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  1. Black magick (jaadu)

    peace dear brother, in your previous post, you said black magic does not exist. this is absolute nonsense. if you had bothered to read the whole thread, i and many others have said that black magic is forbidden. if you still are clueless, look up harut and marut, or even easier, read this thread!!! as for the 'as far as you can see' bit, fair enough, you have an opinion which you have stated, which has been stated by several others. obviously you also suffer from chrnoic myopia as well. i will say this again so please read: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO POINT IN REPEATING AGAIN AND AGAIN THE FACT THAT YOU BELIEVE MAGIC DOES NOT EXIST. IF YOU HAVE SOME INTELLIGENT ARGUMENT OR PROOF TO BACK IT UP, WHICH HAS NOT BEEN PREVIOUSLY PRESENTED THEN BY ALL MEANS SHOW US. HOWEVER IT IS AN ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME REPEATING YOURSELF AND OTHERS. IF YOU WANT TO DO THAT, LOCK YOURSELF IN AN AVIARY WITH OTHER EXOTIC BIRDS AND CHIRP AWAY TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT. LET IT HEREBY BE ACKNOWLEDGED THAT BROTHER twoswordali HAS THE OPINION STATED IN HIS 2 POSTS. i will not continue trying to educate you in the purpose of a debate. clearly, there are many people on this forum who feel the need to say the same thing again and again, who are also the same people who do not bother to read the thread in its entirety. to all readers: say not things about God which you do not know. who is worse than he who says lies about God? God bless
  2. Black magick (jaadu)

    peace there is absolutely no point in any of your post. this is merely an unsupported opinion, which has been posted several times already. try reading the thread before posting. God bless
  3. Black magick (jaadu)

    peace dear brother ###### please forgive my attitude. i have been extremely rude. it is no excuse, but i have been extremely upset by other circumstances, but i should not have allowed myself to be so rude, may God forgive me. God bless
  4. Black magick (jaadu)

    greetings of peace dear brother ###### this is the last time i will respond to your utterly preposterous ramblings. you quote a part of al-anbiya which i could justifiably hurl at you. you quote a single line from as-saffat. please read the surah again. you are implying it is judgement day and you are and angel. this i suspect is part of your problem, you are utterly ignorant of God's words. do not hasten to the Quran. do not say things about God you do not know. stop worrying about whether someone else is misguided, as i can neither benefit you nor harm you on judgement day. worry about your own self. this topic is about magick. i will respond to any more of your timewasting. God bless
  5. Black magick (jaadu)

    greetings of peace dear brother ######, perhaps english is not one of your first languages. nowhere have i condoned magick. reread the posts. i will repeat : i am muslim. the 'duties' of Islam do not include refuting any allegations. in any case, you have repeated your point of view again and again and again and again and again, so let it be here duly noted : you reject my opinion. now that is clear, i hope you will not waste time by repeating again. the last question is ridiculous and deserves and has no answer. God bless
  6. Black magick (jaadu)

    greetings of peace dear brother ######, why do you proceed to repeat yourself insatiably copying and pasting? as far as i can see, nobody has said God does not forbid black magic, yet you continue to repeat and repeat. incidentally, how it is not Islam which forbids such things, it is God. Islam is a state of being or belief, not a thing with the capacity to forbid things. just to make this clear, in case you still do not understand, nobody has here has promoted or condoned black magick. also, please stop reeling off reams of text, we are well acquainted with your excellent command of CTRL-C and CTRL-V. God bless
  7. Black magick (jaadu)

    greetings of peace i was wrong. dear brother ######, i apologise profusely. apologies with offence caused to anyone. God bless
  8. Black magick (jaadu)

    greetings of peace i am sure everyone here has access to copies of the quran. that is wonderful. why dont you just cut and paste the whole english translation of the quran again again. i would wager that you dont even understand the arabic! try to understand what you are writing before preaching. you do not have a clue. i have met 3 year olds with more insight and wisdom that you. God bless
  9. Black magick (jaadu)

    greetings of peace you think a lot or rubbish. you cannot read. read my post again and stop misquoting me. all you are able to do is make personal attacks and copy and paste. i have seen more intelligence in a dry roasted peanut. God bless
  10. Black magick (jaadu)

    greetings of peace dear brother you clearly contradict yourself. first you say black magick exists, then you say it is forbidden to believe in it. this is ridiculous. how can you do other than believe in something that is clearly mentioned as a reality in the Quran? by the way, your translation of the Quran is very poor and misleading. God has warned against using the kind of magick revealed by harut and marut; of this there is no doubt. the problem lies in your understanding. God does not forbid many things which many class as 'black magic'. the term black magick is often used by people to classify things which those people wish to debase based on their own dogmatic or political beliefs. God bless
  11. Black magick (jaadu)

    when you ask something relevant, i will try my best to answer. i am not a dictionary, please use one. God bless
  12. Black magick (jaadu)

    well you must have witnessed a prophet raping a child. i did witness any such thing, neither i do i believe any such gossip. say anything you like, you are wasting your own time. there is no empirical proof of God, Heaven, Hell, or Judgement Day. say anything you like, blaspheme away. nothing you or i say changes the Truth, neither can you harm it. dont believe anything you dont want to. God is the Almighty
  13. Black magick (jaadu)

    what a convincing argument! we must have all been wrong and you have proved us right! God bless
  14. Black magick (jaadu)

    not that it affects the discussion, but you are wrong. since when can an angel displease God? angels do not have free will. where does God say zina and alcohol were created as temptations? i know many have good intentions, but you should make 100% certain anything you say about God is 100% correct. God asks you in the Quran "what is worse than one who says thinks about God he does not know?" God bless
  15. Black magick (jaadu)

    'why' God did anything is a question no man can answer. God created good, evil, satan, good poeple, bad people, murderers, rapists.... what is so surprising about about God creating black magick? God bless