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  1. What Would It Take?

    there is no possibility that Islam is wrong , that 's what billion of muslims belive in .. keep talking , this wont change anything and people will convert to Islam whatever happens thanks Allah
  2. What Would It Take?

    We are not in a war here , we are civilized people , why u want to prove that Islam is wrong ?
  3. Marriage

    it still early to say , but congratiolations to us my fiance , I am searching for more sources to answer your question , Allah blesses you and keep you a guidance for me to the happiness path
  4. This Life Is Not Our Real Life

    May Allah Fill your life with happiness and secure ... you always surprise us with your very important posts and threads .. mash'Allah , may Allah gather you and me in life and in his paradise .. yours , moments
  5. What Would It Take?

    I open my arms and welcome anyone who wants to have a usefull conversation without disrespecting : 1- Allah " God ". 2- Mohamed peace be upon him . 3-The Holly Quran . we hasbeya Allah wa ne2ma al wakeel moments
  6. Western Perceptions Of Islam

    I totally agree with you dear sister , May Allah lights your life with happiness : )
  7. Torture In Hell

    these atheists just want to attract attention , they invade peaceful calm websites and forums and tries to complicate everything , they just want some attention , as they arabic saying tells : ( the dogs park and the life just goes on ) , keep talking skavau , yes will write replies to you , but we have our lives and we dont think about what u say except when we write you a post ... I am wondering how can anyoone stands himself while he feel such neglicted ! I once saw a documentary movie , it's american and it shows a little pretty child hiding behind her mom's back , she was scare of one atheist walking around ! good child !
  8. What Would It Take?

    this is disrespect , are you sure that you are a female ? I think that you are male who likes to be considerd to be a male .. go and see a doc
  9. What Would It Take?

    what ? what does has to do with anything ?! you just come here to make fights and to annoy muslims , go and do your tricks somewhere else we are happy without you ! cannot u notice that ?
  10. What Would It Take?

    watch your mouth when you talk abotu the greatest book in the world The Holly Quran
  11. What Would It Take?

    Quran is the word Of God , God promised to keep quran and protect it , we love quran , we do belive in it , keep away from mentioning our holly book . Thank you sis Ebtesam :sl: Allah bless you and keep you away from such poisoned people .. slalam
  12. The Purpose Of Life

    Assalamo alykom , Ebtesam , this is wonderful post really , and wonderful touching lecture , I read it once and I feel that I wan to read it more every muslim should read it , baraka Allah feke , Allah blesses you , and blesses that da'ya best regards moments .
  13. Islam In Palestine

    and I am proud that in nablus there is more than 70 mousque !!!! mashala , al-hamdolelah :sl:
  14. Islam In Palestine

    I am from nablus " gabal al nar " thank u very much
  15. Islam In Palestine

    I am from nablus " gabal al nar "