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  1. How Do I Edit My Post

    Asalamalaikum There are a lot of problems in my Country, England. But the biggest problem is the struggle, the muslims are going to face later in the future, because things are not looking up for other muslims. War, in Iraq/ Afghanistan saddens me. Muslims killing other muslims is horrible. Living in Islam isn't a problem. I love my religion. But living in England is a problem, keeping a beard makes for people to descriminate, and English people, even muslims don't understand the Islamic rules and Laws. They label us as Extremists. Make Dua for Muslims around the world, May we all be helped in our struggle and trials. Ameen. Peace be on you All.
  2. Asalamalaikum Just a little effort is needed. Try your best to Recite the Quran or at least listen to someone reciting the Quran. If you can pray, you should try praying 5 times a day. The best knowledge gained, is one gained for Islam. May Allah (swt) bless you.
  3. Please Pray

    Yes, We should pray to Allah (swt) for all the Muslims around the World. May Allah save us all. Ameen.
  4. Have An Unbiased Look

    Asalamalaikum Nice Poem. Straigth from the Heart.
  5. Telling The Truth Or Remaining Silent?

    I think somebody mentioned it already, Seek Guidance in Allah (swt) many ways of doing this. Before going to sleep, Ask Allah (swt) for Guidance regarding a task. Then while going to sleep, read 'Ya Badeeu' Al-Badee' (The Originator) If you are in grief, recite (Yaa-Badee-us-Samaawaati-Wal-Ardh) 1000 times, Allah will soon grant you relief from your misery. If a particular task is to be undertaken, but you are not certain as to its feasibility, recite this name of Allah before falling asleep, you will receive guidance in a dream. Insha-Allah May Allah (swt) Bless you
  6. The Second Blow Of The Horn

    It is going to be the same Earth. When people are resurrected, they will be confused, and in shock.
  7. Eid: Etiquette And Rulings

    Thanks for the Warnings :sl: Fasting is not a burden. Neither should it be treated as a Burden.