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  1. The Three-thousand-year Battle For Palestine

    Sadly, what this book does not tell you is that todays "Palestinians" rarely have more than 175 years on that land. It also fails to tell you that no Arab nation has EVER existed there, and that Jews are in fact the land's indigenous people. Just some further considerations for any conscientious reader.
  2. I could take the post apart bit by bit but for brevity's sake will offer just a single question tot he thread's author, Dot: Does Arab lobbying in the US disturb you as well, or is it only Jewish and/or israeli?
  3. Actually, they are not asll Christains, most are in fact Animists. Secondly, while some, not 2000 by any count, are being expelled. They are being expelled after due process and after entering the nation illegaly. They are also being expelled after Egypt and eVERY other Arab and Islamic nation refused them succor and after an Islamic and Arab govt. caused their situation in the first place. Lastly, israel has not only on a per capita basis provided the world's largest amount of material assitance to Darfuri, but has PERMAMANTLY given ASYLUM to a number far exceeding any other nation in the world. Interestingly, none of the preceeding made its way into your post. i want to add that the article is false in that israel HAS given them lengthly hearings, AND that israel has bvroekn no law whatsoever. It also ignores, like the poster, the fact that Egypt has done nothing whatsoever, despite the problem being created by a fellow Arab/Islamic nation and Egyptian ally. Try Googling "Jun'ju'wid" in any of its various transliterations...
  4. Good Jews Against Israel (zionism)

    Dot: "Jews have been living in Arab and Islamic nations in peace and harmony for centuries..." Uh, no they have certainly NOT. Name a single one. The best one MIGHT claim is Andalus in the Andalus Khalifa but that was short lived and even then Jews were "dhimmi." Sorry, but taxing a person exorbiantly based on race , religion, or ethnicity is not "living in harmony." However, even Andalus was an abberation ebcause in most cases the bestr one could hope for was emasulation as in Yemen, or let us simply examine 7 Arab and Islamic nations today who do not permit a single Jew to even step foot inside its borders for visits, official or otherwise! "Jews in Arab/Islamic nations enjoyed a far better life than they did in Europe." Actually, not true at all. In Europe Jews finally were able to enjoy the fruits of "Western Enlightenment," albeit for a very short interlude. Still, nothing approaching that full emmancipation has even even come close to happening in any Arab land. "Zionism is the worst nightmare humanity has ever encountered..." Really? Say worse than Darfur? Worse than slavery which continues to this very day in several Arab and Islamic nations? Worse than honour killing? Worse than forced female circumcision? See, one need not even compare your statement against such things as the Holocaust to show the nonsensical values expressed therein. "Judiaism is a religion of peace." Guess what? ALl JEWS believe in their right to live in THEIR homeland. The major difference is that some believe we should wait for the Messiah while others see no such prohibition. There are Jews who are not religious and despise Zionism based on Anarchism or Communism but then you refer to religious Jews... I have to laugh a bit at your Youtube pics of religous Jews condemning israel. Do you even know who they are? They are Netueri Karta (Guardians of the City, meaning of course JERUSALEM) and they believe that once the Messiah appears,m all non-Jews will serve as asalves to Jews in what is now israel so please, by all emans, keep promoting them (sic).
  5. Israeli Terror State

    The Youtube blurb you offer is a joke. the guy is a nut. israel is a soverign state that came BACK into existence via UN Ratification. Its mandate is as a Jeiwsh Homeland. Zionists agreed to a partition in 1919, Arabs did not. They wanted all the land. Today there 32 Arab nations WITHOUT the PA, and 57 Islamic nations. "Palestinians" are "stateless" because they made bad choices and continue to make poorer ones in light of intervening events. they have a problem with land? See Jordan and send Hussein back to Hejaz. There is NEVER an excuuse for using terror of any kind against non-military targets no matter your rationale, or lack thereof. Purposely exploding yourself while standing near women and children is despicable, beyond vile, case closed.
  6. Yasnov: On your "Rabbi in Prague in 1865," please refer to my previous psot discussing "Jewish Cemetery in Prague." On your request for eminenet scholars, how many do you want? Also, what is your paramter for "eminent" or qualified," someone agreeing with your take on things or rather someone with academic credentials and wide acceptance? If Jews are so omnipotent, why weree they subjected to the Holocaust? Why does israel even need ana rmy if it is, as your forgery states, able to have armies of other nations do its bidding for it? Your fantasy about a "Mr. Zion killing your kids" is just sick, hands down. Why engage in blind and ignorant hatred? Are we not all the creation of G-D? How then do you villify an entire nation of people? I find it utterly amazing that you would post verbatim the Wiki on "Protocols" and then sit here and claim that it is soemhow authentic and telling. I do not want to engage in ad hom nonsense but you really seem out of foucs to say the least. With respect (and yes, I CAN offer human decency to a person who villfies me and my People), do you EVEN understand the entry? It disparages the "Protocols" as nonsense.
  7. First, let me say foremost how saddned I am to find, on what purports to be a fair minded site on Islam, such an utter example of vile hatred. Fact is, the Protocols has been found thorughout European courst, for well over 100 years, to have been a poor Russian forgery of a French Revolution pamphlet with certain Napleonic references altered. Those Napoleanic items have been replaced with blatantly fictitious anti-Jewish points. The Protocols are laughable in their simple mindedness. The work is based foremost on a work by the French subversive (against the French Govt. and Catholic Church, not anything Jewish) Eugene Sue. Sue's work, " Mysteries les Publixue" (Mysteries of the People), which focused almost exclusively on the Jesuit faction of the Catholic Church. Sue's work was used heavily, for an anti-Napoleon III pamphlet, "Dialogue aux Enfres Entre Machiavel et Montesquieu" {Dialog in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu}. In that pamphlet, the eveil plot of the Jesuis was given to Napleonic supporters in France. In 1868 Hermann Goedsche published a novel called "Biarrits" {To Sedan}. In one curious chapter Goedsche gave the outline of a plot for world domination by Jews. It was entitled, "Jewish Cemetery in Prague and Council of Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of israel." Then in the late 1890s, in Russia, a failed journalist Matuei Golavinski began plagiarising both referenced European works , substituting the evil machinations of the Jesuits and then the followers of Napoleon III with that of the Jews, combined both earlier plots with the chapter from Goedsche's book and created a ridiculous story catering to the current (and too often USUAL) anti-Jewish mania sweeping Europe. He managed to have his work published in serial form in a Russian daily, in the year 1903 CE/AD. The work took off like a rocket, capturing the already baited minds of white Europeans. Russia was in the midst of political upheaval with the most prominent political opposition being the communist Bolsheviks. Supporters of the serialised articles pointed to the fictitious Jewish plot as a sure indicator ogf the evil Jewish ambitions within their midst. The Czar, Nicholas , had no choice but to order a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth of the article. The Czar found officially and privately that the work was blatant forgery, at best, and anti-Russian at its worst, meant to further destablise his faltering hold on govt. One interesting thing that his investigation found was that in the "Protocols," Chapters 1 through 19 follow, verbatim in many places, chapters 1 through 17 in "Dialogue." One very important clue as to the nonsense in "Protocols" is the use of the Hindu incarnation Vishnu over and over, as well as a general aping of literary style. With the Russian 1905 Revolution the work gained currency and after 1917 could be found throughout most of the world. It gained huge currecny in Arabic circles with its 1960 appearance in an article by Cairo governor Salah Dasuqi in al Majalla'a'a. So.....Anyone taking this nasty and prejudiced piece of trash at face value should really be ashamed of their self.
  8. Hi. My name is Rachamim Ra'anan Ben Ami. I am a 40 yearold new member, dual israeli/American. Perhaps a bit unusual in biography but an open minded person who thrives on honest and fair exhcange of ideas. Hoping perhaps that I might broaden some perspectives as wll as certainly broadening my own.