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  1. Heart Ache

    assalamu aliakum I am new here but I really need help.my daughter recently went overseas for what I thought was a holiday.now I am told she got married.alhamdulilah I am new to Islam and so heartbroken that we was close and shared everything.suddenly she seems cold and incaring.she is a muslim also.we live dalone here where I am as my husband is overseas.I dont know what to say or how to act anymore.I am depressed I am holding tight to Allah.when she knew how upset I am she said to me she is not to blame for my feelings,I didnt realise that when I said goodbye at the airport I might not see her again.please can someone give me advice.the close bond we had seems to have gone.I am normally understanding but I feel like this has destoyed my trust in her
  2. The Prayer Of Need; Salaatul Hajah

    assalamu aliakum thankyou
  3. Face To Faith

    assalamu aliakum thankyou for this interesting post I did my first fast this ramadan and it really helped me to understanding many things one being to blessings of Allah that I have to be able to turn the tap on for water or reach out for food to eat.To remember those who have no food for days no clean water or clothes for their backs.I fasted for most of Ramadan due to my health I became very weak(diabetis)but you know even in my weakness I was able to fast for as long as I could alhamdulillah.Allah blessed me with endurance and strenth,he blessed me with a bed to rest and a pillow.We often take so much for grantage.As I read daily the Quran when possible my mind and heart was opened up by the grace of Allah.I am new to Islam and am thankful for the chance to fast in rememberance of all that Allah does for me.I am a muslim and it was a wonderful month to be part of
  4. Eid Mubarak To You All

    [using large font size is not allowed] assalamu aliakum For all my brothers and sisters here and beyond Eid mubarak :sl: :sl: :j: :no: I love you for the sake of Allah
  5. Aslamalaikum

    wa aliakum salaam welcome to the forum sis Im sure we will enjoy it here Im new also :sl:
  6. Salaamzzz

    Eid Mubarak thankyou :sl:
  7. Salaamzzz

    assalamu aliakum hi Im new also I think we have to have so many posts eid mubarak to you also :sl:
  8. New Members: Read This!

    I really like the security here and the friendliness between brothers and sister thankyou
  9. Assalam Aliakum

    assalam aliakum I am new to this forum and also to Islam I live an isolated life but through the internet inshaa Allah I will not be so isolated.thankyou for accepting me here
  10. Assalam Aliakum

    thankyou both for your warm welcome :no: