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  1. Ask An American Atheist Anything You Like! (part 2)

    hey , so what's the story of your name the sad clown ? peace
  2. There are no food/medication that will make your mind active , just stay on a healthy natural diet as this will help to eliminate fatigue , as fatigue might affect your thought. Now how to make your mind more active , well it’s by just thinking, analyzing comprehending , and by having patience when you are face to face with a mental obstacle or difficulty that you cannot resolve. Fasting is a good way to combat mental stress , as it will teach you discipline , patience and endurance , and as some people tend to face stress by eating .
  3. Sallam Allaikom To All Of The Ummah

    The art of war exists .
  4. The clash of civilizations cannot be the result of two civilizations which are both trying to do what is good. Each will acknowledge that the other is not trying to choose evil but is only trying to do what he believes to be the best, and that it’s only his lack of knowledge which is forbidding him from knowing and choosing what is good.
  5. Beyond good and evil is beyond the good and evil seen by the ego and defined by what was quoted here. Beyond good and evil is behind the narrowness of the heart, it is truth.
  6. Shoud We Respect Anyone Who Does Shirk To Allah

    Let me share my way of view. I believe that the best of saying is: “to not hold what you know notâ€. When I’m interacting with people I don’t judge based on hidden intentions or caprices that I – me – have. I only place my judgment on what I absolutely know, so if a person is nice to me, I don’t assume that he’s being so , because he has a service to ask or because he’s afraid or I don’t know … I don’t assume such things but I keep with the certain knowledge that this person was nice to me . If after a while this person asks me for a service, I don’t assume that he was nice because he wanted this service, but I stay with the knowledge that he was nice and he asked for a service. For me to claim that he had a hidden reason then my proof must be other then assumptions that I had in my mind. if a person was not nice to me I don’t assume that this person was so because he’s bad or because he hates me , I only stand with the certain knowledge that he didn’t act in accordance of what I see to be an acceptable manner , without making any judgment about his personality or his way of thought . Till I know the true motives I don’t judge. Whether it’s a good or bad thing what I’m doing, I can safely reply that by using this method I will never be committing injustice, so I see it as a good thing. Now you might ask what about you being victim of the injustice done by the others, to this I reply , if this injustice affects my money or my body then it’s not a big deal , those thing will perish anyway . if this injustice affects my “self†or “soul†then this where I have to prepare myself and the only thing that can defend me against this is true knowledge , as long as I have my knowledge and act by my knowledge then the only person that this injustice will affect will be the person who has commit it . In my humble opinion , master the art of peace which is knowledge, forgiveness , respect ... and you will master the art of war, just my thought that i share . :sl:
  7. Does Allah Talk To You Through The Quran?

    Imagine that you have studied geometry and then you were given a problem to solve. it’s up to you to thoroughly analyze this problem and to grasp very well the hypothesis , it’s also up to you to know what of the propositions that you have proved to be true that you must use in order to find a solution to your problem . So concerning the example that you have made : “someone tells you how Muslims are terrorists, later you come accross a verse that says they'r afraid of you more than Allah.†I believe that the error that you have made was not to analyze the why that person said this and hence your application of your knowledge may have been faulty.(maybe this person believe and fear god but made his conception of Islam based on the September 11 attack so in t his case he’s ignorant of the true teaching of Islam … ) . i didn't fully understand what you meant by this part so can you please elaborate .
  8. How Do We Know If We Are Guided?

    Upon further reflection on what I have said, I also believe that the best of knowledge can be used in the worst of manners; this is why I believe that the agent should always display a firm sense of responsibility.
  9. Lack Of Understanding

    a- Always start with a description which does not add or subtract anything, and which is void from any opinion, judgment, and subjectivity. b- Know that the only absolute truth that you have is the description that you have just made. c-use your knowledge to build an understanding and know that there is always a possibility that the conjecture that you have made is false because you are missing some information or because you are adding assumptions. d-ask your interlocutor if the understanding that you have built is true or false.
  10. How Do We Know If We Are Guided?

    I believe that the best thing that you can do is, as it has already been said, to stay positive. It’s really unimportant what others think, what is important is your morality. As long as you are treating people morally then I don’t see any need to worry. I believe that the best advice that I can give you and which was given to me is to stay in a state of wudu .
  11. The Lack Of Good Evidence For God

    can you please provide another link as this one is not working.
  12. Revivalofpureislam

    Thank you for your post, I have a Muslim friend who told me that he saw god, now I know that according to the Quran this is impossible, I hope that this post will open his eyes to the demerit of following that of which you knoweth not.
  13. 12 Sex Reasons "why I Am Not A Muslim"

    ‘The wise one is not born and does not die’, A person who does not like life because he had a lot of problems may look at this sentence and claims that it asserts a truth and he will explain it like this : ‘ a wise person is the person who is not born and who does not die , as life is suffering and hence his bliss is in remaining a nothingness’ , a second person who likes life and who heard the first one explanation will claim that this a nonsense as the wise one is the person who lives and lives well . a third person may claim that this statement is contradictory as for a person to be wise he must exist and as we know empirically that for a person to exist he must be born and we also have empirical evidence that all persons who are born dies then this statement is simply a false statement . a fourth person who has some Quranic knowledge may claim that the one who is not born and who does not die is god and that one of the qualities of God is ‘alhakim’ which is the wise, so this sentence is a description of God .a fifth person may be an atheist and upon hearing this explanation may claim that this statement is false since there is no god. A sixth person may note that 2 of the 5 persons made an error of judgment since they relied on the explanation given by another person …
  14. There Are No Scientific Facts In The Quran

    Knowledge must always be taken from the source.