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  1. Muslim Lads Going Travelling

    Salaams. Just to quickly answer some of the questions that have been sent to me... Still waiting on some rather slack Jordanians to complete the ticket price!!! I'm anticipating the price to be around $3500 (AU$ not $US) so you do the maths... The travel dates - well, it was to be the month or so preceeding Ramadan (with the first couple of days of the holy month to be spent in Islamic Cairo) However, I've had more people see that as a negative than a positive so far, so it's part of the reason behind my changing timing (see below) Some of the most important feedback I've had so far is in regards to the duration. It seems that 45 days is just simply too long for most people. The profile of the target audience is actually a different one to similar tours aimed at your common or garden Western backpacker. Our lot don't typically take a year out (which is a huge shame but I'm not going to change a global community's perspective on this with one tour!) and as such, to participate would need to take time off work/uni etc. Which is why I'm going to be splitting the tour into 3 different options: Istanbul to Damascus (3 wks) Damascus to Cairo (3 wks) and the whole Istanbul to Cairo (42 days) The new update to the site will be out shortly insh'Allah. Like I say, I've also reconsidered doing it just before Ramadan after taking some advice on anticipated temperatures along the way. It's going to be hot. Reeeeeal hot! I've done the route many times in both hot and cold conditions and I have to say that it's much more enjoyable when the temperature ISN'T 45 degrees plus! Anyway, please keep the feedback coming. And thanks to all the brothers (if you are from this forum) who have already pledged themselves to the trip - it is good to see this beautiful brotherhood growing even this far ahead of the journey itself. Insh'Allah it lasts a lifetime... W'Allah this is exactly the thing that is driving me to do this! wa salam
  2. Muslim Lads Going Travelling

    Many thanks to the brothers (and sisters!) who have expressed an interest. I'd also urge you to ask your questions here too! (cos that way it gets bumped all the time! :sl: ) And I do apologise to my sisters who are unfortunately not able to partake in this.
  3. Revert Alert...

    INsh'Allah. Thanks for your welcome Ibo2A, and thanks to everyone else for making me feel so welcome here. wa salaam dd
  4. It is not appropriate to say out loud God's name nor use his words in a place where djinn lurk, a bathroom with a toilet being one of them. However, thinking about God is not prohibited at any point, to the best of my understanding.
  5. Muslim Lads Going Travelling

    I have an event coming up! We have some pretty inspiring people in our history - in all fields. ONe fellow who always got overlooked by Western education was Ibn Battuta who was probably the most prolific traveller the world has ever known. Marco Polo, Vasco De Gama but rarely an Ibn Battuta! THat's a great shame. When I was growing up, from the age of 16 onwards, I took every opportunity to hit the road and explore. I'd work a couple of years then just disappear to countries that I had never even heard of... Stick pins in maps and try and find someway to get there. Though most were never as extreme as I, going off on a year out or simply taking time away to go travelling for no other reason than to experience what the world has to offer is something of a rites of passage thing now for young British, Irish, Australian, Canadian, Kiwi, and Yank twenty-somethings. In fact most Europeans are into it too. And yet - despite the legacy of Batttuta, Jubayr etc our youngsters do not seem to get out and about in quite the same way as their Western counterparts. My own theory is, that even in some of our own 'Muslim' countries there are simply no halal options. I think the difficulties for young women to go travelling are well-documented and I will leave any sort of 'revolution' in that field for someone else. But for the young lads, well, there's currently not too much out there for them. Till now! :sl: Out of respect for the rules of the forum, I shall not post the link to my site unless I have been given permission, but in the meantime, could anyone chip in with some of the 'halal' alternatives there are for our boys to put on their packs and get out there? Are there any? dd
  6. Sounds Of Light

    This was a great event! My favourite part though was the MC's!! OH yes - Mash'Allah! :sl:
  7. Sounds Of Light

    Salaam alaikum Talal!!!!!!! Yaah akhi! I see you've been causing trouble on other forums?! Mabrouk! :sl:
  8. Revert Alert...

    Wa alaikum salaam my brothers and sisters. Thankyou for the beautiful welcome people - and my - what an international bunch you appear to be! Alhamdulilah. INsh'Allah our community can find the unity and commonality of purpose that you seem to be purporting here. Abu Hafsa - I believe you, despite what everyone else here has said to me about you through PM's... :sl: Ahhhh, just kidding. Sort of! Mujahideen Rider - I co-direct an initiative in our community here called Stories in the Park, where myself and other prominent community members will get up in front of an audience and simply tell stories - stories from the Qur'an, stories from the traditions of the Prophet pbuh, not to mention personal stories, anecdotes, stories from the Arabian Nights, and others still from the huge wealth of story telling treasure that is the legacy of our forebears. So on those warm Sydney summer nights, at MAghreb, we descend en masse on one of the amazing parks in the area and provide ourselves with halal entertainment. I will talk more about this another time. I also just MC'd a nasheeds tour of concerts with Raihan, Ahmed Bukhatir, Imad Rami, Mesud Kurtis and others, and this is a line of entertainment that insh'Allah I will be pursing vigourously over the next year. Again, more another time. Dot - member number one eh?! Well may Allah bless you for your efforts here. As I say, uniting our people on a one to one basis is something very dear to me and you are doing a phenomenal job may I say. Long may it continue insh'Allah. As for the projects Dot, I mentioned a couple already, but there is one other that I am very keen to launch, and will do so in another thread I think. It is my Istanbul to Cairo overland tour for young Muslim brothers. It was on that very road I found Islam, alhamdulilah. And I believe God is leading me back there for a very good reason. I want to see love and brotherhood absolutely bloom between we Muslimeenah - be we from North, South, East or West. Like I say, I'll post up some details and you can let me know what you think insh'Allah. Wa salaam dd
  9. Revert Alert...

    Salaam alaikum one and all Irish/British revert now firmly ensconced in Sydney. Married with 6 beautiful kids alhamdulilah. What do I do? Well, I am involved in a number of initiatives concerning halal entertainment options in Australia and one biggy involving a halal travel option for young Muslim brothers.... but, I'm getting ahead of myself! Day to day I simply struggle to hold on to my sanity as the wee ones chip away at it... Like I say - alhamdulilah! So - anyone want to share with me who the cool kids are? And who should I keep my distance from? Wasalam Dishdash