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  1. Advice Needed

    Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji'oon wsalaam
  2. Marriage

    i am bangladeshi but i live in england. its not force but its what the family want, would i make a big mistake if i married a "normal guy" as in not so religious. my sistaz say they regret not marrying a religious guy. because there husbands dont know much about Islam and they have to teach them.
  3. Fard And Sunnah

    thank you
  4. Money

    i understand totally but my frendz do not and they want hadith. is that too much to ask?
  5. *** Please Read Before Posting! ***

    salaam sorry i just posted then i read what you said wsalaam
  6. Marriage

    salaam everyone i'm 17 i dont know what to do. my father wants to get me married, to any guy who knows the quran and has a lot of knowledge in Islam, and has a beard, which alhamdullilah is good. but i have very little knowledge in Islam thats why i have joined this forum to understand Islam more but i am scared of the idea of marrying a man that has way more knowledge than me. i understand a man teaches his wife. but my question is, isnt too much difference a problem? i dont know i'v spoken to my sisters they say it doesnt matter. but i really want other peoples advise. i dont want to be offensive but so far the Masjid teachers i no are very backward and i really don't want to end up with a man like that. i dont mean he has to let me to do anything i want but i dont no how to explain..... see me as a wife and not just a house wife who shoudnt be allowed out the house. my father is like that with my mother even though he is very religious. he has alot of knowledge in Islam and is constantly trying to learn more from his teenage years. He provides the family with everything such as food, money, Islamic knowledge and anything you can ask for but love and affection towards us. i see him as a teacher i see all bearded guys like this now. i dont know any personally but they remind me of my father. before i was totally against it but now i'm not sure....... maybe he can help me with my faith because i really need help with it. any advice anyone? wsalaam
  7. Not Drying Face After Wudu

    salam bro i dont understand, when you do your wudu you are cleaning youself so..........your clean!lol im totally confused
  8. Fard And Sunnah

    my question is brother if you should pray the four raka'at with two salams or four raka'at with one salam in the end. this is for the sunnat for zuhr, before the fard because the sister sed there is no such thing as 4 sunnah prayer with 1 salaam for zuhr
  9. Fard And Sunnah

    thanx 4 ur reply
  10. Should We Really Laugh?

  11. New Guy

    salaam welcome brother wsalaam
  12. Fard And Sunnah

    salaam i was praying zuhr prayer in college when some sisters asked me what prayer i was doing i told them i was doing 4 rakat sunnah together for zuhr and they told me there is no such thing. they said you can only pray 2 rakats for sunnah. i don't know but iv been taught this all my life and all the people in Masjid do it this way. a bengali Masjid. i was also taught that women and men do there prayer a little different for example women should sit different to men is that true? sorry another question do women have to touch feet so there is no gap while praying so the shaytaan don't join in? i heard that women have to keep there feet together but in some places people do different. can any one help and explain? a hadith would be very good wsalaam
  13. Money

    yes can you get me some proof if you can?
  14. Money

    oh i'm sorry i didn't mean to do that its just that i'm so used to it. any way what i was asking was is it haraam to pick up money from the ground which is not yours? i need hadith to prove to frends please help wsalaam
  15. Are You Interested In Gaining Weight?

    how about some tips on how 2 lose weight? i could do with loosin a a stone or 2 ant gud tips