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  1. Yes , the history books ...please read them , or ask the Berbers , Armenians , the Hindus of India , or the victims of the Ottoman Empire . Muslims radicals know terror too . And they're good at it .
  2. War ??? I think nukes would raise the stakes and make evreything "more interesting " . Just like the good old days of crusaders and saracens . What do you think ?
  3. Terrorists Will Release Another Video

    Under my bed ? No , but I think I found one here . So you say it wasn't muslims who blew up the Golden Masjid in Iraq ? Whatever you may accuse US Forces of doing , muslims have done the same . Was it US Forces that set off the bomb in Hyderabad , India ? Just today , a minbus packed with explosives was found and defused in Turkiye.....who was that ? US Forces ?
  4. Osama Bin Laden: The Newest Fake

    Bin Laden really is dead , and if you look closely you can see Zarwahiri behind the corpse , moving bin Laden's arms . And Zarwahiri ? He's dead to , because behind him is a CIA guy , moving his arms too . And I know because I am an educated intelligent guy , who can differentiate between what is real and what is fake .
  5. Terrorists Will Release Another Video

    Yes , I know, there are "fake " Zarwahiri's and fake Al Qadari's , and fake muslims beheading fake muslims .....and those masjid being blown up and destroyed by muslims ? They were really on 18 inches tall , studio props used by Holly-CIA-Wood . They had those props left-over from Star Wars . Are WOOKIES real ?
  6. And what do the brutal and barbarous acts of Iraqi insurgents "equate with" ? Even before the US was in Iraq ?
  7. Osama Bin Laden: The Newest Fake

    I do exist and I am real ! I am an educated Muslim man so I can differentiate between the real and the fake. ? LOLOLOL, ROTFLMAO LOLOLOLOL
  8. Terrorists Will Release Another Video

    CIA , is pretty good . Did CIA produce beheading videos ?