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  1. Arabic From Basics

    :sl: How can I learn Arabic from Basics? I find the resources on Gawaher disorganized. Is there a recommended resource available on Internet which can help me learn Arabic from Scratch? :sl:
  2. Music In Islam

    Dear Brother and Sisters, Assalam Alikum! What are the limitations of Music in Islam? I listen to an Islamic Musician called Sami Yusuf. Is it right to hear him? If Music is allowed, what are the geners allowed? One of my friend listen to Dark Metal, is it allowed?
  3. Please Dua For My Family

    Please keep praying. :sl:
  4. Fortification Of The Muslim

    Can someone please translate the arabic into English? I don't mean translation but the verses into English since they are less readable.
  5. Please Dua For My Family

    Assalam Alikum dear Brothers and Sisters, It is yet again a month of Ramadan. The month of blessings but somehow between 10th Ramadan till Eid, there's a tension between my Mom and Dad. My Mom keeps getting Hyper and becomes sarcastic with my Dad or my Dad gets angry on small points and then they fight. Then very tense things happen which I cannot describe. This has happened since 2 Ramadans and now again my Mom is always hyper, I fear that they'll fight again and this time I think that it is going to get till the highest point. I want to ask my all my brothers and sisters to please pray for my Mom and Dad relationship. Please pray that it becomes stronger. Please also pray that from now every Ramadan day goes joyful. :'( Thanks