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  1. Random Incoherence

    Random: My internet is soooooooooooo ANNOYING!!! :sl:
  2. Random Incoherence

    Random: I use the 12 hour clock when I speak... !!
  3. Alcoholic Crisps Irk Uk Muslims

    :sl: I recently found out that some of the Thorntons ice creams have alcohol in them!!! :sl:
  4. Random Incoherence

    ^ ^ loool RF: I thought it was 'Where is Wally'... :sl:
  5. Random Incoherence

    I love this thread beause I get to read your randomness khala :sl: Random: My room is such a mess!!
  6. Your Name In Japanese

    :sl: Alleena - katatakukutoka lool my name is so funny!!!
  7. Hi I M Imran, Got A Problem Though

    Asalaamu Alaykum brother, Welcome to the forum!!! Hope your stay here will be beneficial InshaAllah and look forward to seeing your input! Salaams
  8. Do You Use Swear/cuss Words And Other Inappropriate Ones?

    :sl: I don't swear but sometimes when something sudden happens that annoys me I don't think and accidently swear but I have been controlling myself quiet a bit now.. Just thinking twice before talking!
  9. Self-criticism

    :sl: MashaAllah a good read, Jazakillahu Khayrun for sharing sis! Salaams
  10. Am Back

    Aslaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuh, Since Im kind of a new member myself I don't remember you! But It's will be nice to InshaAllah get to know you now! Look forward to seeing your posts around and welcome back! Salaams
  11. Amusing Owls

    :sl: a######w Thanks for sharing sis!!!! xxx
  12. World's 'oldest' Person In Israel

    :sl: Allhumdalillah thats so cool.. she looks so sweet MashaAllah!!! :sl: MashaAllah!!
  13. Random Incoherence

    Khala your right.. I change mine to: I stongly dislike cold weather!!! Neighbours... no wayyyy.. Im sick of Susan and Karl!!! and Toadie should of left ages ago!!! :no:
  14. Random Incoherence

    I second that!!
  15. Random Incoherence

    home and away .. always!!!
  16. A Very Big Announcement!

    :sl: I posted in the sisters room but again My dua's to you and everyone else may Allah (swt) help you through this hardship and reward you all for your good efforts to keep on the path of deen. Ameen.
  17. God Bless You?

    Wow Allhumdalillah... I was just about to write.. you could say JazakAllah Khair..
  18. Random Incoherence

    :sl: Random: So true.. you go out in the day and the weather is alrite and by around 6/7pm its freezing cold!!!
  19. Tests From Allah

    :sl: JazakAllah Khair for sharing Brother Aaqib and also Sis Mehnaz for your input :sl: Something that I also needed to be reminded of! Salaams
  20. Our Future Home Check It Out

    :sl: So did I ^^ JazakAllah Khair for the reminder bro!!
  21. Ya Allah

    Asalaamu Alaykum, Ameen to all your dua's. May Allah (swt) forgive you, your family, all the muslims for any sins and grant us all a place in Janat-ul Firdous. Ameen. Salaams
  22. Do You Give Up Your Seat

    Asalaamu Alaykum Same as sis Aamina..
  23. Plans To Attack Our Forum

    How sad that they have nothing better to do with thier time...
  24. Asalaamu Alaykum brother, May your stay here be beneficial InshaAllah and look forward to seeing your posts aswel! Salaams
  25. Riddle :)

    A revolving door??? I want to know .. what is it??