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  1. Turkish Pm Urges End To Scarf Ban

    I hope the Tunisians learn from this as well
  2. correct, although there are Muslims who are dubious about real people converting. never lose hope of people coming to Islam. we should be patient with them, even those who want to get us round in circles, let's answer them patiently and kindly because in the end they will lose out and not us
  3. thats exactly how i felt
  4. World 20/20

    do you think 20/20 will replace the 50 over one day game?
  5. Our Prophets Belongings

    thanks for sharing these pics
  6. Sallamun Alaikum Eid Gifts for Iraqi Orphans BE PART OF THE LARGEST FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN WHICH WILL PROVIDE EID PRESENTS FOR ORPHANS IN IRAQ go to you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_iraqicharities(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/gift.php (you can make an online donation now) The ‘Iraqi Charities Forum’ is a charity registered in the UK under the number 1115625 and as a non-profit company with Company House under the number 5354695. What are the transparency guarantees? The Iraqi Charities Forum takes full responsibility for any funds it receives. We at ICF want to assure you that we will do whatever we can to make sure that every penny donated will reach the Iraqi orphans on Eid. All the details of the campaign will be accessible on the ICF website (e.g. details of donations, names of orphans benefiting, pictures and videos of the event etc.)