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  1. Bush Commands Musharaf To Undress

    wa alikum salam pakistan is not a muslim nation... it is used as a tool to hurt and insult muslims every muslim should speak out against pakistan
  2. Bush Commands Musharaf To Undress

    if pakistan is such a heavenly peaceful, and prosperous nation you portray it as, why are millions of pakis working in 7 11's and gas stations, in the west? if it is so prosperous, stay in it.. we have the excuse of war. but if pakistan never had war why are there millions upon millions of pakistan collecting welfare in the west? something to ponder :no:
  3. poor guy is in denial.. pick up and read the paper.
  4. Blast From The Past -paktoonkhawa

    selling it and not getting high off it is not nearly a s bad as buying it and having millions of crazy, ugly addicts living on the streets at their own free will. we don't smoke it, we sell it. :sl: those who eat 5 pounds of dall each day, don't have any credibility, because their minds have astrohied from too much daal and spice eating. :sl: your stability and existence is dependant on the situation of afghanistan....your time will be over very soon. its ok.. my little friend
  5. yeah, keep going..... i really don't care about that. what i care about is the reality that pakistan will soon be dismantled by teenagers in "rugged mountains"..
  6. Bush Commands Musharaf To Undress

    get out of my thread.. you are not welcome here. pakis are the ones swamping the whole world like bugs(every corner) with their unwanted populations..commiting street crimes in london, terrorist attacks, drugs, violence, clubbing, etc. have you looked around at the situation of pakis not only in pakistan but in the rest of the world? as far as i know, every group of people hate the way pakis act and their behaviors. you have put muslims to shame..
  7. Blast From The Past -paktoonkhawa

    just wait untill we afghans dismantle pakistan, letting india take her part and we take our part... then talk..
  8. Blast From The Past -paktoonkhawa

    last time i checked it was pakis buying our pretty poppy flowers and turning it into heroin to get high on.. have you seen how many thousands of crazy punjabis are living homeless on the streets of lahore and karachi etc. because they are addicted to our opium? we innocently sell the flowers, its up to you what you want to do with them. see the so-called terrorists whom till yesterday pakistan supported with open arms and financial support are now your sworn enemies. but pakis are the real terrorists because they are the ones killing and bombing civilians.
  9. ask them why, not me.. which oppurtunities.. pakistan is a crap hole of massive proportions.. having the world's most pakis with telemarketing jobs is not called a productive economy. pakistan is a failed state.. according to many scholars and will fall apart very soon.
  10. Bush Commands Musharaf To Undress

    afghanistan is headed towards progress... we are slowly brining ourselves back up on our own two feet.. that;s whats bothering pakis. as the parliamentary elections start, we;ll see a new less-corrupt government and talks are already on the way with taliban and hekmatyar. we have afghan youths all over the world who have a new vision, educated, and enlightened individuals willing to serve their country. people from all over are going back and developing afghanistan. kabul in 30 years will be like dubai. have you visited kabul recently? all will unite, and will live happily ever after. whereas pakistan is suffering from the wrath of Allah... in a state of chaos and emergency.. soon it will fall apart in pieces ... one paki killing another paki, etc.
  11. Bush Commands Musharaf To Undress

    yeah it's actually arabs who developed the praactice of suicide bombing.. and pakis as we know are very subjugated people who don't have a history or culture of their own and thus very easily indoctrinated and influenced. we have witnessed this from centuries past...every invader used to plunder your ancestors for fun without any fight put up by your ancestors. so this shows what kind of people you are. most pakistani's ancestors were forced to convert to Islam by the whips and swords of afghan and arab invaders. i don't wnat to "sell my ideas" anywhere but separate paki lies and treachery from reality... As for opium and heroin, we cultivate the pretty little flowers and sell them, its pakis that turn it into heroin and get high on it, blaming afghans for it. If we don't have industry, allies etc. at least we have Allah on our side... and Allah will never fail those who strive inthe way of Islam. selling onesself to britain and america is easy... as for pakiland, there's a brothel behind every Masjid.. thats what i call a country..lol
  12. don't change the subject.. or deny that punjabis volunteer at their own free will to do the "ugly job"..no one can stop them
  13. Blast From The Past -paktoonkhawa

    don't eat too much chapati and daal...myfriend it realyl is bad for the mind i think. pakistan is one joke of a country, you lost 3 wars to india, lost bangladesh and will soon lose balochistan, and all of pashtunkhwa. currently, your army is facing defear in swat, waziristan and bajawor, etc. and the time is not far that pakis will start killing eachother either. musharff will be replaced by bhutto, she wil lbe assasinated and then we;ll what will happen with this devilish british-created den of evil called pakistan. you are already doing just that, commiting mass genocides against pashtun and baloch.. ethnic cleansing is the term out of cowardliness. you can't muster the courage to fight guerilla war, as we've seen and witnessed. but its easy to press a button from a helicopter...we all know that. the causalties figures released by the pakistani army is a big lie......not a day goes by without taliban killing pakistani frontier corps and regular army soldiers. SSG commandos..ISI employees..300+ kidnapped, hundreds beheaded, everyday there are killing or kidnappings................last intelligence report indicated that waziristan taliban were working on acquiring anti aircraft missiles to shoot down those low flying outdate pakistani cobras------this should be interesting.
  14. Bush Commands Musharaf To Undress

    you know well that those blowing themselves in the name of jihad are pakis and arabs. afghans don't have the history or culture of suicide bombing. we fight with weapons.. havn't pakistanis played a role in destroying the image of Islam, blowing up train stations in london, terrorist attacks, suicide bombing, etc. I guess eating too much chapati and dal weaken's ones mind-power... wake up and smell the cofeee. In the soviet occupation, the afghan resistance used to ignite donkey's and dogs in order to clear minefields... now certain humans are actually volunteering to do that job instead. it really makes me sad... but its the reality.
  15. Blast From The Past -paktoonkhawa

    You should just come clean about your intention of becoming a member here instead of floating vague notions of 'peace' and 'mutual brotherhood' if you plan on getting a welcoming reception. If you think you can come here and sweet talk on issues like peace with pakistan you are wasting your time. No Afghan will ever accept peace with the devilish treacherous punjabistan. Dont you think it is ironic that the punjabistan dubs itself to be a 'champion' of Islam but in reality is one of the biggest enemies of the Muslims? No self-claimed Muslim nation has ever perverted and twisted the good name and words of Islam for their own dirty political ends like the pakistan has. you can't come here and try to make any excuses for the punjabistan and talk about peace and brotherhood with the knife you hold behind your back. Afghans know all too well what the punjabistan is all about and Afghans have heard and seen enough of paki lies. If you are a Pashtun then you are Afghan, not paki. You will trade centuries of being Afghan and belonging to Afghan nation for a 60 year old fabricated indo-hindu centric paki nationality then you can;t claim to be psahtun.. lol... believing and wanting to belong to the British lie and tool against the Muslims that is pakistan. other then a few ta bandi ma bandi Makani fathans... no pashton….with even one cell of brain would ever ever be pro-pakistan.