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  1. Creation Without A Creator?

    How does thee deny thy creator of its creation? From him is the existence; from him is the sustenance, To Eliminate, to eradicate, to diminish the power of a superior source, To deny, to protest, to detest anything other than chance To cage the marvels of the entire universe To put it all down to a mere coincidence The galaxies which reside, the starry black skies The planets which spin in accordance with his commands Is it being suggested that this came together with no co-ordination or plan? A fools game to contemplate on a universe without a creator Like a ship without a captain Like a student without a teacher Like a lover without his love Like forgiveness without deceit Like Mercy without oppression Like…Creation without a creator To the creator we belong and to him is our return And in our hearts he shall always reside, without exceptional INTERFERENCE From the ignorant and their heartfelt desires!
  2. O’sister Of Islam

    MashAllah Brother! That was a truely beautiful and touching poem :sl: Sister you are right the only on we can depend on in this life is Allah, and he is the only one who will be there. "Put your whole faith in Allah and nothing can go wrong"
  3. Palestine---an Unaswered Call

    Lifeless bodies Lay on the cold hard concrete Fresh Murders. The lands occupants slowly come out of hiding to set their eyes upon destruction Destruction of the land, and of it's people A father, A son, A brother, and a friend Their eyes still shone with fear and terror Blood still trickling down their still bodies You could smell the stench of blood a thousand miles away Chunks of flesh lay scattered across the war stricken land children wander around picking them up off the floor Hoping to make a proper burial for them A tiny childs echo is heard around the corner The tiny footsteps tottering closer to the scene In search for its family Little did he know his family was at the midst of the destruction and are now laying silently drenched in blood Try not to cry little one because no one is left to hear your tears don't let the opposition capture your despair because then they will laugh and mock us, and call us week Know that one day our war will end... and we will not die Blood Smeared on the wall, on the floor, on the ceiling---a trademark of the brutality of the israeli soldiers A lifeless body on the floor--- A representation of the merciless Soldiers who hold an unbeatable power Pools of water---Representation of a thousand tears dropped from the eyes of mothers who had lost their babies A chear of soldiers in the distance---Proof that the land we had once fought for had now been occupied.
  4. Lets Pray For Palestine

    Asalamualaikum. Brother you are right, Palestinians on the gaza strip are being tortured, and victimised. So much so that they are not afraid to die. It's a very sad situation indeed. Kids are throwing stones at dulldozers, even though there is no hope in their tiny pebbles hurting their massive bulldozers. But they will try to force the opposition out by any means possible. I watching "Death on the Gaza strip" The other day by James Miller and it is a real eye opener. Unfortunately James Miller was killed by israeli forces when he was shooting his documentry. It was really sad. May we all put our hands together and pray for the Palestinians, for they are in need of our prayers. May Allah help them and bring shame upon their oppressors. "Truely Allah is on the side of the oppressed"--Al Quran --Aisha--
  5. A Thousand Veils

    Yes brother I did write it. Jazakallah Khair MashAllah your poems seem great too! keep up the good work!
  6. A Thousand Veils

    I walk towards you with a thousand veils, Each one removed with each step I take I walk across the desolate land The sand begins to burn my feet The pain begins to subside for a while But my feet refuse to move So I crawl towards your way My knees begin to shake and close in, Yet my only desire is to be close to the one I see him; I see his inspiration over there, Then it disappears and I see him over there Is this is a reality, or is this a mirage which mind has made up Is this my silly drunkardness, or is this happening for real? My heart is filled with inspiration, the longing to be close to you Yet you make me wait in anticipation, for my longing to intensify Truly my heart does not belong here… with these empty hearts …it is from elsewhere, where people are full with love.
  7. From My Sisters' Lips

    Yes I would absolutely reccommend it. I have rad it twice and it is one of the reasons whi I started wearing hijab. :D I could not put the book down it was really inspiring and very interesting to read. Although I was only looking to the book for support in wearing the headscarf it actually made me want to wear the niqaab aswell! The book is about the author's conversion to Islam and she also interviews various other sisters about their conversions and how they came to wear Hijab. MashAllah it was a great read I have bought this book for many of my friends and they have loved it too. I would definitely recommend it. :D :D :sl: :no: :sl: :j:
  8. How Pakistani Are You?

    Lol I got 39% Pakistani! Oh my goodness my mum would be ashamed if I told her! and who re-uses giftwrap haha!
  9. Islam & Indiscriminate Violence

    yes like Layna said Islam is a religion and sunni, and shia are just sects within it. It is not right for them to fight, but they have different beliefs and they disagree with eachother, it is in human nature to fight. Like the famous poem named rumi once said "When someone disagrees with you, and ant of antagonism is born in the heart"-- Then that ant turns into a snake, and that snake into a lion and it is blown out of proportion. These sects don't represent Islam. If you want to know Islam then study Islam and not the Muslims.
  10. The Common Thing About All Religions

    In surah al Fatiha, it states: " Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem,- "The compassionate to belivers and unelievers in this world, and the most merciful to believers in the next world" God is merciful to all his creation. A famous Sheikh named Sheikh Nazim Al Haqqani once said "When God is pleased with someone they can reach Him with whatever faith they have."
  11. Jinn What About Them?

    Asalamualaikum Brother, I am no expert on jinns, But I do know that they can possess people. There are good and bad jinn just as there are good and bad people. Although the bad jinn do like to play alot of practical jokes and do often like to possess people. I don't know if your friend is possessed but you should most definitely alert a sheikh or scholar who can deal with jinns immediately. Jinns like to play with people who are good and bad. Who knows, your Friend might have done something to anger a jinn. Brother like I said I am no Jinn expert, so you should most definitely go to an expert in jinns and seek advice.[using large font size is not allowed] Walaikum Salam
  12. Asalamualaikum Everybody, As you know, I'm new here, well thats obvious seen as i'm posting in the "have a welcome drink" section! Well I'm Aisha I live in England. I hope that I can learn alot here, like I have done from various other forums. You should be very proud of your site because I only register to sites which have good Islamic content. MashAllah. Walaikum salam XxX