Inner Feeling...

    Walikum Salaam, Well, i can relate with what you are saying. This is my second Ramadan that i am fasting and even though i have surpassed what i did the last time, i still am wishing i could do more. Like you, i also work full-time and i find that what helps for me is drinking lots and lots of water when you can (mornings and nights). I also find that if you prepare your meals ahead of time, it gives you more time to focus on other things. I usually cook a big meal that will last 2-3 days so that i don't have to fuss over supper each night and can concentrate on other things. I would probably recommend the same when it comes to chores...try to do them on your days off as much as you can and then just do a bit during the week so that you are not always constantly getting tired all the time. I got horrible headaches last year so what i learned was, NEVER skip breakfast because if you do, you will get headaches and feel sick. Another thing i found that helps is to eat more fruit. Hope that helps.
  25. Hi, i just wanted to explain in my last post, that i did not know the difference between what i was asking, hence i asked it because i did not know. i didn't mean to offend anyone. Where i got that information (regarding the different names) was online at different sites where i was trying to research and on different online charities where i received the names from (ie. fitrana). So, i thought those were the right names...i would think that if a charity is collecting on behalf of our community that it would have the right name of what it was collecting for. I don't know much about Islam, this is why i ask, because i don't know. i wasn't brought up Muslim like many others are..