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  1. Iraqi 'freedom Fighters' Torture Chamber Found

    No...the iraqi fighters are actually trying to rid the country of Al-Qaeda terrorists who swamped Iraq after the occupation and american goombas who have no bussines being there in the first place. The Washington administration is more likely to be a bunch of petty minded people since they mistook Iraq for Saudi Arabia ( 15 highjackers were saudis...none iraqis) and lied about the WMD's...while Bush is kissing king Abdullah on the lips. Any soldier who fights off an invading army is righteous.The americans are not defending their country in Iraq since Iraq did not atac US an played no role in 9/11...but the Iraqis are defending their country. This war killed and displaced so many iraqis and laid a country to waste and they managed to do through their actions is create more terrorism in the world,become hated by everyone and...oh...I almost forgot... still haven't a clue where Osama is. :sl:
  2. Problem With My Husband

    I can only tell you what I would do....had I been in your situation. I would have definitely leave him for cheating on me,but if he threaten me as well I would call the police and have him arrested and he will never ever see his child again. But that's just me. I'm really sorry about what you're going through sister.May God guide you in your decisions and give you the strength to live by them.
  3. What Would It Take?

    So basicaly you are calling this member a fundamentalist because he believes 100% in the God's teachings and laws? Is that it? Since the religion of Islam is God's way to guide us and the Quran is God's word for us to follow,believing in it 100% is what it means believing in God. You can say "I believe a little bit...or I believe some of it"...you either believe or you don't. And because of that we are fundamentalists? You sound a bit like CNN and FOX news. And out of curiosity just what kind of evidence are there so called "good" muslims...willing to listen too? Evidence about what? Evidence about what? For example I personaly believe 100% that Islam is the way.Even so I don't think about killing "unbelievers" or commit any heinous act.I just live my life in peace,pay my taxes and mind my own bussines.But according to you I might as well be labeled as a fundamentalist because of my 100% convictions regarding ny religion. That's a new one....lol....
  4. My Experience And Islam…..

    We pray to God ouselves 5 times a day and sometimes more? Prayer is something that takes place between each one of us directly towards God,no intermediaries. When we die then others can pray for us and ask God to forgive and take mercy on our souls but as long as a person,more specificaly a muslim is alive he or she will pray for themselfs or/and others.It is the living person that can pray for a dead relative not the other way around.
  5. Islamic State Today

    With all do respect brother Aboo Uthmaan but I don't think that is such a transgression for somebody to simply expres on opinion.What's the harm in that? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this a free discussion forum? It is only normal that people will vary in their opinions but at the end of the day they are just that: merely opinions not a revolution. Of corse Islam is not based on the opinions of man but a free conversation is made of opinions and all kinds of point of view. If some of us should muzzle ouselfs it should be clearly stated that independent thought regarding certain subjects are not permited or preffered. In that case this wuld not be a free discussion anymore but a restricted one with defined parameters much like censoring. Islam will stay the same regardles of what we say,s as far as i'm concerned all we do is just talk nothing else.
  6. Why I Shed Bikini For Niqab

    It's almost like thinking that if a person is covered or has a beard that automaticaly diminishes their intelectual capabilities. If a woman has a PhD and one day converts to Islam and starts wearing hijab or nigab does that mean that her inteligence and professional expertize dissapear overnight turning her ito a tweet? :sl:
  7. Salam alaikum, I live in Canada as well though I'm not canadian and I also converted to Islam in 2004. Since then I married a muslim man and hope to have children and to raise them in our faith. I have encountered a lot of hostitily from friends coleagues and family as I took up Islam.For a while I wore hijab but as I am now sorry to say I gave in to the preassures and the ridicule that I had encountered and I took it off. The rest of my clothing are decent and proper. My mother was and still is the one most fierce oponent of my choice.I was born romanian-orthodox and this has her firm convinced that it's impossible for me to become something else,namely a muslima. How wrong she is. There is tension between her and me on the grounds of her not being able to accept that I married a muslim and an arab at that. Like many westerners my mom does have a distorted image about Islam and about arabs as a people. That pains me deeply. She got upset because there was no drinking in our house when she came to visit us,refuze to dress decently in the company of my husband and made derogatory comments about his heritage. I read stories about converts to Islam that glide through the whole process and lead happy lifes.Mine is still filled with hurdles and heartache between me and my cristian family which most of them don't even know. Some of my previous friends abandoned me or they were embaressed to go out with me.But few of them accepted me the way I am. Sometimes I go on romanian chat rooms and I'm shocked of the hatred and scorn that my own people have for muslims and Islam. I have witnessed many insults,prejudice and racism on these forums.I'm horrified and depressed. I will not give up Islam but living in such intolerance is a nightmare. I'm sorry that I didn't have a happy story to share with you but I thought that you should also know what some other converts go through in today's modern and civilized societies. It's not all fairytales...and happy days. Hope I did not upset you much... [using large font size is not allowed]
  8. My Experience And Islam…..

    I'm sorry, my intention was not to question,critique or offend brother noislam, as I am a convert myself. Although poorly put into words my assumption was meant to be a general one. I was sad to hear that some of our brothers or sisters do not set a good example especially to a new convert. What I meant to say to him ultimately was that he should not give up and let himself be influenced by a few nonconformists. Again I apologize if I offended anyone or crossed any boundries.
  9. Islamic State Today

    Question 11 answer continuation: If the state is an arabic speaking nation then it would be beneficial and advised that people be also thought other languages of the world as this can only contribute to one's knowledge.
  10. Honestly I can't understand your reasoning. If people should take the course of action you're suggesting that what would happen to humanity? We will all die off within a few generations by killing our young. I hope you know that every single soul that is borne no matter what religion on natoinality he so she belongs to,is exposed to the risk of being corupted and becoming a bad individual.Every single baby in this world could grow up to be bad. But the real beauty about God's ways is that no one is beyond redemption.Everybody is worthy of heaven if they should choose so.That's why we were given free will...to come to God willingly and lovingly,not forced. God would love and bless a person who has never tempted or sinned right? But He would apreciate more someone who has sinned but repented and asked forgivness from his/her heart. If God wanted us to be the perfect little worshipers He wouldn't have given us free will so we can choose our path in life. He would have made us like sheeps,mindless drones. And since there would have been no mo sins in the world what need would He have to be Mercifull. But He is Mercifull and if those babys grow up to be wicked....if they repent...they will be forgiven. Everything is as it should be acording to God's design. It's not up to us to decide if our children should live or die. Their lifes don't belong to us.
  11. My Experience And Islam…..

    You're right. If he did convert for the wrong reasons he could and probably would revert back to his old life. Nobody needs to be muslim in order to abstain from alcohol,smoke or fornicate. It seems to me that his decision to convert did not come from deep inside him or from absolute conviction but rather from the influence of other people. If that's the case,then his conversion has a weak foundation. When somebody truly believes (no matter what religion he's part of) no one in this world could deter him from the path no matter how much bad examples he sees.He should try to help those who deviate and lose their way but lose his own faith.
  12. Since The Quran Is True

    Since you have this question,let me ask you this: who in this world can really prove anything about their religion? That's why is called "having faith" and not "having proof". But if you want details consider this: Our prophet(saws) could not read and write and about this fact and his life there is historical documentation.Now you take a book as complex as the Quran and please explain to me how could he have written it. Or if somebody else wrote it (another man) why would Muhammad(saws) take credit for it. Surely the other person would have been furious. Can the Christians prove that Jesus was resurrected? Can the Hindu's prove that all those gods they believe in really exist? Can the Jews really prove that the 10 commandments were given to Moses by God Himself? Maybe Moses created them.I'm not saying that it is necessarily so...but can any of those things be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? All we can do is have faith in what our religion is teaching us about God and the world. Religious doctrine is not something that you can look it up under the microscope and see there all the proof starring you in the face. Faith is the key...